Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday Pix

Where will this go with a President Hillary?
Ted Cruz is basically Allah.
We need a President that can brand & license!
Yes, it is Trump who is not a clown.
Look at Trump's guns!
What does National Review think when they look at this abyss they themselves created?
OK, some of these have to be satire. Rap Punks? Mormons!? The Cubs??!!
I'd think this was pro-Trump but then there's the hair...


  1. mkjessup posts a 'shopped photo of the Jonestown Massacre and the irony of it being a mass suicide caused by a guy called "Jim" feeding his followers kool-aid never even occurs to him!?

    1. I wish I had a nickel for every diatribe and satire I've read on FR that applies equally, if not moreso, to Freepers themselves.

  2. re: Cubs: Apparently the owners have spent money against Trump

    1. Thank you. I wondered what in the world that could be.

  3. I've never seen the Republican vision for America's future so candidly laid out before.

    Unions and liberals have CHASED them out. Job creators don’t want to pay for a big, fancy house and a boat for every assembly line drone who really ought to be making $5 an hour or less, based on world standards.

    Factory workers in this country are over-paid. But there is a reason for that.

    Other countries are set up to have low-wage economies. They don’t have all the regulations and building codes that make live so EXPENSIVE in the coddled Western world. People in some parts of the world live on $1 or $2 per day, yet they don’t starve. How do they do it? First, they don’t feel entitled, so they don’t expect as much. Second, they can and do get housing and food they can afford. That stuff doesn’t meet “modern Western standards,” but guess what... they survive just fine.

    What’s wrong with an outhouse if you can’t afford a house with a septic tank? It works. But the almighty government won’t let you have it. Want a car without airbags or nonsense emissions controls? Sorry, not allowed. Oh, and all your food need expensive government controls, too. So you “need” $15 an hour or more to live here.

    That’s why job creators prefer to open up in places with a more business-friendly environment.

    "GodAndCountryFirst" indeed.

    First, they bitch that all the jobs being created are only minimum wage jobs. Then they bitch that wages are too high for all these losers, anyway. Finally, they bitch about having to live around losers who don't make enough money to pull their own weight.

    Eff you, GodAndCountryFirst.

    1. They complain constantly that America has declined to third-world status, when that's exactly what guys like this are pushing for. So they can rule over it.

    2. ILLEGALS are forcing down wages which is bad thing because our wages are too high already (?). We need to cut assembly line wages to Mexican levels and repeal regulation because otherwise we'll turn into Mexico (!?).

      Even for a Freeper this level of incoherence is bizarre. He wants to turn the country into what? Guatemala? Just so long as we've still got nukes, speak English and retain a quasi-sexual fetish for men in uniforms?

    3. To be fair to FR, quite a few people rebuked him for these remarks almost as much as I did.