Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Like an anti-MLK, TheTimeOfMan calls for some brave souls other than himself to make the sacrifice of beating up Trump protesters and going to jail:
Beat the living sh*t out of these protests at one event and they’ll stop showing.

These people are thugs, and thugs are cowards. If they feel safe in their crowd they will continue to get bolder. If they feel unsafe they will stay home.

Inaction on our part will make them stronger. It’s time to go to jail people.
No Socialist knows it's the GOP getting more liberal, not him getting more crazy:
And to think I used to like Kasich

That was when the republican party had a few principles and before they decided to sell out the country to keep themselves in power.
ObozoMustGo2012 explains why Trump had to keep his foreign policy advisers secret:
Does anyone really think Trump would drop names of his advisors??

If he did, some reporter would “claim” she was raped by this advisor (despite evidence to the contrary).

Trump is learning well to play this close to the chest.
Sarcasm check is inconclusive on whether Lisbon1940 is going all in on the Trump-dictator thing:
I’m not sure he needs a VP or cabinet. Carl Icahn has said he won’t serve.
Nickname is being sarcastic. But the only way I could tell was his posting history.
Trump doesn’t need conservative voters.

He is a revolutionary who is building a new and glorious GOPopulist coalition and with it, America will rise again like a phoenix from the ashes!

And if you don’t agree, you have TDS and are probably a puppet of Goldman Sachs.
EBH talks himself into loving how Trump said his main foreign policy adviser is himself, 'cause he's smart.
when I read the headline my first thought was, “Yes, I want a President who thinks for himself first...about everything!” This tells me he is of his own mind and mindful. He’ll tell his cabinet this is what he wants to do to achieve such and such outcome.

I run my own business and am very much the same way. I think about things for myself first, how does this help my business, etc. Then I may or may not discuss it with the staff until I am damn good and ready too. It isn’t egotistical, its business.

Trump is a business person first and if he can diffuse all the political crap in DC, our country will be better because of it. And if 0bama hands him a catastrophe or economic collapse...I don’t think there is a better candidate to handle it.
Fundamentally Fair got slapped on the wrist for calling Trump out on his silliness:
Sorry folks, that's not brilliant, tricky or even great, great! This is Trump...ignorant and egotistical. It's stupid.

If he wins, there's going to be lot of back tracking on FR over the following 4 years.

Is this really the kind of post that drives post moderation and suspension of mail?

If so, half of FR is going to need the same treatment.
Some Turkish politician got fired for wishing Israelis dead. elcid1970 manages to find a way to sound dumb even here, with the all too common Freeper insight into someone via their eyes:

The face of evil can be cute, but it is still evil.

Those are the eyes of a killer. No human warmth.
Regulator is pretty sure Trump protesters are all foreign invaders:
These are not just Leftists.

These are Mexican Separatists, people from an enemy nation who seek to occupy ours and overturn our government.

Think about that and take a deep breath. These are not just people who have a different opinion in America. These are FOREIGNERS with a real grudge against the people who were called the Americans.

What you are seeing in this is what we in the Southwest have seen a long time coming: War. Over who will own America.

Not just street theater. Real, live...War. They can and will go to guns.

Right here. Right now.
The latest overly complicate Bond villain idea for what to do with Trump protesters comes from Heart-Rest"
Maybe they could spray the protestors' car doors with "Coqui Coqui Orange Blossom Perfume" (from Mexico), then have a beekeeper visit their cars with some bees (just to teach the law-breaking protestors to get back to nature, and also that it is much better to abide by the law in America). When they see the bees, they'll find their keys.
bushwon thinks maybe Cruz was behind the anti-Trump protests:
Wait Ted Cruz supporters were working with the Soros disrupters to block the roads to the rally?

Well since Cruz has ex-CIA and dirty tricksters on his campaign, guess I should not be too surprised :/
mabelkitty crows how Trump has at last allowed Freepers to hit liberals like they imagine liberals are always hitting them:
We react, we are criminals and will be arrested or shot. They strike out and they are rewarded and celebrated with the full protection of Obamanation. We must ONLY react with violence in self defense. Even then prepare to be criminally prosecuted.

Not any more.

We leveled the playing field.
Windflier sticks with what's important:
The KKK originated in the Democratic Party.

In JULY, ALL of America will be reminded of this forgotten history:

It’s Democrat Party.

Black Freeper Windflier is all for a little Nazi tactics. Politics is war, ya know?
what your saying sure sounds like Brown Shirt tactics. You ordered yours yet? Maybe we should be able to attack and kill protesters before they do anything cause after all they are lib fascists? Would you like that?


We’re at war. Don’t you know that by now?

Fight back, or be stomped into the dirt.
Some landlord is not renting to declared Trump voters. crz draws an interesting conclusion about them:
I might bet this P*ick is a Mormon. Mormons will run to their lord and master, the federal government, to cover their asses. Its all about money to them.
xzins Sets Kasich straight on what "Advise and Consent" REALLY means:
Kasich has apparently never read the constitution. The Senate has as much say as the president. More, in fact.


  1. Black Freeper Windflier brushes off being called boy, in order to argue for killing Trump protesters:

    Windflier was not called BOY by any poster.

    1. "Who has the right to beat someone up who has not been attacked. Didn’t hurt my feelings BOY."

      Who was he calling BOY, then?

    2. I read the comment back at FR ... windflier replied to a comment that was made by a freeper to another freeper.

      Regardless, WindFlier is of the same mindset of violently attacking those who don't like Trump.

    3. Yeah, looks like I parsed that wrong. Edit coming up momentarily.

      Tomorrow morning: Freepers for Bernie!