Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

HiTech RedNeck: "Maybe some day, Bernie could be brought to “Bern” for the Lord,"
Hillary is wicked and vindictive about it. Bernie isn’t. Bernie might even be more open to sincere argument than Hillary would be. That there is ample room in this society for meaningful charity it has spurned, but that it needs to take place in a private realm energized by genuine gospel belief. Caesar can bully-pulpit on its behalf, but he shouldn’t be the actual medium for it.

Maybe some day, Bernie could be brought to “Bern” for the Lord, and not in hell either.
Like many Freepers, Muslims in Europe are making Forward the Light Brigade's Nazi boner pretty evident:
More and more the truth about the Islamic filth is coming out. As things get worse the right will grow to a point when even the most crafted media will be powerless to stop the wave of support for an all German nation. It will devolve into your with us—or them. At that point a single event will light the skys with burning mosques and set gangs and even armies into the blood dreanched streets. It will be a bad time to be a Muslim then.
sport's boner seems more literal, and it's about death:
Unless she departs this World, which would be my wet dream, she will.
In the Trump-Cruz wars, Rennes Templar doesn't quite get demshateGod's martyr complex:
Honestly, you Trumpbots act is if we put any weight on what JimRob says anymore.

Careful there.
JediJones worries that Trump's latest wife is a secret Commie:
Melania is a foreigner from Slovenia in Yugoslavia, a former communist allied country. Why do you want to put a potential spy for Putin in the White House?
The negative campaigning is taking a toll on Java4Jay:
I’m getting disappointed with Cruz...

There is no alternative
Norm Lenhart argues that a government boondogle would be awesome were it not for the government:
Unsurprisingly, every issue that the F35 has can be traced to government’s meddling and unions. It’s a good plane. Or could be. But they messed it up like the F4.
Haiku Guy has an extended 80's pop-culture metaphor about Rubio:
Back in the 1980s, there was a Video Game called Dragon Quest. It was kind of cool because you played the game on the normal big pixel eight color screen, but depending on what happened in the game, you would get ten second video clips that flash up, usually of your grusome death.

The first time you saw this game, you loved it, because it got beyond the limitations of the flat screen game, and held the promise of a virtual reality live-action game. But after you saw it a couple of times, you grew to dislike it, because it only had about twenty video clips, and while the video clips were cool, they were all clips of things you really didn’t like, namely, your own death.

I feel the same way about Marco Rubio. When you first see him, you are kind of excited, because he gives these vaguely appropriate sounding answers all wrapped in smooth caramel goodness. But after a pretty short amount of time, you realize that there are only about twenty different clips, and you have seen them all before. Then you start to look at the individual clips, and you realize that you don’t really like them so much after all.
Slyfox explains how super duper important Free Republic is:
Because it makes a difference. Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage et al use Free Republic for the pre show prep. They value our opinions.

Which means we have a responsibility to be civil.

Personally, I like to advance the conversation. But it is difficult to maintain a civil conversation when people think it is their duty to converse by kicking others in their chins.

Like I said, we should be aware that people read this forum, not just Americans. I know that we have a lot of lurkers from India who do not post but read FR in order to understand American culture. And, when we are spending most of our time arguing it makes us look bad.

I think of FR as a large river, when I post something and throw it in, I have no idea who will read my post. I throw it out their hoping that somebody may chuckle or get informed in some way.

Posting on FR is an important responsibility.
WorkingClassFilth finishes his Cruz triumphalism with a pretty metal Hillary image:
the Canadian invader . . . the oily pol . . . the liar . . . the insider’s insider . . .

All tried and all failed.

Cruz will be the next ‘R’ candidate - unless Yeb is inconcievably anointed by the party.

In that case, the beast will ascend the throne and you will die or pay for your life with your sweat.

Enjoy your evening!
SunkenCiv remembers Obama taking office in 2007:

The Obama Recession

to go with

The Obama Tax Hikes

Also, Obama tax hikes?

SauronOfMordor explains why criminals love Islam:
The penalties for stealing only apply when you STEAL FROM A FELLOW MUSLIM.

Stealing from infidels is covered under jihad. The lives and wealth of infidels are free for the taking.

THAT is why Islam is so attractive to criminals.
Mr. Mojo laments that wanting to deport nonwhite immigrants is extreme.
So now if you want to see a foreign invasion of your country repelled, you're "far right." I guess the "moderate right" wants to ask them nicely to behave or leave. And the "center" wants them do stay and attempt to assimilate. And anything left of that wants them to rape and pillage everyone and everything and turn Europe into Caliphate West.
BobL will allow Trump to make any liberal promise he wants, because he knows Trump is lying about it:
EXCELLENT political move. No upside in coming out against women in combat. He can always ‘reconsider’ once in office, after the generals explain the situation.
Gritty knows the truth of Hillary's e-mails, and thus knows that there will be no 2016 election:
It is not just that Hillary knows where "all the bodies are buried". It's that the burial site is a mass grave, and huge chunks of this Administration (including Obama) are buried in it.

I strongly suspect Obama sees his only way out of this is to precipitate a major international or domestic crisis, declare martial law, and never leave power.

There is a massive Constitutional crisis here, as McCarthy indicates. It is not going away by peaceful means unless Obama resigns and takes Hillary and the rest of the criminals with him with many if not most of them going to jail. That is very unlikely. Congress is too frightened and compromised to impeach. There is an impasse here.

One way or another, we are looking at a coup in 2016, not an election.
heartwood is pretty smug that she got her six-year-old to agree with her:
A baby sitter told my daughter when she was about six or seven that mean people wanted to force women to be pregnant.

I told her that no one wants to force women to be pregnant, but there is always a baby living in the mother when she is pregnant, and the only way for her to stop being pregnant before the proper time is to kill the baby.

It was earlier than I wanted to have that discussion with her, but it worked out fine. All my children are pro-life. You tell them young, and you tell them that there are two human beings involved, and their sympathies are with the baby. A mommy is supposed to take care of her baby.

You’ve got to be warped, or stingy with the truth, I think, to make a pro-abortion child.
TraditionalMerica seems to be having trouble getting laid:
today, lib chicks play hard to get in the name of “feminism.” And their standards are excessively high because feminism taught them that its OK for them to be judgmental about looks as men are.
V_TWIN is still convinced Obama gave us all Ebola:
Hmm, best of my knowledge neither zika or ebola ever crossed into the US ‘till Obama was POTUS. It appears he is about as nonchalant about one as he is the other. If I didn’t know better I’d say he wants Americans to feel the worlds pain through diseases we have never experienced before ....but that can’t be.....can it?
JudyinCanada is paranoid on behalf of her American friends:
Climate change is being used to completely destroy America. I hope you guys make it to the election - it’s going to be a scary year.
FourtySeven has been posting on every thread how the death of Scalia means Freeper infighting has to stop. It's kind of adorable.
We must not let this be about Cruz or Trump. We don’t have that luxury anymore. I say this as a Cruz supporter. We must focus, unite as a movement (conservatism) to STOP the SC nomination of Obama. It doesn’t matter who he nominates, whomever it is, we know already it will be someone unacceptable. No vetting required.

We must stop the infighting; we must focus now on calling our Senators, tearing up the phone lines and filling up inboxes. I realize they are on recess, but it must be done. They are only on recess for a week (next week). We must focus on the Senate, harassing them with as much fervor as we can muster, as much tenacity as we have expressed towards our “enemy” candidate (whomever that might be, be it Cruz or Trump). We must focus that energy on stopping Obama.

The death of Scalia is indeed a game changer. It’s time to unite now, even though the primaries aren’t over. It’s time to stop focusing on “our” candidate, and start focusing on stopping Obama’s wretched plan. We thought we could ignore him now, but Scalia’s death changes this. He still can do tremendous damage. He must be stopped. We can’t do it if we are too busy fighting for “our” candidate.
dadgum argues for obstructionism, noting that caring what voters think is for whores:
There is NO specific number of Supreme Court Justices required by law in this case, either - it can function quite well with only 8.

And the GOP and their proselytes can drop dead.
We Conservatives are not whores selling our soul for popularity or votes.

In my opinion the Republican party died decades ago.


  1. Comparing Rubio (or any politician) to Dragon's Lair has to be one of the most amazing insights ever put forth by FR. An FMV game about failure after hilarious, fatal failure - from the simplest missteps or hesitations - is quite evocative of the overall electoral process. It also reminds me of those various pieces of art which depict GOP presidential hopefuls as dragon-slayers. I could roll that post around my mouth for hours.

    1. Plus the titular character is pretty goofy, IIRC.

  2. I can't even....

    Freepers can be kooks

    Posted by wardaddy

    1. Freepers+Scalia could single handedly restart the American aluminium smelting business.

  3. It is kind of disgusting that no one is taking the time to mourn the man.

    Rush had a nice segment. Don't think Beck mentioned it. And Freepers are just nuts.

  4. It just cracks me up when Freepers talk about how important Free Republic is.

  5. After all these years, Freepers come out against the war they loved so well.

    Why Donald Trump's vicious attack on George W. Bush was so brutally effective — and brilliant

  6. "Stealing from infidels is covered under jihad."

    Color me surprised, but that's just not correct.

  7. Rewind back to the days of the Freeperville harpies posting daily threads of Dumbya was a real love in. Now, Dumbya was a liberal, lying , warmonger, all because Teh Donuld sez so.

    1. Yeah, I love that, at least, Teh Donuld is destroying every republican sacred cow that he can.