Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Secret Service: No guns in GOP convention

erehwesle found this thread, which highlights guns as yet another area where Freeper principles are actually just another way to hate Democrats.

So there was a largely trolling petition on change.org calling for open carry at the sure to be contentious GOP convention.
Unsurprisingly, the Secret Service shut that idea down. Freepers end up split between doubling down on 'more guns is always more better' and suddenly realizing 'maybe too many good guys with guns isn't awesome...'

Starstruck is one of many who does not take kindly to a commenter who thinks Freepers might be shootin' mad:
If the participants in the convention are anywhere near as emotional and contentious as those here on FR, I say this is a damned good policy!

And you are an idiot thinking our contentiousness would lead to us shooting someone.
Except if you've been reading Free Republic you know that:
1) shooting non-conservatives is necessary in our current crisis, and
2) anyone who doesn't agree with you about Trump is a non-conservative.

Despite these facts, the original commenter quickly backtracks with an 'I'm just trolling lol' post.

Case and point, The Sons of Liberty:
The wrong people always get shot anyway, all the RINOs would be unscathed.
dsc - anyone who takes Freeper threats seriously is probably gay:
I have already had one Trump supporter say the following toward me: “This is our last chance for a ‘cold’ revolution. He will be on the opposite side of a ‘hot’ one.

And to you that means that he’s ready to start shooting Republicans at the convention.

Do you fly the Confederate flag, or the Code Pink flag?
Timpanagos1 will not surrender, even in the face of reality:
Apparently, the Secret Service and the RNC do not support the Second Amendment.
circlecity knows which sorts are bad guys with guns:
I think it’s a good policy. Some lefty would sneak in and try to shoot Trump.
DaveA37 suddenly realizes that the main way to deal with bad guys with guns is not good guys with guns:
Don’t forget, there are a LOT OF CRAZIES out there and I am NOT speaking of law abiding “CC” members.
peyton randolph is another whose worldview equates guns with freedom, and protecting Presidential candidates is just elitism:
Don’t let the peasants exercise their 2A to defend themselves. Their lives are worth less than Trump, Cruz, Ryan, and the rest of our betters.

After all, I’m sure the Founding Fathers disarmed themselves at the Constitutional Convention and allowed their protection to be in the hands of such professionals.

ConservativeWarrior also suddenly realizes that a gun free zone is really the best way to keep safe:
I’m a gun nut. And I support this 100%.

Too many crazies would use open carry to put themselves in a position to take a shot at Trump.
William Tell wonders if the Secret Service is gonna assassinate Trump. So the safest thing to do is get rid of the Secret Service!
Too many crazies would use open carry to put themselves in a position to take a shot at Trump."

Yes. Perhaps even one of the Secret Service.

You are much more convinced that the measures to prevent firearms into the venue would be effective. I understand that the TSA misses about 95% of the stuff used to test their effectiveness.

As for the "rules", I think it would be pretty simple for the candidate to simply deny Secret Service entry into the venue. They can study their rulebook while waiting for the candidate to reappear.
Elsie has a great solution!
Secret Service: No guns in GOP convention

How about OUTSIDE?
In the name of blind fairness, xzins has an even better idea - everyone gets their own secret service detail!
The Secret Service isn’t to blame. The rules they operate under, really do put them in a pickle on this one.

The proper trade off is for each person to be allowed to have a security detachment that is armed.

Those security detachments should be permitted to coordinate their efforts and cordone off the entire convention area.


  1. Ah well ... I was hoping to see a few of the attendees accidentally shoot themselves or other attendees while playing quick-draw Yosemite Sam games inside the convention hall.

    Oh, and we all know alcohol WOULD be involved.

  2. I don't understand why the Kenyan Marxist has his own nuclear deterrent but we the people do not. Washington would be a lot less tyrannical if we each had our own strategic arsenal.

    1. Didn't you know he's going to dismantle all the nukes so his commie dude bro Putin can just take over