Thursday, February 18, 2016

Obama to skip Scalia funeral

Obama's going to the Scalia memorial, but not to the funeral; he's sending Catholic Biden to the Catholic funeral.

Past Presidential attendance at Justice's funerals has been spotty, but Freepers have turned weak tea into towering outrage before, and they could use a pick-me-up.

Before the thread gets down and dirty, Buckeye McFrog would like to invoke the high road on behalf of Scalia:
The Late Justice Scalia would not have skipped yours.
liberalh8ter is too outraged to check for precedents.
Disgusting behavior from a sitting President.
Durbin is trying to hide how happy he is to have a fig leaf to hate Obama over:
For the President of the United States to skip the funeral of any SC Justice, retired or not is just extremely classless. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m definitely speechless.
Bob434 naturally goes directly to race, because Obama's the one who's obsessed:
You can bet He’ll be a lois farrakkkan’s funeral though
McBuff is sure Obama is going to inconvenience the public:
Plus it will cut into the ability for those that were planning to attend the viewing at the Supreme Court. The “little people” will get pushed aside to accommodate his holiness.
maxwellsmart_agent declares this the worst thing Obama has ever done:
Of all that I have seen of Obama so far, this takes the cake. That classless man does not realize how much of a smoked out pothead he looks like. Imagine if Obama had died first. Do you think Justice Scalia would have skipped his funeral? It just shows what we are dealing with.
PATRIOT1876 gives us a shoutout!
The good news is, that this sets a precedent.

Now if a Leftist judge dies under strange circumstances during a time when a Republican is president, he will not have to make any investigation. Saves the taxpayers a lot of money.

And note to any lurking Lefties, like the Freeper Madness folks, “O, the executive orders a Conservative will be able to get away with now!” (Evil laugh)

The Dems are too stupid to see that the other side can possibly do to them what they do to the other side.
He'd have a point if the Republicans had been demonstrating any restraint at all since 2009.

manc is still trying to argue Scalia was murdered, but most Freepers seem to realize that putting on the tin foil over a nearly 80-year-old overweight smoker's sudden death is largely masturbatory:
When was the last time a SCOTUS judge was found dead where there were no witnesses and a judge declared the death and causes over the phone and then did not order an Autopsy?
GrouchoTex's first thought is Muslim stuff:
He went to a Baltimore Mosque recently, but not a sitting Supreme Court Justice’s funeral?
combat_boots goes with the vampire style of Muslim:
There will be a cross at the Christian service. Evil and islam (same difference) hates both crosses and Christians.

Champagne and a private party at the White House at the same time, no doubt. Poindexter is invited.
It is forbidden for a Muslim to attend the funeral of a non-Muslim

"It is not permissible for a Muslim to attend the funeral of a non-Muslim even if it is a relative, because attending a funeral is a right that one Muslim has over another and it is a kind of showing respect, honour and friendship that it is not permissible to show to a kaafir."
This delightful piece of doctrine comes via a link to, which calmly puts forth an extremist view of Islam; no wonder Freepers love it.

On a site making a mountain out of this molehill, smalltownslick is sure Obama's the one with the agenda here:
Everything with him is ideology or agenda. He can’t just be President of all the people and do what Presidents do.
mass55th knows every time is a good time to rage about Michelle Obama:
Gee, I wonder what Moochie will wear. Will she try to imitate Jackie Kennedy with a black lace mantilla, or will she wear one of her disgusting outfits that will make everyone puke? She's such a fashion icon you know.
There was no love lost for liberals and Laura Bush, but they didn't obsessively bring her up all the time.

Neoliberalnot has nothing but name calling and racism:
BO isn’t fit to attend. Scalia was a giant of the judiciary. Hussein is a maggot Muslim with no regard for the law. He should be excluded and that primate wife of his too.
Kit cat takes Scalia and Ginsberg being friends and tries to make that into a partisan thing:
Actually Ginsberg and Scallia were very good friends they spent ALOT of time together!!! She is quite broken hearted I have been hoping that in honor of him she will relook her views on many things, it is NEVER to late to change ones mind even at 80 something!!!
OldSmaj is far from the only Freeper in the thread to rage at Obama's classlessness right before planning to piss on his grave:
I can only hope I'm alive to skip his.

And if I am, rest assured that I will travel to the grave once the need for urination comes upon me.

I hate this classless SOB.
Lazamataz is getting worse:
OIbama actually IS the AntiChrist.
publius911 crows that black people are too arrogant to know Presidential trivia:
Lincoln issued an arrest warrant for Chief Justice Roger Taney because Taney wrote an opinion disagreeing with Lincoln's Suspension of Habeas Corpus. A lot of presidents since the Founding have thought they were kings and didn't to answer to anyone, especially the Constitution.

Ask any of Obama's sons (they know who they are) in or out of jail, and not one in 10,000 would be aware of that... never mind what it means.

Black arrogance privilege...


  1. Pope says "building walls is not Christian." Conservatives say Pope is saying Trump isn't Christian. No's a shit-show at FR anyway!

    ...enjoy the madness: FREEPER MADNESS!

    1. Do they really not know the difference between the Pope saying building a wall "isn't Christian" and Trump "isn't Christian," right??!!

    2. How DARE the vicar of Christ question a man's piety

  2. Poor Laz. I think he needs medication.

    1. More like rehab, the man has become a parody of himself.

  3. Because Bush and the hand up his ass, Dick Cheney, neeeeever pushed through any executive orders that trampled all over civil rights. PATRIOT 1876 has a case of selective memory.

  4. In an alternate reality, Obama announces he will attend the funeral and FR reacts.

    Buckeye McFrog: The Late Justice Scalia did not want you there.

    liberalh8ter: Disgusting behavior from a sitting President.

    Durbin: For the President of the United States to gloat over attending the funeral of a political enemy is extremely classless.

    And so on...

  5. "I have been hoping that in honor of him she will relook her views on many things, it is NEVER to late to change ones mind even at 80 something!!!"

    on her deathbed, ginsberg will whisper to her nurse, "tony was always right, of course ...", and depart with a relieved smile.