Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Obstruction is the best revenge

In a sign that the GOP's disarray continues post-Boehner, a number of Republicans seem to be wavering regarding McConnell's strategy to preemptively stonewall any of Obama's Supreme Court nominations.

To be fair, the whole plan seems politically boneheaded to me - what's the downside to just dragging out the hearings? On the other hand, there isn't too much downside McConnell's plan, since Democrats don't have a Bork to rally around and aren't as enthusiastic about the Court.

Freepers, of course, love McConnell's plan, though out of spite not tactics. They love it almost as much as they love proclaiming that it's doomed because the GOP sucks.

fwdude knows all obstructionism is good because Obama is always bad:
Who wouldn’t be proud to be seen as “obstructionist” when what we’re obstructing is open Marxism?
Kill any and all nominees in the committee.

In fact, NO judges get through the Senate this year.

None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
rktman has contempt for Congressmen worrying about reelection:
Geez. Are the pubbie senators afraid it’ll go on their permanent record too? Idiots. Why did we gain “control” of the house and senate again?
bkopto gets to the bottom of this - spite over something that happened almost 30 years ago.
Its time to repay the Rats for their Borking of Judge Bork and for the filibuster of Miguel Estrada.

No lifetime appointments for lame-duck Bath House!
Skooz holds his breath and threatens to not vote for Republicans:
I have been a loyal Republican for decades.

Though I detest the GOPe, I have remained loyal through the last few years of weakness of acquiescence to the repulsive Obumagabe regime — holding out hope that they will shake off the McConnell malaise and come to their senses and once again fight for conservatism.

I am at my last straw.

If the GOP caves on this nominee, they are dead to me.
Not even sure what Kenny is referring to:
I hate the phony arguments, the WH/media created arguments. What a bunch of traitors.
Brian Griffin has only one issue left that he cares about:
The only issue of concern is the nominee’s support of the individual right to bear arms. This should be evidenced by repeated personal background checks undergone spanning at least fifteen years.

The leftists have got pretty much everything else already:
baby murder - yes
state-sanctioned sodomy - yes
PPACA fines - yes
Voting rights? Immigration regulations? Affirmative Action? Nope, just guns.

Because Freepers see all compromise as surrender to the impure, Extremely Extreme Extremist hamhandedly tries to turn the tables:
No, don’t obstruct! Work with the president in a bipartisan manner. Ask the president if he really wants to be bipartisan and promote civility in Washington, he will nominate a strict constitutionalist. It will honor Scalia’s legacy and promote bipartisanship. The people want Washington to work together!

No, this isn’t sarcasm. Play the bipartisan game against the Rats!
mkjessup's sentence is hard to parse, but I love his assumption that every Republican Senator sees the conspiracy::
I think every American who gives a damn about the Constitution and who gets appointed to replace Justice Scalia should be sending those spineless GOP Senators pillows by UPS with the message "they got Scalia, who will be next?"
1Old Pro invites the hated McConnell to martyr himself for Freepers:
McConell can take all the arrows, don’t even bring it to the committee.


  1. So, if "maintaining the ideological makeup" of SCOTUS is the important thing, I assume that if they win the white house, they will either leave the seat open or put a liberal judge in to replace Justice Ginsburg, if her spot comes open later?

    1. They mean "maintain the ideological balance" as it was in the days of muskets, buggy whips and hats with belt buckles on them.

  2. ay-nony-nony predicts ! ...

    Mitch McConnell will fold and at least hold hearings, at least further into the primary season when it becomes more apparent the republicans are in total dysfunction heading into the convention.

    Obama will at least give him some cover by nominating a somewhat moderate judge that has at least a few conservative rulings on his/her side.

  3. The only issue of concern is the nominee’s support of the individual right to bear arms.

    This is why Freepers are increasingly marginal and irrelevant, why they keep losing power and influence and elections and feeling frustrated. Most of them have only three concerns: God, guns, and gays. They figure if they can have these three things, everything else will take care of itself. They're not interested much in any other issues. This is what they refer to as "reality." The trouble is, that's no way to run a country, especially a superpower as large as ours is. And their three Gs are largely a matter of personal preference, and nothing more.

    I think they are hoping for a world in which Trump makes their reality everyone's reality. Even if it has to be at gunpoint.

    1. The "3G" theory omits two other crucial issues. Freepers would be lost without fear and loathing of "Ferals" and "ILLEGALS". Then again, they probably think that liberal application of the second G deals with that.

    2. Exactly. They can just shoot whatever they can't pray away.