Friday, March 4, 2016

Spotlight Friday: miserare

miserare is a catty 80-year-old Freeper whose pet hates include Islam, doctors, liver, and the looks of all liberal women. From her name she's a Catholic, and posts about it fairly often.

She used to live in New York City; not sure now. Previously lukewarm on Trump, she knows which way the wind is blowing now.

Stay till the end for a some great Benghazi fanfiction!

What do doctors know?
“Doctors say” is usually followed by a bunch of BS.

What do they know?
Unless the doctor says Ebola is gonna kill us all:
We need more truth-tellers like this doctor!
More abortion doctors need to be murdered:
Current Scorecard:

Babies Killed: 50 million

Abortionists killed: 5

That’s in the whole USA since Roe v. Wade.
Death threats to ban nasty foods are legit:
Chef Drops Foie Gras From Menu After Vegan Death Threats

Good job!

Fois gras is the most disgusting food I ever tasted. Made me want to barf!
Remember when Ebola killed us all in early 2015?
Another dead doctor. We hear nothing.

People from the affected countries are flying in and out of the US for the Holiday season.

There will be a new rush of cases here in January and February.
But maybe Obama will get Obama!
Can we hope that someone from Sierra Leone barfs or coughs on Obama?
The usual Freeper "I hate this Dem so much it makes me literally vomit"
I feel sick.

I think I have to throw up.

McAuliffe’s face does that to me.
Ted Cruz's wife is rich, so she should stop campaigning and shut up:
Just shut up, Goldman/Sachs lady.

All you want is The Money.
That Hillary is soooo fat!!
Hey...cut Hillary some slack...she’s evolving...she now donates NEW underwear to charity, and doesn’t even itemize it on her taxes anymore..

Now that her underwear is size 4xxxx, who buys it? Chris Christie?
Tell us all about Hillary's lesbian affairs!
Maybe [Gennifer Flowers] can enlighten us some more about Hillary’s lesbian proclivities, naming names perhaps?
Megyn Kelly has a huge ass, I guess?
Megyn—don’t you mean “her heinyness”?
I would like to step on J-Lo’s face.

She is a moron.
Sarah Palin: Dream Secretary of State:
Sure wish Sarah could have been Sec. of State instead of The Beast. Benghazi would never have happened.
The key to delight is never using sex for fun:
The purpose of marital intercourse is both unitive and procreative.

Unitive—drawing the couple closer and closer together in a beautiful intimate relationship blessed by God.

Procreative—sealing the marriage with the blessing of children.

Only the most generous of modern couples understand these principles and live by them, much to their delight, comfort, and happiness.
She hates New York:
This whole incident tells me that Angelenos care much more about their children than New Yorkers do.

DiBlasio and Bratton dance to the tune of Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Thank God for the Superintendent of LA Schools and for his courage and fortitude!
Could Trump call for a Crusade?
Hey, Donald—don’t be afraid to mention the “C” word, as in Crusade.

We need a HUGE one right now!
The Pope probably wouldn't approve of a Crusade. Spoilsport.
The pope is Nucking Futz!
Young Catholics are gonna become a conservative wave:
Are you kidding? You think the young Catholics are less democrat?

Yes. Many are Libertarians. Many more who have rejected their parents’ religion, also reject their politics.

The Emancipation Proclamation was a disaster for America:
Lincoln’s obstinacy and wrongheadedness cost the nation 640,000 lives.

We are still feeling the effects financially of Emancipation.

It was a grand mess all around.

Let the descendants of the valiant on both sides keep their monuments!
Muslims in the supermarket!
They clean out the red meat counter at my GIANT market on the 3rd of every month, when their food stamp account gets filled.

Big, hulking black men with skinny little wives in hijabs.

We are feeding the ones who are going to kill us.
Her close brush with Muslim Wal Mart terror:
Let me tell you what I saw at the Walmart in Northern PA. today:

I entered behind a young muslim couple. She was wearing a black hijab; very expensive jeans and denim jacket. He was in khakis; loose white shirt; wearing a white knitted skull cap (North African style).

I got a bad San Bernadino bad.

Just inside the entrance, she took out her cellphone and started taking photos. She took shots of the Customer Service Center; the checkout counters and registers; the Rest Rooms; and the Income Tax guy’s booth.

I followed them down the aisle...they didn’t go far. I browsed at greeting cards and Easter candy while trying to catch what they were saying, without being too conspicuous. They seemed to have a short argument; she finally said “OK...we’ll come back later.”

They left witout purchasung a single item.

I sought out the store manager and gave him a complete report of the suspicious behaviour and a good description of the couple. I told him exactly what time they entered the store.

I know Wally’s has cameras everywhere, especially at entrances and exits. So they must be on film.

FReepers, should I report this to anyone else?

Maybe with a President Trump I won’d have to be afraid to go to Walmart anymore.
The proper response to the Boston Marathon is castrate random Muslims, but Obama is protecting them!
The count is now 12 dead (NY Post, from LEA sources) and 50 in hospital with severe wounds. Many severed limbs, women and children included.

I would like to see lots of severed balls at lots of mosques this evening...but that will never happen. They are Obama’s protected species.
Angels who shoot to kill:
We need a few good Charles Bronson in “Death Wish”...vigilantes who are angels in disguise.
She hates her grandchild:
Every family has one. Ours is a smartass grad of Macalester who works for the UN.

I am writing her out of the will.
Birther Obama's Pot Benghazi!
Sec. Leon Panetta, knew of the Valerie Jarrett orders as it was a DO NOT DISTURB NIGHT. That protocol has it’s connotations as Panetta has run into Obama on those nights and understands from previous encounters that attempting to interact with Obama on those occasions is a futile effort, because what was taking place on Benghazi Eve, was an Obama boys night in as has been posted on exclusively here.

Panetta is clueless as are the majority of the White House operatives in what is fully behind the Jarrett DND sign for Obama, but the context of what Panetta has encountered was a Birther Obama stoned out of his gourd and literally incapacitated. The staff fully comprehends they are flying on their own on these DND nights.

What a disgusting piece of crap the _resident is!


  1. Interesting screen name. If she's a Catholic she probably intends "have pity/mercy" but it could equally translate as "miserable/unhappy/wretched". Accidental classical self-insight.

  2. Just inside the entrance, she took out her cellphone and started taking photos. She took shots of the Customer Service Center; the checkout counters and registers; the Rest Rooms; and the Income Tax guy’s booth.

    You gotta admit, that's kind of creepy.

    1. Agreed, but since miserare got that San Bernadino Feeling before that even happened, everything after her gut told her terrorist is a bit suspect.

    2. Besides seeing a woman in a hijab, everything else sounds like a James Bond fantasy.

    3. She omitted the part where she drove her jazzy chair at a reasonable distance behind the perps, for 10 miles, doing a recon on their hideout, until her Dr Scholls walking shoes started to pinch and finally left her life alert stashed under their car so that the 24 hour monitoring center could track them.

    4. You can paraphrase the whole diatribe as:

      "Waiter! There's a sand-n***** in my soup!!"

  3. "We are still feeling the effects financially of Emancipation financially."
    Holy shit
    Even if she's referring to the war itself, we didn't quite lose -all- the wealth piled by the bondsman's two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil

    1. More likely she's referring to the hordes of "ferals" who cost money in welfare payments instead of generating money as agricultural tools. Remember Chain Gangs? Slavery went on long after Lincoln.

    2. Speaking of "gibsmedats" -- it's so interesting how "American exceptionalism" found its limit after we ran out of free land, free labor, and all our competitors that we bombed into oblivion got back on their feet. I guess we're just like any other nation of slobs, after all.

    3. Hogwash. American Exceptionalism is alive and well:

      * Exceptionally high murder rate
      * Exceptionally high infant mortality
      * Exceptionally high incarceration rate
      * Exceptionally poor general education
      * Exceptionally prevalent obscurantism
      * Exceptionally large wealth disparity

      ...etc. No other OECD country comes close and the only ones that beat the USA in world terms are hopelessly corrupt oligarchies (oh, wait...)

  4. What I want to know is whether the panties Hillary sold to Chris Christie created any jobs for Real Americans.

  5. I thought GodAndCountryFirst's comment here was a tad nutty:

    1. I have a strong inkling that if GodAndCountryFirst has ever seen or read Dicken's Christmas Carol, he views Scrooge as the hero and Tiny Tim as the villain.

    2. Obviously. So? Scrooge is a responsible individualistic capitalist saving for his own health care and retirement. Tiny Tim is a miniature "gibs be dat".

      This isn't radical stuff; it's mainstream Republican policy.