Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

VerySadAmerican wishes conservatives would live up to his violent delusions about liberals:
I’m pretty sure Obama had him killed.

Totally serious.

The “machine” took him out. Too bad the good guys don’t have a “machine”.
blueunicorn6 is against lynching, because he knows liberals are barely restrained from lynching conservatives:
If we lived in a nation where Gowdy could just give the order and a black car would pick up Hillary Clinton and she would be immediately hung, wouldn’t the Democrats have sent the black cars for us and stretched OUR necks by now?
Lib-Lickers 2 explains why torture works:
why would interrogators bother to use techniques that didn’t work?.. of course it works.. McQueeg is a moron
MayflowerMadam is really getting to hate Ted Cruz.
I want Cruz to be the absolute last in the SC election! Every time I see him I get he’s more revolting. I have a low gag threshold and don’t know how much more I can take of him.
Windflier thinks the Bush Presidents were actually Democrats:
What are those five NWO Democrats grinning about?
With a view like that, I can kind of see how this black Freeper sticks around despite all the posts declaring him preemptively violent, dumb, and ungrateful.

central_va is using Trump:
Some if us are using the Donald more than he is using us. He as a snarling mess and a hydra headed monster. Deal with it. Ha ha ha.
stanne is in a rage that a liberal talked back to him:
Leftists are spoiled children. Morality to them is relative. Always circumstantial.

Trump is correct to plow through and not care what they say

I had one of them on the phone tge other day. One who calls herself Catholic

I asked rhetorically why didn’t the family want an autopsy

So fast it would curl your hair she said maybe it’s against their religion

They spend their lives rationalizing and making up insane rules.

No Conservatives are always held to an impossible made up standard while leftist America destroyers are let off for every infraction.

Count on it
Remember, this guy is a High School classics teacher!

ETL is pretty sure everyone but Europe has banded together against us:
And the China-Cuba connection.

It’s actually Russia-China-North Korea-Iran-Syria, and all of the commie Latin American countries.
servantboy777 thinks America is just full of sleeper agents, waiting...
Just wait till Iran is attacked for one reason or another. Sleeper agents will wreck havoc on our populace. Heaven forbid, but the Iranians as well as ISIS sleepers are already here.
Aleya2Fairlie thinks blacks have nothing but opportunity, but are too lazy to take it:
I don’t see any Americans denying blacks the opportunities to work, learn and contribute to the good of America and its society. The trouble is, they don’t want any part of those things. When their ability to wring free junk and special privilege out of their skin color ends, they’ll have to get with the program and join us. However, they’re not going to do it until the Democrats stop giving them a living for their votes. The same goes for our present unmanageable welfare state of all colors.
frnewsjunkie thinks this trusting liberals idiocy started with feminism:
The democrats/liberals/left are untrustworthy. Don’t expect them to be fair, honest, or do anything that is right... so the other side must act accordingly... Don’t ask them for a thing...

set the rules, don’t give them a chance to fool ya’ or take advantage.. stay ahead of them.. expect low down tactics.. and don’t give them the chance to use them.

Forget deals with them.. it’s a useless endeavor.. just dig in, demand, and NEVER give in to them.. NEVER even act like it..

This is why Trump is ahead by so much.. and if the repubs do a very foolish thing... AGAIN.. on this important item... his numbers will yet climb.

Trump may just take the fed up democrats along too. I’ve never seen such cowards in my lifetime as the republican house and senate.

I go way back and weak men are a thing produced by ‘touchy feely’ feminists who tried to make men more so.. they broke the mold of one of God’s creations.. MEN with SPINE!
Varsity Flight thinks Rubio is basically Hugo Chavez:
Kiss Kiss Kiss Jeb.

Kiss Kiss Kiss Nicky

Claims conservative from Cuba.

Invoking Reagan.

“Reagan’s children”

Claiming “we conservatives>

He sounds like a South American Hugo
funfan blames the latest white mass shooter on Obama:
I think they said it was a white male in his 50’s doing the shooting. Seems like we have these types of things alot since O has been in office.
Trumpinator's support of Trump makes him defend Colin Powell:
And let’s be honest - Powell is disliked here because he went against W and Bush fans hate that. He is hated and unpopular only amongst them. To the vast majority of the entire American population Powell is seen as a credible figure and a highly respected person.
The Pope-Trump conflict leads grania to wonder once again if Catholics should be allowed to hold office:
For those of us who remember the 1960s, this brings back memories of the campaign against JFK becoming President. He was the first RC President. At that time there was serious question of if a Roman Catholic president would be totally faithful to what's best for the US or if he would follow dictates from Rome. Dope Francis's remarks bring a lot of those concerns about Church interference in US politics back. Trump (probably remembering those old concerns) was 100% correct to respond vigorously to papal interference in US politics.
I love KGeorge's variant on the old standby:
You actually pray to the Lord with that mouth?
gaijin on Trey Gowdy's bewitching charisma:
Charismatic? Yes.

But almost no one in DC has disappointed me more than Trey Gowdy.


  1. FR has degenerated so far during the Obama years into foul language, nut-case conspiracies, and racist rage, that they forgot how to turn it off during their own republican primaries.

    This is why you have the foulest dirtiest attacks against even conservatives who are not showing total fealty to their choice of candidate.

    JimRob knows it, and sees it in his ever weaker grift-a-thons.

    My greatest wish would be to see at least three of the nincompoops stick it out to the republican convention, each with enough support to deny any one of them the nomination on a ballot, forcing Jeb Bush to be called back in as a brokered compromise!

    1. As someone whose rooting for chaos and ugliness, Trump seems the least likely to cause Freeper rage.
      I'm hoping for a brokered convention that picks Rubio, though Cruz's almost certain defeat would also be delicious.

  2. Ozymandias, how can you have been doing this blog for eight years without even a mention of it that I noticed at VC until I asked you about it? I mean, I admire your humility, truly I do. Still, what can I say but, Hans Bader weeps.

    1. without a doubt, the muslim marxist metrosexual mulatto has been berry berry good for business ...

  3. Leftists are spoiled children. Morality to them is relative. Always circumstantial.

    Followed by "I don't care how many times Trump has been divorced, as long as our side wins."

    Dope [sic] Francis's remarks bring a lot of those concerns about Church interference in US politics back.

    I can't remember a time in my life when the Evangelical church has not been interfering in US politics. But I guess that's just fine with them.

    I think they said it was a white male in his 50’s doing the shooting. Seems like we have these types of things alot since O has been in office.

    I was listening to the local news this evening and just wondering when one of them was going to repeat this line, and they didn't disappoint. The fact that they can't be responsible with deadly weapons just because there is a black man in charge of the US says way more about them than it does about the president.

  4. Obama being elected wrecked FR without ever doing a thing. He drove them out of their everloving minds.
    First, a bunch of reasonable anti-birther Freepers were given the boot because they refused to drink the Kool-Aid.
    Then, even more left because they tired of the conspiracy theories, insults, unchecked racism against Obama, and the anti-Catholic/Jewish/Muslim/Gay/Women drumbeats day in and day out.
    Now the 'thons end with a whimper, limping toward the "finish line", such as it is, just in time for a break of a week or two before the next one starts...
    Now the Trumpers are antagonizing the Cruzers and the Cruzers are antagonizing the Trumpers and quite a number of prominent Freepers have stopped posting.
    By the way, all those anti-birthers who were zotted, taking their cash with them?
    It was all for nought, because as soon as Canadian Ted Cruz made noise about running, JR and the birthers began to change their tune.
    The "Natural Born Citizen" topic is now gone from the top, replaced by "Trump" and "Cruz".
    The zotted? For the most part, gone for good, along with their cash.

    1. I got a feeling most if not all the Cruz supporters will get super salty and leave at some point.

      Those that have already joined another site with a membership fee.