Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday Pix

With a terrorist attack has come a return to Obama hating.
All breasts are lies.
Also PECULIAR: Kennedy was killed in a Lincoln!
And every women in England has gotten raped since then.
Everyone but Trump has become a villain to Freepers at this point. So what's up with Megyn's lips?
If Freepers had taken Common Core, they might not have failed quite so hard at game theory.
Wait, I thought Freepers love McCarthy!


  1. It takes a lot to floor me after perusing FR for so many years, but Freepers' poor understanding of (and outright hostility toward) mental illnesses is frankly appalling.

    The Autism Racket

    Women love drama and love to be victims. Autism lets them say their kid is so smart they need special care. Its just chick drama. 99% is fake and they only need a crack on the ass to make them act right.

    I pity their wives and kids soooooo much.

  2. Replies
    1. I've said it before and I'll say it again.

      Why are they even trying to pretend they're not racist when they keep using pseudo-Ebonics and phrases like "Obama's sons" and "Holder's people" to denigrate all African Americans? Why not just openly declare that they support white supremacy and make that their official position, and then officially allow the n-word for good measure? As horrible and hateful as it would be, I'd actually respect them more for their brutal honesty instead of this sniveling cowardice. After all, they always scream about "lines in the sand" and "us versus them" and all that.

      Seriously, how does anyone even live with such incredibly bitter animosity toward anyone who is not like them? I think the only reason any of them are still alive is because they're so old and stubborn and utterly defeated in every sense imaginable that they've simply lost the will to die.

    2. it shows that accusations of racism still have enough sting left in them and that freepers still have enough shame left in them to feel it, which is a good thing.

      but in choosing not to acknowledge the offense they're left with performing much loud flop-sweaty tap-dancing around the issue in an attempt to deflect it, mostly via overcompensation and projection: "no, YOU'RE the REAL racist (for pointing out my racism!)!!!"

      all for our entertainment, which, while not the optimal outcome, is still also a good thing.

    3. It's funny how they always seem to find the black brawls down south and yet ignore the white ones:

  3. Looks like Jim purged some fokes yesterday and today plus temp banned some others

    1. He has started pulling posts regarding the Melanoma GQ photos that are along the lines of "She posed for the pictures , it's fair game to hit Trump on them "

      Free Republic ain't so free anymore.

    2. Some long term freeper straight up quit the site yesterday, no grand opus. Told Jim to pull his credit card donation.

    3. Went by the name of thackney

  4. yesterday's sexist thread:

    "Trump Feeling Female Voter Backlash [Staggering 63% Unfavorable With Women!]"

    WRhine: "Plenty of time for The Donald, after beating Ted, to get sensitive, and shed a tear or two on Oprah, to reduce those women unfavorables. It’s an easy card to play and Don will do it."

    montag813: "This will all change when the general population begins to see Trump vs. Hillary in the flesh and hears how Trump will eviscerate her."

    wgmalabama: "Women in this country are a greedy bunch. We are still hearing how we need to empower them, break glass ceilings, make special accommodations at males expense. We have been doing thi for 30+ years now. Mons can’t and don’t want to see that their sons are being pushed to the edge of the American dream. Men in college are less than women, men entering professional worl is less than women. Both at around 2:1 or 3:2 but men are falling further behind. Enough is enough. Men need to stand up and put an end of this war on our sons. That requires men to take back their balls and stand up and iif that means being alone so be it.

    Men can never compete with Uncle sugar Sam providing free money, health care, and a punitive courts to enforce indentured servitude. It’s a very complex issue and men have been attack and loosing on so many fronts.

    So stick together be men, lead your Holmes by example and stay away from the independent shrew women.

    Sorry but this is a topic I am passionate about. Men are being pushed out relegated to the scrap pile of history. Until they need us."

    Defiant: "We need a button on FR. A "Give it a rest" button. Endless posts on the same thing, over and over, among a small minority, designed to harass and wear down the vast majority, are so annoying. It is a communist tactic (I am not saying you are communist, only that the tactic was created by them.) They developed the strategy of planting 5 supporters in a room of say 300, at a town hall or public event. One of their group would stand up and say something following their script. Someone over in another corner would stand up and support them, and add to the script. And so on, until 5 people in a row made it look to the people there as if everyone agreed with the radical position. Everyone who didn't shut up.

    I am convinced that the 5 or 10 people who come to every thread, even when it has nothing to do with Trump or Cruz, and who do nothing more than say worthless, non-substantive crap like you just did Charles, are following a similar gameplan. You are trying to make it seem as though you are a significant part of the conservative movement. But you're not. You're outliers, dead-enders, many of whom are likely being paid.

    I think you should get 5 Give It A Rests, and then your posting is done for a week, like if you make too many attempts to get into an iPhone. Get another one too soon, and it becomes a month. 10 of them, and, like with an iPhone, your existence is wiped, or, as we say here, zotted.

    Please, give it a rest."

  5. "lead your Holmes by example"
    Do some of these guys know how much they sound like the Taliban, who don't want women to work or get educated because then they won't need men? I am starting to wonder what exactly they dislike about the Taliban. Is it just the beards and funny clothes, after all?

  6. Reading an old Cracked article brought up this old jem