Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

IDontLikeToPayTaxes hates the Constitution worshipers:
In the minds of the Constitution worshipers, non-Liberals must always supplicate themselves to Liberals.

The only proper response to Liberal hatred, invective, and violence is to debate them on the nuances of the Constitution.

We must explain to Liberals that what they're doing is wrong, un-American, and un-Constitutional. We must educate rabid insane Liberal animals on the proper ways to behave.
Extremely Extreme Extremist is also pretty into violence instead of debate:
We are up against brain-washed, useful idiots of the Leftist establishment who are doing the elites' dirty work.

I do not want to "understand" them, or break bread with them.

My objective is to destroy them politically, and possibly literally when that time will come.

Trump has encouraged his supporters to fight back whenever these paid mobs try to infringe on his and his supporters 1st Amendment rights and I wholeheartedly agree with him.
PermaRag would like the government to kill the liberals for him:
What we need here is another “Kent State” or “Jackson State” where authorities (and others in the line of enemy fire) rightfully defend themselves from attack by any means necessary.

When the punkies learn that there could be a heavy price to pay for their criminal activities, then those activities will suddenly cease and no amount of Soros “geld” will make them risk their precious little snowflake lives after that.

It worked in 1970 — the violent riots and “long hot summers” of the 1960s came to a halt — and it just might work again.
Cruz2Victory has drawn his line in the sand:
They lay hands on Trump, we come with rifles. No warnings, no social media chest thumping, no organization. Uncountable individual self declared Patriot Sleeper Cells. No more serious progressive stunts without paying the price. Times have changed.

Anyone lays hands on our new Lion, they best be ready.
After hearing a random liberal say something vapid, marktwain knows which side is free. Unrelated he hopes he doesn't get zotted for supporting the wrong Republican!
One of my “Aha!” moments was about 15 years ago. I was listening to the “John and Ken Show” on the radio. They were interviewing a “progressive” school principle in California. He said:

“We have true diversity in our school. We all look different, but we all think alike.”

That is what “diversity” means to a leftists. Uniformity of leftist thought.
CodeToad has decided anything by rampant worship of Nancy Reagan is a liberal plot:
I was around during those years Nancy Reagan was a weird bird and most people know it

The ONLY people that said those things were liberal outlets, which no doubt you read and subscribe to.

The entire astrology thing was blown out of proportion, but glad to know you outed yourself as one of those liberals that would do anything to tarnish Reagan.
doc maverick has the worst version of We Didn't Start the Fire ever:
Muslim Obama is starting his chaos.

Shipping missiles.
Shooting cops.
Campaign disruptions against the enemy.
Dams breaking.
Flooding us with muslims and disease-ridden immigrants from south of the border.
Shooting white Christians out in the snow.
Look for it to really ramp up when the weather improves.
Watch for the RINOs to cower in order to keep leaching off the taxpayers.
Salgak is all about Freedom of Speech, but not a big fan of the Freedom of Assembly:
Actually, the First Amendment covers GOVERNMENT action, not the action of Mobs.

I’ll not go into my preferred methods of “managing” unlawful mobs demanding abridgement of the rights of others. . . .
Even ignoring GOPJ's dodgy anecdote, he's trying to equate ignoring with inciting:
In Chicago the thugs were breaking the windows of cars with “Trump” stickers on them.

The left are haters, bullies and out of control goons. Has Hillary ‘disavowed’ the violence? Has Bernie? The democrat party should condemn their filth...
Gargantua is sure the drama can get higher:
This is nothing. This is just a tease, a gentle harbinger of the political season to come and the absolute scorched-earth hell the Left is preparing to unleash on The Donald.

Which will be their absolute undoing. Trump has them right where he wants them, and what he's done to his GOP "competition" is a similar tease, a mere hint at the fusillade, the withering barrage of devastation he will unleash on Hillary. She is a flea on his rump, and is completely unprepared for what's coming.

Git yer popcorn. At long last, this one will be fun!

By my guess, ExTexasRedhead does not leave Orange County much:
Everyone I talk to in CA is for Trump!
Objective Scrutator has read the clues that liberals are terrified of Trump. Also, misuse of esoteric Communist jargon!
-The Left is absolutely terrified of Trump (confirming that Trump is no Leftist).
-They are telling their voters not to rely on Democrats stealing the election, or to trust their assertion that Democrats are such a majority that they can skip voting.
-They believe that the relative Menshevism of Hitlerbeast can no longer persuade enough Leftists to vote Dem, and that they need to be more Bolshevist (like Sanders) to maintain power and enact their agenda.
patriot08 is pretty fine with Donald Trump changing his mind that maybe he wouldn't actually pay the legal fees of his more violent supporters:
We all misspeak at times.
That’s one of the reasons I like Donald. He’s like one of us.
patq will just blame any contradictions in Trump on the press:
Yep, the media loves to misquote Mr Trump because they know there are plenty of idiots out there who will fall for it.
LibFreeUSA doesn't even bother to rationalize:
As far as I’m concerned, TRUMP can now say whatever he wants. The rest of them can all go to ..... !
publana is really pissed at the war on drugs, now that it effects his pain meds:
I am sick of this. Stand in line to show my ID to get my OTC sudafed because of meth heads. Now they are messing with pain meds. We should all suffer to prevent the abusers abusing. This country is in the toilet. Time to go ahead and flush. SMOD.
healey22, on the other hand, witnessed firsthand that some drug addicts were white, which means it's a tragedy that they should not be blamed for.
I was with a friend who had to appear in a small court room in Central Kentucky a few years back and I could not believe what I was witnessing. Nothing, but poor white people whose lives had been ruined by no jobs, pain pills, meth and heroin. It literally felt like I was sitting among dead people. I looked at all those people sitting around me and felt so ashamed as what has happened to America but especially rural America.

This was not some inner city ghetto, these were the people Obama was talking about when he said under him electricity would unnecessarily skyrocket or something similar if I remember correctly.

Hillary said last night on CNN that lots more coal people were going to be losing jobs if she’s elected so she is going to finish was Obama started. What I witnessed in that court room that day is why Donald Trump needs to build that damn wall to stop the drug flow from Mexico and yes, Mexico is going to pay for it. This was several years back and I can only imagine how much worse the drug situation is in this small American community just like thousands of other small American communites all over this country these days.


  1. I looked around and felt so ashamed of white people with black people problems
    Solution: it's the latinos that did it

  2. Ahhh, less than a year ago they were in lock step regarding Ted Cruz, then, an even bigger fascist came along

  3. Check out how that one guy referred to trump as "their new lion"...what in the actual fuck.

    1. It's a Christ/Aslan thing
      Trolling Facebook, I encountered a meme warning Islam to "beware an army of sheep led by a lion"
      Methinks someone is not a huge Pink Floyd fan