Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The New Conservative Heretics

The inquisition continues.

The conservative Washington Examiner ran an editorial saying they'll go after any DC politician who supports Trump. This leads Freepers to discuss how they plan to purge all the previously conservative media that's not fallen in line with Trump. There is also a hilarious discussion of a Trump-PAC branding Trump-approved candidates. You know, like his steaks/University/Vodka/Airlines/board game/magazine, but for Republicans!

Mouton just rages at where the Examiner is based:
Anyway we can convince Putin to take out our biggest problem: DC.
In one of the worst analogies of all time, From The Deer Stand equates this newspaper to the Nazi secret police:
The Gestapo is alive and well in D.C.
freedomjusticeruleoflaw - the people who don't like Trump are everywhere, like tentacles!
The tentacles are being exposed minute by minute. This is how I knew Palin would never get a sniff of the White House- She can’t be bought.
Ancient Man wants to storm DC, and then have a syphilitic lead a reign of terror, I guess?
Capitol Hill is the New Bastille.
Steven Tyler does not like free speech:
Trump is correct, again.

Someone needs to sue the Exanimer
Grampa Dave knows conservative media will suffer:
Sounds like they want to be out of business. The 'conservative' media ranks are getting thinned out now and in the near future
Grampa Dave explains that little-read crazy conservative blogs are the new hotness, and then lists the "Trump backstabbers" who don't kowtow enough for him:
With the internet and other news sites, the entrenched lying news companies and their mediots are getting whacked and will continue to. Now our impact is larger and quicker with the internet.

Apparently, Faux news is losing a lot of viewers due to their virulent hatred of Trump since January.

Audits will probably show Rush, Levin, Sean and other Trump backstabbers losing audience.

Losing audience and subscribers ends up with advertisers leaving or demanding lower rates.

This is good for us as the liars/frauds lose audiences and income.
AFreeBird is also pretty excited about this new litmus test for which media is approved:
Like him or hate him, Donald Trump is providing an invaluable service to the country.

He’s exposing all the vermin of the establishment, to the light of day.

I love it!
Right-wing Librarian lays out the next big thing: TrumpTM Republicans:
Let Trump accept all PAC money, funnel it into one PAC, and use it 100% to help other candidates at federal, state & local levels who pass the Trump standard.

This endorsement would help the rest of us to know that these candidates are for the People. A Trump endorsement would be coveted as Top Honor!
JerseyDvl proudly calls this a tantrum:
Time for a ballot box revolution to take our country back. The LOSER RNC Party will die with this tantrum.
He could be right. And I should be scared, but the schadenfreude is overwhelming everything else for now.


  1. This is amazing. The Trump cult of personality is the Palin cult but ever better

  2. Remember "Operation Chaos" in 2008?
    Republicans loved that so much they're doing it to themselves now.

  3. This is how I knew Palin would never get a sniff of the White House- She can’t be bought.

    Really? I thought her full-time job these days was being bought.

  4. I'm curious as to what Freepers set the Trump standard as.

    1. The "Trump standard" is their idealized pure perfect conservative, who doesn't really exist.

      So far, Trump meets that criteria because he hasn't actually done anything political or made any political positions, other than buying a few politicians to get favors in return.

      The only reason I could possibly want Trump to win is to taste the sweet salty tears of freepers as they realize, within the first 100 days, they backed the most liberal president ever!

    2. But but but he's going to build the big beautiful wall and Mexico will pay for it.....