Thursday, February 25, 2016

On break 'till Tuesday

No good reason.

Just a combination of (exciting new) job stuff, video games, and Freep being a repetitive circular helldump at the moment has left me behind enough that I'm throwing in the towel for usual scheduled weekend content. I'll be back with something either topical or about welfare queens on Tuesday!


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    1. Thanks!

      Though really that isn't taking hardly any of my time yet, it's just kept my mind too scattered to Freep for any extended period.

    2. Take a break ... we inmates will run the asylum for awhile!

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    1. This would make you part of The Regime (TM).

    2. By the time I'm hired, it could be the Trump Regime!

    3. Well then Ozy, in that case you'll be the classiest most luxurious bureaucrat ever!

    4. OFFICIAL!! Freeper Madness goes ALL IN for TRUMP!! Founder states:

      "...I'm hired (by) the Trump Regime!..."

      You heard it here first folks! GO TROZY !!

  3. More congrats.

    What department(s) are you looking at?

    1. I'm a former scientist, so I'm looking at science policy. So DoE office of Science, NSF, OMB, NASA, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Library of Congress...I think that's all I've contacted so far.

      The Smithsonian doesn't have a PMF program, it seems.

  4. I found this and I just had to post it here.

    Gov. Kasich's Christianity is being called into question because he commented that, in reference to conducting marriages and/or providing services for homosexuals, people should conduct commerce without restriction and then pray for the consumers in question if they don't agree with their lifestyle.

    That's not nearly good enough for most Freepers, which is not a surprise. But the money quote for me comes from resident bitter nihilist greene66 who wishes that Kasich would "choke to death" and then proudly declares that he would personally hand Kasich over to ISIS to be beheaded if he had his way (comment 6).

    That's right, this Freeper is actually siding with ISIS. One other Freeper sarcastically calls greene66 out on it, but the rest either don't say anything or actually defend him.

    Conservatism at its finest, folks!

    These people are sick, filthy scum, and greene66 is among the absolute worst of them.

    1. There is a certain internal logic. The Bible doesn't say anything about guns or small government or low taxes or freedom.

      It does talk about gays however, and so does the warped and heretical (allegedly) derivative of Christianity detailed in the Qu'ran.

      A true Bible literalist therefore has no room for maneuver. Exterminating sodomite fornicators trumps [sic] everything else. ISIS would just be doing as God commanded.

      All greene66 is really saying is he believes in the literal truth of the Bible. He only stands out because he refuses to be a weaselly, mendacious hypocrite about it.

      NB: From the perspective of someone who thinks ALL Bible literalists are dangerous, reprehensible lunatics by definition and that the likes of Ted Cruz need psychiatric help.

  5. I don't know if this is for-q-clinton's original joke or not but I like it a lot,

    "2016: No way will Trump win the election
    2017: No way will President Trump fire all those nukes
    2018: No way we are doing what these apes say"

  6. For me, Freep is definitely best in small to moderate doses. I couldn't imagine monitoring them as much as you do, but I definitely appreciate you searching for the funny posts so I don't have to.

  7. I love this so much.

    Interviewer: “Why are you voting for Donald Trump?”
    Trump Supporter: “Because he can make America great again!”
    Interviewer: “Can you elaborate?”
    Trump Supporter: “You’re a liar!”
    Interviewer: “What do you think about his healthcare plan?”
    Trump Supporter: “He’s going to build a wall!”
    Interviewer: “Do you believe Trump can beat Hillary Clinton?”
    Trump Supporter: “Hispanics love him. Believe me... believe me... they DO!”

  8. not too often these days do birthers get actually fresh horseflesh to beat:

    "WSJ: Former CIA Chief Says Military Could Defy Donald Trump's Orders"

    butternutter: "With this statement, this man utterly condemns the entire US military for obeying ANY of Obama’s orders. A command that is not lawful for a POTUS to give is NOT a lawful order - that’s what this guy is saying. That means that the buck stops at the Joint Chiefs. When THEY obeyed any order that an ineligible POTUS gave, it was THEY who disobeyed the law.

    IOW, at this point the law REQUIRES them to disobey Obama’s commands. We have no lawful Commander in Chief, and the head of the DOD has the DUTY of defending this nation, against the wishes of Barack Obama."

    1. Thanks for posting that aargghh! The whole thread is great. My favorite s far, after Butter of course is carriage_hill with his poetic:

      Blowtorches & pliers.
      The headshoot the subhuman,
      murderous jihadi filth.

  9. Now this word from outer space....

    The oldest satanic trick in the book. It started both World Wars. Take people who don’t belong near one another and smash them all together. If you put an eagle, a bear, a tyrannosaur, a cougar, 3 flamingos, another bear, wombats, a squirrel, a humpback whale and 4 hyaena into a small container, don’t be surprised if you come back in 10 minutes to find blood, claws and sinew splattered all over the walls.
    Satan only has a few years to take control of the earth. He has to manipulate the gene pool asap to water down the national iq and take care of the rebels. The US and Europe are his primary target because the original Europeans and early colonists pose the biggest threat. This is the reason for our frantic replacement.
    Satan wants to rule a world of liberal 80 iq EBT users, not spacefaring Scotsmen. Scots would put his head on a stake, the people left will kneel and lick his boots.

    4 posted on 2/28/2016, 12:00:02 AM by ghosthost

  10. Freepers on how to deport 11million illegal immigrants, only takes 4 posts till someone mentions genocide....

    1. Is anyone surprised?

      Freepers don't want a "small, limited government" now matter how many times they parrot that line. They want a brutal, fascist, right wing dictatorship where the "undesirables" are either oppressed or eliminated. Make no mistake.

    2. They want a small government with limited control over a huge, reactionary para/military tasked with interning, deporting or exterminating anyone "The Founders"(pbut) might have found a bit peculiar. There is no contradiction - unfortunately.