Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump vs. women

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Just about all the polls show Trump has a real problem with women. But Freepers are well into the 'polls I don't like are skewed' part of the election. And thank goodness for that, because eschewing stats allows them to make arguments human nature that tell a lot more about the Freeper than about humans.

Right out of the gate, traderrob6 reminds the poster that polls that look bad for Trump are wrongthink:
Careful, don’t want to get banned.
TTFlyer thinks Trump will be a test to see if women are still into capitalized Alpha Males:
Women will not vote for an Alpha Male but they will vote for an aged shrew? Or do women nowadays prefer Metrosexual males and/or fairies?
4rcane already knows that the problem lies not with Trump but with women:
Republicans always had a disadvantage with female voters. Female voters is why we have big government
WRhine knows women are easily fooled.
Plenty of time for The Donald, after beating Ted, to get sensitive, and shed a tear or two on Oprah, to reduce those women unfavorables. It’s an easy card to play and Don will do it.
papertyger knew women would get all catty, but has faith in Trump's genius to win them over with old Clinton stories:
Frankly, I’ve been waiting for this.

It’s the high school girl “nobody likes him, and if you do, no one will like YOU.” schtick. And it IS effective with a great swath of women. They are culturally trained to react to it on a very deep level.

Nevertheless, I have to believe Trump knew it was coming and has plans to overcome it. He’s been playing this like a maestro from the start.

I strongly suspect it will go by the wayside when he points out Hillary’s facilitating of Bill.

Even so, Donald Trump is not Linda Tripp. He’s not going to let up on Hillary just because a bunch of wanna-bees feel an atavistic urge to help their social standing by going along with “The Heathers.”
Like Real Americans before them, Crucial knows Trump has already won the moral victory - practical women.
There’s a lot of women who don’t like Hillary and women are very practical. They know the economy is bad and that Trump might be the one to bring it back. Women also know that Muslims are no friend to their liberation, quite the contrary and too many of them have terrorist sympathies or are terrorists themselves. Practical women know that Trump is the safer bet.
Though she's weathered 30 years of right wing rage, montag813 thinks Trump's attacks will totally destroy Hillary:
This will all change when the general population begins to see Trump vs. Hillary in the flesh and hears how Trump will eviscerate her.
crusher2013 only knows Trump voters!
I can only go by my personal experience. I know lots of women who are going to vote for Trump.

Some of them were Democrats and have registered Republican to vote for him.

How do you explain that.

The media has been lying about Trump and other things from day one. Now were supposed to believe their polls?
catnipman also does a personal poll:
every conservative female friend, relative or acquaintance I have talked to are MAJOR supporters of Donald J. Trump.

Additionally, I know several not-so-conservative females who are ALSO major supporters of Donald J. Trump.
But RedWhiteBlue knows some women that don't like Trump?!!
I knew it because every conservative female friend, relative or acquaintance I have talked to said they despise him.

That almost mirrors my experience. I only have one female acquaintance that thinks he’s OK. The rest don’t like him at all, and a couple find him downright repulsive and turn the channel anytime he’s on TV. Really, what woman would like a guy the refers to women as a “piece of a**?”
All this talk of women has wgmalabama's men's rights hackles up:
Women in this country are a greedy bunch. We are still hearing how we need to empower them, break glass ceilings, make special accommodations at males expense. We have been doing thi for 30+ years now. Mons can’t and don’t want to see that their sons are being pushed to the edge of the American dream. Men in college are less than women, men entering professional world is less than women. Both at around 2:1 or 3:2 but men are falling further behind.

Enough is enough. Men need to stand up and put an end of this war on our sons. That requires men to take back their balls and stand up and iif that means being alone so be it.

Men can never compete with Uncle sugar Sam providing free money, health care, and a punitive courts to enforce indentured servitude. It’s a very complex issue and men have been attack and loosing on so many fronts.

So stick together be men, lead your Holmes by example and stay away from the independent shrew women.

Sorry but this is a topic I am passionate about. Men are being pushed out relegated to the scrap pile of history. Until they need us.
"More women are in college, so there is no more sexism. Also women are socialist shrews.

PrairieLady2 knows her gender is full of bad ones:
Trump does point out that there are some ugly, katty women out there, and he’s absolutely right! There are. Way too many of them.

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