Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nancy Reagan, RIP.

I suppose there's a lot of sample bias when it comes to memorial posts. You're only going to post if you have something to say, whether it's grave-dancing, anger at grave-dancing, or fawning adoration. There's not enough obligation for people to post just for a simple gracious message.

So it's not really Freep's fault that their Nancy Reagan threads are mostly anger at liberals, and Reagan worship-cum-Obama bashing. But Freepers do bring their own brand of blindness and agenda driven melodrama to the affair, as they cannot handle cartoon badguy Obama lowering flags to half-staff.

I wonder how many times Moonman62 has had to toss off exceptions to Obama's pure villainy?
First (and only by my reckoning) good decision by the obozo administration in 7+ years. The exception that proves the rule.
Mr Apple assumes Obama didn't release a statement because such a statement did not present itself to him:
I haven’t heard a peep out of the bas**** obama yet.
skeeter knows an assumption that's too good to check as well, and bootstraps from there to Obama being a racist punkass:
....not so soon....can’t rush these things, after all he has to have someone write something he can read without sounding like a racist bigoted POS he is

Yeah, any comment offered spontaneously risks revealing his actual sneering punk*ss nature.
DoodleDawg, as she does, does a bit of googling and owns these two:
Released it yesterday morning.

Trump sent a tweet.
No one replies to this inconvenient truth.

But Lazamataz finds bombast will carry him through, as it always does:
xzins - all good things are not Obama, and all bad things are the true Obama:
Someone in the PR office held a gun to his head.
Objective Scrutator just makes up a fantasy of what evil Obama is actually doing:
Soetoro is probably infuriated at how he cannot stop Americans paying their respects to a fine patriotic woman such as Nancy. Knowing him, he is probably trying to have several effigies of Nancy burned in a private gathering at the White Hut.
Several effigies? Weird choice, dude.

RetiredArmy spends his time worshiping Reagan better than Washington and Jefferson:
Well that closes the book on our best president of the past 230+ years. A wonderful president and supportive wife. Only thing I did not agree with was her reading palms and stars in the heavens to guide President Reagan. The Bible says that stuff is a no-no.
jacquej earnestly adds in some outcome-oriented spin about the astrology thing:
I have thought about this a lot, and I don’t think the bible condemns astrology per se, but trying to use it for profit via fortune telling.

There are several references to astrology as being a “timing device”, a language of sorts, and used as a way to recognize the signs of the times, I don’t think it is condemned.

What is condemned is pretending to know God’s plan. I find astrology, particularly mundane astrology a fascinating subject to study, but in retrospect only. It is too complicated to try to ascertain and details about future events, but one can get a rough idea of when difficult times might develop.
EnigmaticAnomaly knows there's no point in elevating Reagan unless you use him to bash post-Reagan America:
I fear we will never bear witness to a First Family like the Reagans ever again. Our country is more likely to transform into the country depicted in IDIOCRACY than one which would do justice to the Reagans' efforts to make America "The shining city on a hill."
PghBaldy takes umbrage that some anodyne obits were insufficiently fawning, and made passing mention of Nancy's spending:
How many ‘personal aids’ did Nancy have compared to current first lady? Current first lady has what? 40?

The AP did a real hit piece on nancy this morning-

WaPo had a lousy obit too.


  1. To: Academiadotorg

    >>Have you been a victim of cultural cronyism?

    In my life of 53 years, I’ve been told by companies twice that they could not accept my resume because they were looking for a minority or woman (I work in a STEM field). I’m sure that that very few blacks, women, or homosexuals of my age has never been explicitly told that.

    5 posted on 3/8/2016, 8:53:19 AM by Bryanw92

    I call bullshit.

    Besides the fact that that would open up said company to a plethora of lawsuits, HR in any company would always welcome resumes regardless of the background of the candidate.

    There's no HR in any business who would turn down resumes. It's how they justify the advertisement for the position. If they get fewer resumes for a position, they'd have to rewrite the description.

    The guy is full of shit. Obviously.

  2. Total lack of self-control
    Just say no to death

  3. Anyone know what the Freeper viewpoint/justification is for Ron Reagan Jr. being a dirty extreme liberal is? I can't bring myself to wade through all that.

  4. Anyone know what the Freeper viewpoint/justification is for Ron Reagan Jr. being a dirty extreme liberal is? I can't bring myself to wade through all that.

  5. "What is condemned is pretending to know God’s plan."

    good thing that freepers don't pretend ...

    1. Niiiice catch.that was a subtlety I completely missed when reading that one.