Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Return of Kings

I heard about this group on Facebook, and had to see what Freep was saying.

A microbiologist turned pickup artist turned professional troll is advocating for a 'return' to women being only homemakers and sex objects.
This silliness would probably have stayed pretty minor, except this guy wrote an article advocating for rape to be legalized on private property, to encourage women to defend their own virtue. Later he said this was satire, but considering how it fits into the entire rest of his thesis, no one is buying that.

Except Freepers. Perhaps starved for allies, or maybe tribal reflexive support of anything anti-feminist, but they seem rather okay with this.

Freepers do their usual dance around a loathsome guy with similar views to theirs - half of them say he's a liberal/Muslim, half of them agree with and defend him. Things are amusingly complicated by his Iranian ancestry.

thorvaldr is pretty sure this is a Muslim thing:
So these guys are basically moderate Muslims and people feel the need to complain about them.
IronJack blames feminism for the movement to legalize rape:
In history, as well as physics, for every action there is an opposite reaction. Years of radical feminism, reverse discrimination, homo fascism, and godlessness will inevitably spawn their antitheses. That’s how dialecticism works, and how cultures come apart.
IronJack follows up with an incredibly pinched reading of history where democracy cannot exist:
Look at the French Revolution for a study of how movements arise, move to their extremes, give rise to their reactions, which then move to THEIR extremes, and finally settle on some new course that, in many cases, is no better than the original.

Napoleon was hardly less of a tyrant than Louis XVI. Hitler was no better than the Kaiser. Stalin didn't improve much over the Tsar. And Castro is certainly no better than Batista.

The list goes on and on ...
Uncle Miltie - but for real, he's Muslim though!
Gotta be mudslime.
If You Want It Fixed - Fix It thinks the group is totally fine:
What is wrong here? A group wants to meet that isn’t doing anything wrong except maybe scaring metrosexual America and Europe.
akalinin is not a fan of women voting:
There's a Freeper among us who often says we should repeal the 19th amendment.

It (the 19th) should have at least a sunset provision on it.

I don't think the experiment has gone all that well. Some trace the rise of 'big government' giving women the right to vote.
sportutegrl ignores the guy who wants to take away her franchise, to assume this group's position on abortion:
Hillary should love these guys. I’m convinced they are pro abortion.
GrootheWanderer found this guy's website, and managed to come away thinking he's been unfairly maligned:
I’d never heard of this guy before. But after seeing stories about this event I found his website.

It seems to be he has been libeled by media across the world. He basically wrote a piece satitizing the “rape culture” feminists and for that has been called pro-rape.
GrootheWanderer's reading of the site is that this troll is totally improving, and will soon be a Freeper!
I don’t think he made his point well, and as satire it didn’t work. But it was clear to me he wasn’t being serious. I’d never heard of him before all this happened, but I’ve been reading the sites he runs, and it’s pretty interesting. He seems to be a pretty creepy person clearly struggling to be a better person and becoming more conservative in the process and trying to lead others in the same direction.
Blue Collar Christian has an odd comparison:
Per this article, these guys are as gross as queers.
Scirparius has a simplistic opposite day reading:
I am still flabbergasted by the number of FReepers who will read the text of a mainstream media article and actually believe what it says. How many times do we have to be fooled by the obfuscations, deceptions and outright lies of the media before stop believing what they report?

If the media says it is bad, it's probably good, and vice versa. Look at the way they have characterized pro-life people, pro-gun people, pro-God people, etc.

I don't know if this group is "pro-rape" or not, but I'd bet -- just because the media says that they are -- that they probably are not.

And just because the media and the social justice warriors obviously want to shut them down, then they probably are saying some things worth hearing.
Chad N. Freud thinks this was a Hillary Clinton false flag:
Funny, my first thought was that it was a ginned-up (heh) story planted by the Hillary campaign.

Past: “Oh, our country is so racist! We must elect a black president to show that we aren’t too.”

Present: “Oh, the world is so misogynistic! We must elect a woman to show that we aren’t too!”

This awful woman-hating group that no one’s ever heard of — comes to the fore in the crucial days of a presidential campaign.
Journalism fail; false flag fail. D-minus.
SunkenCiv wades through all the Freepers supporting this guy, and decides he's just an evil Muslim.
Daryush Valizadeh -- an Arab? What a surprise. You probably won't see that in ANY of the so called news coverage about this scumbag.
Blue Collar Christian also blames Islam. And women. At the same time, somehow:
Using the SPLC in the article to support the distaste of Valizadeh is not a good sign. THEY THEMSELVES are a miserable hate group hanging that label on a truly righteous conservative Christian group because of their condemnation of the queer agenda.

MY take: The guy’s a “scoring guru” creep, and his advocating legalizing rape comes from his roots as in islam, if not stated over the top. Kind of like in defense of boxer Mike Tyson; why was that girl in his bed?


  1. this coy fanboi caught my eye last week ...

    SauronOfMordor: "They’re not Muslims. They’re politically incorrect guys who enjoy driving feminists and leftists into hysterics, and so you have activists lying about them to try to disrupt.

    I’m speaking as somebody who actually visits “Return of Kings” website from time to time."

  2. These assholes were going to hold a rally here in Canada, they tucked tail and cancelled when threatened with counter protesters showing up.

  3. I happened to be watching Cabaret on TV, while reading this thread, and realized history is going to repeat itself.


    There are consequences to rejecting Christ.

    Why the hell do you think the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and dispersed all the Jews in 150 AD?

    Are you so ignorant of Scripture that you think God will not continue to punish his first born children for rejecting Him?

    He did it with Syria, Babylon, Rome, and YES even with Hitler.

    Ted Cruz fans.

    1. "You still think we can control them?"

  4. These assholes were going to hold a rally here in Canada, they tucked tail and cancelled when threatened with counter protesters showing up.