Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Question: How Do You Deport 11+ Million Illegal aliens?

Throughout my years here, I've been struck by how much Freepers love to hate illegal aliens (and for most of them immigrants generally). It's the one thing I can't think of one Freeper ever dissenting on.

And it is hate. It is not a concern that their costs outweigh the benefits, or an understanding of the labor markets. Or even a formalist view of national borders. It's just nationalist spite at outsiders who don't deserve our greatness.

As I've said before, I consider illegal aliens to be the new slaves and our economy has been built on the backs of these low paid unregulated workers for generations. I'd love to end it, even given all the economic upheaval that would bring.

But in my view, the immigrants are the victims of our system. To Freepers, they are inhuman parasites responsible for everything bad, from high taxes to unemployment to crime to our debt to terrorism to their Medicare premiums being too high to literally every other problem you can imagine.

Given this malice, when a 2009 Freeper asks how Freepers would handle the logistics of deportation, the answers ranged from unrealistic to horrifying to the actual Nazi playbook.

relictele thinks the key is that illegals aren't fearful enough:
Question: How Do You Deport 11+ Million Illegal aliens?

You get rid of 100,000 and in turn scare the bejabbers out of the rest by telling them if they don't go home tomorrow they will be on the s*** list for life ie never eligible for legal immigration.
King Moonracer makes a hilarious joke about particularly bloody mass murder:
A really big wood chipper is the best way to deport them.
DeathBeforeDishonor1 is all about the taxes:
You build a GREAT BIG YUUUGE Wall and tax all Western Union transactions to Mexico 65%. Then charge for them to get out to pay for the wall we had to build.
BobL seems to think every school in America is within driving distance of the Mexican border:
There are 480,000 school buses in the United States. That is enough to move all 11,000,000 people, including guards, requiring only ONE TRIP EACH.

So send pack them up with illegals from around the country in June and simply send them to Mexico - and let Mexico take it from there (for the non-Mexicans)...maybe give them some wall-credit if they help out.
PA Engineer has a long plan that includes using the NSA to spy on Mexican nationals, and then being inhuman to them once they're caught:
First I would add a timetable of last in first out for self-deportation. The deportation program will last two years to allow employers to hire legal Americans. No H1B visas would be allowed during that time. After the deadline asset forfeiture laws kick in, with half going to the local law enforcement and the remainder for the deportation program. The last in must leave immediately or have 100% of their assets seized.

Second, I would tax individual wire transfers to pay for a secure boarder and deportation.

Third, I would enforce E-Verify (with updates) on all employers, schools, hospitals (patients), city government, state government and federal government. Those that hire, allow school admission or do not report illegal patients to authorities would face fines and loss of tax revenue.

Fourth, I would turn our current police state (pieces be onto obowelmovement) away from American citizens and to the internal security of the country. Their job would be to investigate, jail and deport all illegals.

Fifth, I would model transit camps at the boarders after Sheriff Joe's prison model. These would be bare basics until the prisoner aliens can be moved.

That is just a start.
tcrlaf, on the other hand, just can't do math.
JPATS (The Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System) has a fleet of ten aircraft, mostly MD-80’s that seat 188.

At three turns a day (not hard when you have no back-fill) that’s approx 5,600 returnees PER DAY.

It CAN be done, all it requires is THE WILL TO DO IT.
That's just 5 and a half years of daily deportations.

SWAMP-C1PHER joins the ranks of the pithy and murderous:
Quickly and at the end of a gun.
freedumb2003 wants to FIGHT HARD to deny them equal protection:
You make life so unbearable for them they self deport.

Make it illegal for the States to allow welfare to be given to them, only give benefits required by the courts, then refile all the court cases that resulted in it and FIGHT HARD.

Appoint thousands of temporary judges to hear the cases so they don’t languish and detain them in the interim — sending the food, board and security bill to the native country.

Make it clear they will never be comfortable here and life back in their country, bad as it was, will be better.
After he cancels the citizenship of...everyone? SuperLuminal goes with a slave ship motif.
Retroactively, to 1968, cancel any America citizenship currently held. Fill all the unused container ships and set sail for Cuba or Angola.
Lions Gate is all about the work camps:
Very simple. Give them 3 months to go home. After that we arrest them all, charge them with a felony, take retinal scans, fingerprints, mugshots (like I did in Afghanistan with the US Army), confiscate the their assets, sell them & use the money to pay down the national debt, send them back to Mexico at Mexico’s expense. The second time they are caught it is an automatic 6 month work prison detail building the Southern Wall. Caught again = one year work detail, etc. All prison costs are billed to the Mexican government. This is how you stop illegal immigration in America for good. We need strong leaders to implement this plan of action.
Blue Collar Christian also thinks work camps would be legit:
You give them 90 days to self deport, then you start rounding them up for hard labor to build a border wall in shackles and chains.
Sorry, JJ_Folderol does not seem to be sarcastic:
What’s Spanish for “Arbeit macht frei”? The labor camps will need signs...


  1. Second, I would tax individual wire transfers to pay for a secure boarder and deportation.

    This plan is awful but somehow more feasible than a YYYUUUUGE wall

  2. I'm glad that "straight up steal from people and call it 'asset forfeiture'" is still showing some popularity
    Goes with the growing popularity of enforced tribute in international affairs
    (One could argue that current sovereign debt purchases by client states are tribute under another name, but I digress)

  3. PA Engineer's third point would put massive government regulations on all businesses big and small, which Freepers have previously professed to hate. Nice to see them throw away their principles just to get rid of a few brown people.

    1. Oh, they don't mind BIG GUBMINT for anyone except Freepers (see: Abortion)

    2. cf: "Fourth, I would turn our current police state (pieces be onto obowelmovement) away from American citizens and to the internal security of the country."

      cf. the anti-TSA rebellion of a couple of years ago, which could be described as "why should I, a white person, be compelled to suffer this indignity when they could just search the Others?"

  4. I'm kind of thankful for Trump. He's made it blatant that so much of the republican party was based entirely on racism. It shows just how effective 30 years of coded language can be.

    It does scare me though. How do you deal with people like this? Manufacturing jobs aren't coming back. The factories that are are automated. The largest companies employ a fraction of what large companies used to employ.

    Just fuck these assholes entirely, and fuck the republicans. Its hilarious to see this happen to them.

  5. "all it requires is THE WILL TO DO IT"

    yes! what america needs is a TRIUMPH OF THE WILL!