Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Beyonce's feral halftime show

Freepers were already priming themselves to hate on the Super Bowl's halftime show with calls to boycott Beyonce for Black Lives Matter. Of course none of them did. And then they were left with nothing but old man complaints about Beyonce's hip motions being uncouth.

Oh, and racism. Lots of racism. And sexism.

And then when Jessica Williams of the Daily Show called it out, they added even more old man ignorance, and it went from crazy spectacle to hilarious spectacle.

rktman misses The Daily Show's really obvious joke:
LOL! Be-on-say senior co-rrespondant? Srsly? Man, being irrelevant must really suck. Assclown.
taxcontrol is so brave:
Ok, I will say it. Beyonce “danced” like a booty shaking whore.
AEMILIUS PAULUS is rolling subtler than usual:
Popular culture in America is trash. All one can do is avoid it like the plague that it is. Those outside of our society and the bottom elements of our society have been brought up and presented as “cool.”
Made In The USA knows what Beyonce, the married mother of her children is!
her mommy and daddy must be proud of their little girl. She’s now the defacto leader of SLM (Slut Lives Matter) a title she earned, she literally bumped and grinded her way to the top.
Bridging the gap from sexism to racism, chajin knows all culture is war:
I feel like I’ve been repeating this more often than Marco Rubio at a debate, but it’s true every time: the issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution.
Deep thinker Cowboy Bob blames the popularity of the hippity hop music on welfare!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder how wealthy these "stars" would be if the government stopped sending their fans welfare payments?

These "rap" and "hip-hop" moguls are indirectly supported by US taxpayer dollars.
Born yesterday, Boogieman wonders when the last time blacks organized any sort of protest or boycott on their own:
I have heard blacks rally for a lot of different things, but I have never once, in my whole life, heard a group of blacks campaign to go and strike out on their own without being propped up by the rest of us.
kearnyirish2 wins the most racist prize:
She looks like something out of National Geographic; nobody has any expectations of our unassimilated minorities.
Somehow Cowgirl of Justice attacks Jessica Williams for being a slut:
Jessica needs to shut up.

Maybe SHE is comfortable living in the skank, whore gutter but, we are not.

Sorry for her that civilized behavior is beyond her capabilities.
odawg thinks Beyonce is getting fat:
The few times I have seen Beyonce perform, she has the habit of flaunting her private area. It is her focus. Sunday, she had a golden thread running vertically down to gather attention to that area. She needs help now, because she is getting a little chunky, even though she was girdled down.
PLD does not seem to understand female anatomy:
The whole group of women looked like a bunch of cats in heat.To bad fat butt didn’t lose her balance and fall on her a—..

How many saw the place they put her up in after the show..10,000 dollars a night and the blacks are crying they are treated so bad..
It's amazing. Dr. Ursus also thinks Beyonce doesn't keep fit:
That’s a Popeye chicken a55!
Resettozero explains that asses are a black thing:
Quite a bedonkadonk and getting bedonkadonkier by the day.

Dey liiiike it dat way.

My trolldar is going off, but 2harddrive finds black leather and an "X" formation to be very sinister:
The SuperBowl Half-time show was a tribute to Black Power, however, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panthers, who succeeded about as well as the Carolina Panthers. Beyonce’s fake cartridge belt may have contained a few actual cartridges, minus their primers.

The large X that the 50 black women in paramilitary uniforms and black berets formed, of course, honored Malcolm X, the racist white-hater.

Was the conventional US media silent on this? Then go read the British press!
altura just posts this. Dunno.
A world where Beyonce is trash and Trump is god.
driftless2 hates all this empty nationalism, and yearns for boring crap:
Almost every Super Bowl halftime show in recent memory has been a very bad advertisement for the USA, and hard to watch.

Bring back marching bands.


  1. Anytime the Republican Party ever tries to do any type of reach out to black Americans or hispanic Americans, all anyone has to say is "Read FreeRepublic" to counter and squash the Republicans.

    1. “outreach? we ain’ got no outreach ... we don’ need no outreach! we don’ gotta show you no steenkin' outreach!”

  2. "Bring back marching bands"

    Ha! My college marching band *was* the first Super Bowl Halftime Show, U of AZ, but I have a feeling he wouldn't like us much these days. I marched from '99-'04 and we protested war playing Oingo Boingo and Crosby Stills Nash Young's 'Ohio' in two different years. But then, 200+ college kids from the only liberal city in AZ shouting "Four dead in Ohio'" would probably just be written off. But, the tradition continues today, if he'd like to book us for his next Super Bowl Party.

    1. I almost hate to agree with a freeper, but I have to agree that the Super Bowl half-time shows have become boobish and way overproduced.

    2. As a former marching band member in high school and college, I also agree with driftless2.

    3. As someone who detests marching bands nearly as much as "football" I third this idea.

      Both should be locked away in guarded compounds to ensure that the innocent are not accidentally exposed ;)

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  4. I wonder if cowboy Bob knows how much social security money flows into Jim's coffers.