Thursday, February 4, 2016

Asian outreach

Asians mostly vote Democrat, though it's really rather facile to lump them all together. Freepers, though, love to lump people who look alike together, and thus armed go to solve the problem of how to win over Asians.

As one might predict, Freepers hilariously spend the thread protesting Asians are misinformed about Republican inclusiveness, followed by racial slurs.

entropy12 is like the only Asian Freeper, and he doesn't vote Democratic!
If you read the article, it claims Asians feel discriminated by white republicans. This is hogwash. I am south Asian ancestry, and I would not want to live in any other country. And I have voted republican since becoming US citizen since 1972.
Guys, guys! achilles2000 knows this demographic very well.
The answer is that the younger generations are thoroughly indoctrinated in government schools and, because a huge percentage go to college, they absorb more leftist group think than the population at large. Moreover, because of Asian culture they tend to be imitative and conformists, so they conform to the norms the government schools/universities pour into their heads. I know this demographic very, very well.
King Moonracer doesn't put too fine a point on it:
It’s a dental floss/blindfold issue.
miss marmelstein makes the connection between racial stereotypes and partisan stereotypes:
It also explains why they are bad drivers - they have very little ability to take personal responsibility.
entropy12 thinks the problem may be that the GOP doesn't look diverse. Nominating Trump will fix that, somehow...
The democrats fooled them into thinking it is the more inclusive party. I guess superficially it seems that way since every republican nominee has been white male. Whereas the democrats nominated a half black for president. If Trump becomes president, you will see that trend reverse, because Trump is well known all over the world.
Alberta's Child shows up to bring that GOP inclusion:
Asians come from countries where paternalistic, nanny-state government is ingrained in the culture. It’s really that simple.
Alberta's Child again, with racial snobbery this time:
Michael Dukakis looked more natural in a tank than an immigrant from Japan or Korea would look in a Ford pickup truck.
Finally, Alberta's Child brings the pièce de pésistance
of pop-sociological BS:
I like to use this photo from the Tokyo subway to illustrate the best and worst attributes of Asians:

One side of me marvels at a society that is so disciplined and homogenous that people will maintain themselves in an orderly fashion like this. The ones on the left side are waiting at the bottom of a stairwell until the platform is clear and the doors of the subway train close. They are constrained by nothing but a white line painted on the floor of the platform. They just stand there quietly, waiting for the next train, because their entire social order would break down if even one person decided to step across that line. People who live in urban sh!t-holes here in America can learn a lesson from people like this.

The right side of the photo is a different story. I couldn't imagine living in a culture where it is completely normal and acceptable for the government to pay two people to manhandle you and cram you into a crowded train like that. Get your 'effing hands off me, dude.

The typical person you see in this photo would be a liberal Democrat, not a conservative American.
twister881 calls them 'Orientals' and thinks they're mostly on welfare:
Orientals make tons of cash, and then jump in their BMWs to drive their parents, grandparents, aunts, & uncles to the “free” public health clinic.
entropy12 again, trying to understand how one can be pro-choice and not get an abortion themselves...
My 2 daughters, born and raised in US and recent graduates from Univ of Washington (rated 27th best in world) have opined that many of their friends prefer pro-choice democrats over strict pro-life agenda of most republicans. Yet, no one has had an abortion! It is difficult to understand.
M-cubed is eager to share his own stereotype:
as an accountant friend of mine said..They know more about saving on taxes then most he explained it... its part of their “culture”
4rcane blames the media for making the GOP look racist:
One of the major reason why Asian vote Democrat is the successful propaganda by democrats/media that GOP is the racist party
Speaking of racist, central_va!
Asians are very racist by nature and they project their racism onto white people who thy think are all Republicans.


  1. Even the premise is hilarious. I have friends in Novosibersk, Islamabad, Shenzhen and Manila. Four completely different religions, languages, cultures and phenotypes. They're ALL Asians.

    Even allowing for the ridiculous bundling, "Asians" vote Democrat for the same reasons that everyone else on Earth votes either Democrat or further left. Wingnut politics are somewhere between lunatic fringe and illegal everywhere except WASPistan.

    1. If FreeRepublic allowed for video posts, half of their responses would be clips of them stretching the outside corner of their eyes back and going "Ching Chong Ching Chong"

    2. Just like their hero Rush Limbaugh did on his show.

  2. Top 3 things Freepers would do if they were President.

    1. Flawed premise. It takes motivation and hard work to run for, and win, the Presidency. Freepers can't even get off their jazzy chairs to go to a rally.

  3. Is there any race besides white that they DO like??

    1. and even then you have to be the right kind of white

  4. The premise "Asians in Asia are very racist" is not in question, is it?