Thursday, February 11, 2016

There's no crying in war

Sometimes diplomacy is shitty. Once their assets were unfrozen, Iran released a picture of an American soldier crying. I'm not much of a nationalist, but that kind of petty humiliation makes even my hackles rise.

Freepers have a different reaction, however. A few hate Obama for this, but most of them seem to have real trouble with the idea of soldiers crying.

Mostly they decide this is a hoax. But a few Freepers get really bent out of shape at the soldier for crying. We see Freeper sexism all the time, but usually it takes the form of calling liberals girls or thinking women are inferior outside of domestic chores. Here, you see enforcing an unrealistic view of masculinity on men.

Mr Apple tries to play the bravo:
Iran has released new photographs in which at least one of the recently captured U.S. sailors is crying,

He wasn't crying. If nothing else, he had just thrown up and eating some of that iranian crap they had on those plates.
jsanders2001 preemptively calls hoax:
Lemme guess. The sailors all look suspiciously middle eastern and their is a reflection of a film crew in the glass in one of the shots, right?
gaijin relies on a sexist stereotype and fails:
Gosh i WONDER if it was the female...
gaijin tries to recover by doubling down on sexism:
Deep apoligies!!!

I was wrong, wow.

Female at heart, i guess, wow.
jsanders2001 goes full Internet sleuth on the picture:
Look at the photo. The person looks like they could have middle eastern to me but with what looks like blue”ish”eyes. Anyone could photoshop brown eyes and make them blue easily and we know how the Iranians as well as ISIS have show they have decent computer skills that they use to manipulate and deceive their enemies like the recent fake tank “prototype” they had as well as the fake missile launcher trucks they posted online awhile back.
Bringbackthedraft also goes the overanalysis rout, though for a different thesis:
Does everyone’s eyes get bloodshot like that when they cry? Those eyes were irritated.
No red eyes? Has this chucklehead ever cried?

ichabod1 doesn't bother with the proving, and just assumes what he wants:
Had to be chemically induced. I mean, crying is not the emotional response their situation produces. Whatever. It’s just propaganda. It’s also against international law to display prisoners to the media.
Speaking of making crap up, Responsibility2nd writes a whole suspense novel:
This smells just like the Benghazi FUBAR.

These sailors were sent out on a suicide mission much like the Marines who were ordered to stand down at Benghazi.

They were probably inches away from being beheaded and killed. I’d cry too if I realized how close I came to dying in vain.
austinaero just invokes a vague conspiracy and moves on:
One (of many) Twitter rumors was that our Navy boats were actually making a delivery to Iran. Whether they knew it or not is another question. The pictures all look weird to me, all of them.
Georgia Girl 2 does not like our soldiers crying:
I don’t think that’s one of ours. If it is he needs to be drummed out for being well, a puss.
When called on it by a vet, Georgia Girl 2 gets nasty:
“Would call me a "puss" because I cried when one of my troops left our unit, on terminal leave to go home and die from a brain tumor? I suspect you would, that's just how you roll isn't it?”

Crikes are you sobbing right now at your keyboard? Try to stay on the theme of the discussion and leave the PMS behind for a minute.


  1. Odd. you would think that Freepers, of all people, would understand the concept of impotent tears.

  2. Most Freepers took the Donald Trump approach to the war in Vietnam, that is to say they ran the other way. He had four student deferments and then a note from the Doctor for another deferment. Brave warriors all, Free Republic and their glorious leader, Draft Dodger Donald. So brave.

  3. Don't cry, give to Free Republic. The one thing you absolutely must do is make sure that Free Republic survives. You have nothing and no one. And you know it. There is nothing out there for you but the open gaping gob of the open grave, it's waiting for you. Family, gone. Friends, gone. There is nothing. Nothing, really, but Free Republic! Write a check today! Write a check bigger than any check you have ever written before and send it to Jim! You can do it!

  4. line o' the day:

    Jim 0216: "The National Parks that Teddy Roosevelt started could be called "feel-good tyranny.""

  5. "Now bust the scumbags allowing islam to infect prisoners that will be released from prisons. Bigger bank, less bucks."

    Seems to me it's kind of early in the day to be that drunk. soycd, take a nap or something. You have been hitting it a little too hard today.

  6. "No red eyes? Has this chucklehead ever cried?"

    Never seen an adult cry. They don't look in the mirror when they do it themselves, and turn away in disgust when others do. Women being dramatic and 'men' being girls.

    In all sincerity, though, this is true sexism demonstrated by FPers, all growing out of how being female, or like a female, is being less than a 'man'.

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