Thursday, March 17, 2016

Freepers versus mental health

I often joke that Freepers are crazy. Of course, this is not true - most of them are not. Those that likely are stand out pretty strongly.

Because we're all a little something, a bit paranoid, a bit OCD, etc. What makes it a clinical problem is when it interferes with someone's ability to lead their life.

But while Freepers tribal paranoia is well within the norm of human nature, it does cut people off from any support structures. Thus, this article about how doctors should screen more for depression leads Freepers into anti-gun delusion and thence to actively avoiding their doctors.

Smokin' Joe seems to think all doctors work for Obama and hate guns:
WOW...this administration is certainly up for using every crisis to their best advantage. Now they are going to screen you for mental illness, whether you are seeking treatment or not. Brilliant!

This is so they can decide you either are 'depressed' or have 'tendencies' so they can take your guns away.

Don't play, people.
I want the USA back lays out the likely scenario:
“Doctor, I’ve been sad ever since my beloved Bowser died”.
“Just a minute, while I make a phone call.”
“Hello, I have a patient who’s depressed. He said he has guns. Guess you’re gonna have to take them away.”
duffee is sure he knows who the targets are:
Screen all for depression and then with a doctor’s statement deprive a citizen of Second Amendment Rights. The doctors would probably be given a profile of those who are likely to be depressed and most of those won’t actually have but two symptoms, conservatism and firearm ownership.
Religious, but yet not supportive GailA thinks mental illness is just weakness:
Grief gives you depression, chronic pain, violent loss of a Loved One also gives you PSTD to add to the depression which is temporary and does not need medication to fix it. Most sane people learn to deal or cope with it. It is the over emotional immature people who never learn to deal with it or life’s hard knoxs. BEEN there, live it and I don’t need their stinking pills. I have GOD.
JoeFromSidney boasts how randomly mentioning shooting people surprised his nurse:
A while back when I was in the hospital for surgery, a social worker came around to question me. When she asked if I felt safe at home, I said, yes, if anyone comes in to rob me I'll shoot them. I don't think she expected that answer.
Buckeye McFrog seems to think all mental health policy is Stalin:
Obama has clearly been studying the Soviet handbook on how to abuse the mental health professions for political purposes.
OttawaFreeper, on the other hand, really is acting like Stalin:
I figure that they would do a booming business for something like this at a DNC convention.
Auntie Mame thinks big business is behind this:
The pharmaceutical companies will love this, too. Heck, they’re probably sponsoring it. Another way to get more people taking their pills and potions.
Ouderkirk has a well thought out plan:
This means don’t go to the doctor for anything, thereby reducing costs.

If you do go, say as little as possible.


  1. I've often joked that Obama saying that oxygen is good would get Freepers to hold their breath out of spite, but this is getting pretty darn close to that. Imagine how far they could go in a third Obama term. Not that they won't go that far during a Hillary presidency.

    1. Ozy your obsession with Freepers show you have some mental illness. Srs dude get a life and get away from Freerepublic

      You constant posting about freepers is bizarrrreeee..

    2. Ozy a few days a week doing this is OK but every day?

      There is more to life than freepers.

    3. What's wrong with having a hobby? I like that he updates almost every day. And I like his sense of humor.

    4. Lol, yeah I think of it as a hobby.
      All told I probably spend about 6 hours a week on it. That's about what I spend on D&D and swimming as well, so I'm not too worried.

      Though you know what they say about staring too long at abysses...

    5. And what about the actual members of Free Republic that seem to be online 24/7? Do they ever sleep? I'm starting to think that Morgana is a computer program designed to publish any article with the keyword "abortion," for example.

    6. Already gathering posts for next Friday's spotlight on her, AnonB! Turns out she's okay with aborting Muslim babies.

      I seem to recall she used to have more variety in her posts. I wonder if she got a new job working at a crisis pregnancy center.

  2. If you are interested in Morgana, please check out her comments om youtube ... seems she had an obsession with a neighbor of hers and stalked him for awhile.
    Also, her stint as "Wile E Coyote Genius" on FR after she was banned for awhile after posting a kook-out vanity and came back as a retread.

    1. How did you find her youtube?

      She certainly was a bit more...wacky as Wile E Coyote Genius. But apparently Morgana was not discrete on FReepmail, and her fellow Freepers caught on and she was zotted.