Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday potpourri Pt. II

Bulwyf seems consterned that Freeperness has overcome his piety:
I feel tremendous rage burning in my chest.

I’m a Christian, am I supposed to feel that?
dowcaet is sure that Iowa was Hillary's Waterloo:
After Bernie’s big win on Tuesday the powers that be will go to Uncle Joe and tell him to get in the race.
In hating Cruz, grania has forgotten about Sarah Palin, or Obama, or really every single candidate with small kids:
Most candidates with young children aren't keeping them on the campaign trail with them. Why isn't Heidi home with the kids, if they don't have a better solution to keep their lives as normal as possible?
Unironic stereotype mach man Jack Hammer wants you to know war is Hell, and Hell is no place for a lady:
It all sounds very macho and all ‘liberated’ to tell your girlfriends and family members that you’re ‘in combat.’

Then you see your comrades-in-arms, your buddies, in smoking, bleeding chunks on the ground screaming out their last breath, and suddenly it’s not all fun and games.

Something to think about for all those women who believe they’d like to be in combat.
Not even sure what Oldexpat is saying here:
Rubio=Obama. This is why I can never vote for Cruse. Cruse is a curse.
laplata can't believe that so many Americans don't think Obama's a Muslim:
POS Obama is a master of Taqiyya. He’s phony through and true.

The most disturbing thing is that so many do not have the ability to discern and they see absolutely nothing amiss or wrong with this obviously vile creature.
Toliph unironically uses cuck.
Williamson is a among the best political writers out there, of any political stripe. His prose is just brilliant.

He’s also a cuck who fails to understand that the involuntarily demographic transformation of America is an existential threat, not only to every single principle espoused by the National Review, “movement” conservatism, and indeed America herself.
DoughtyOne thinks Trump is it:
After seven debates, Curz hasn’t laid a finger on Trump.

I don’t think that’s going to happen either.

Ted is going to lose primary after primary now.

Trump is it. It’s not going to change.

Hope springs eternal, but in this case I don’t see it happening for Curz.

We’ll see.
Jewbacca laments how he's oppressed constantly by his fellow Jews:
I’m Orthodox Jewish. I get sneered at and insulted getting on the subway (and that’s just the Reform Jews). It rolls off my back. I’m used to insulting tones.
rovenstinez is having a clash of incorrect definitions:
NOPE, You CAN'T be AMERICAN, and MUSLIM, Theologically totally impossible...unless you remove logic, reason and common sense. You can SAY you are American and Muslim, but to be American means FREEDOM... Freedom NOT to be, freedom to say mean and nasty things about religious prophets of any faith... Do we REALLY want to go there and say that. OBVIOUSLY the answer is NO...
nopardons's speculation has uncovered another plot!
Two states have legalized POT; the problem is not only worse, but gangs are buying "legal pot" and shipping it all over the country and selling it at higher prices.

Legalizing ALL illicit substances will only make the problems FAR worse!
meatloaf - 'scent of a Muslim.'
We need dogs trained to bare their teeth at the scent of a Muslim.
envisio loves the country because of no Muslims and all the nude gunplay:
this is 4x4, good ole boy, dairy farm, BYGOD-Merica country and there are no filthy muslims around here.

I would not move to a city or anywhere that is infested with these vermin. I would never move anywhere where I could not walk out on my back porch and shoot as many rounds as I want while buck naked.
Horses look at me kinda funny but I would not trade it for anything.
Slambat thinks everyone is socialist, and lying about it:
Hard to believe that they are trying to show who is the
biggest socialist to win nomination to run for president
of the United States.
It’s even harder to believe that the biggest socialist will
win the nomination. But the most unbelievable thing of all
is that “socialists” are even being considered at all.
We fought world wars and many Americans died to prevent
what is openly happening today.


On the other side it’s right the opposite. They try to
hide who’s the biggest socialist. They lie about being
conservative and constitutional bound and then attack and
attempt to destroy the people in their own party that actually

What this is is a Coup d’etat. The difference is we’re armed.
They have bureaucracy, education and media. Everything is
a lie.
butterdezillion with an extended Lord of the Rings metaphor:
I see so many people here who have stood together on so many things, and I see them at each other’s throats not really listening to each other, and it hurts. I feel like Gandalf watching as the Council of Elrond descends into accusatory chaos while Sauron whispers his crescendo of intoxicating demonic agitation.

WE have a horrible enemy, and I can’t wait until we figure out who is Aragorn, who is Legolas, who is Borimir, who is Frodo, and who is Sam - Sam the most humble and in the lowliest position but the one who ultimately defeated Sauron because of his LOVE for Frodo.
kiryandil is not a fan of Cruz:
“Mommy, why does Senator Cruz need to lie and cheat and commit felonies to win elections?”

“Some people are just power-hungry, dear.”
FlingWingFlyer hates how we keep to our values when it's hard to:
“Values” is how you lose wars and therefore make them more plentiful. Tossing aside your “values” and going in kicking some ass is the ONLY way to discourage people from getting “froggy”. JMO
altura is pretty sure the moderators had it in for Cruz:
Wallace was horrible to Ted Cruz on the last debate.

I think he was bearing resentment because Ted totally shut him down on the Sunday Morning Talk show a few days before.

Wallace tried to gotcha Ted on that show and Ted totally demolished him.

Wallace had that “you’re in my crosshairs now” look when he questioned Ted. Fortunately, it did not faze Ted.
It's so very Freep when people like aMorePerfectUnion tell a story that clearly didn't happen and also makes them look like irredeemable assholes:
Foreign girl: “ excuse me sir. May I ask you a question?”

Me: “you just did.”

Foreign girl, perplexed: “sir, may I as you another question?”

Me: “no, Just one question per day.”

Foreign girl: gasps and looks defeated as I don’t break my stride... Smiling.
Celtic Conservative advises random belligerence to dusky looking folks:
People from the ME are often very aggressive, no manners, don’t take no for an answer, and get quite rude and obviously annoyed when you’re clear that you’re not interested in the garbage they’re trying to sell you. Plus they often smell.

Perhaps a pre- emptive strike is in order. Something along the lines of “Take one step closer, Haji and I’ll knock you and your lousy snake oil into next tuesday!”. Just a thought.
When blacks are involved, Just mythoughts holds a grudge abuot minor inconveniences for months:
Last summer I was asked to pick up some necessities for my daughter across state line in Kansas. First place I found was a Walmart. I got myself in line behind an African Muslim woman with a shopping cart full of baby formula. She was paying with paper vouchers, not the typical government welfare card. Her stack of vouchers was mind bending. Took me 15 minutes of waiting for all that formula to get rung up.
Guess who CodeToad has decided is gay!
Rubio's top achievement? Keeping his flamboyant homosexual past a secret?
dp0622 blames the media for no one else buying his drama about gay marriage:
It’s strange being 47 and kind of right on the tail end of those who still believe this is the SILLIEST and most destructive social event to occur in America in a long time.

I dont know a soul under 30 who agrees with me.

it usually goes “if the republicans would stop worrying about gays and abortion hey could win”

hell, let’s pay for college too. and disarm. and give 3000 dollars a month to every family, regardless of work status.

then we’d REALLY win.

we lost the culture war guys because 50 years ago, conservatives forgot to buy a TV STATION!!!

This can be reversed though.

Dont say I was here, because I promised someone I would stay off until 8pm and actually get some chores done :)
nikos1121 lets his Trump fantasies run wild:
A vote for Trump is a vote for deal-making, malleable betrayal with the Democrats.

You give Trump a majority in both houses, and I guarantee you there will be no deal making.

No 2. This will be the first time a president submits a budget that will be balanced and lean.

No 3 I look for him to close down these goofy depts. and

Last tax reduction.

Did you see where Obama wants to tax $10 on oil?
Uversabound hates the Democratic debate for not being evidently evil:
Vomit vomit.....

The whole presentation is unlike the Republican debate.

They are just too freaking happy considering the candidates ideology will end America.
Amateur sociologist Robert A. Cook, PE wonders why black countries suck so much:
In Africa? South of Egypt, there is only ONE “tower” in ONE place across the entire continent. And NOTHING has EVER “come out of Africa” to advance ANY other culture. No invention, no writing, no mathematics, no weapons, no chemistry or physics or astronomy. No agriculture nor business.

it is odd.
STOP THE PRESSES CptnObvious has discovered that Rachel Maddow is a liberal partisan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gee, would Rachel Maddow hug Ted Cruz or Carly Fiorina like that??

No way.



  1. "Horses look at me kinda funny"

    buck naker freeper + skittish farm animals => tall glass of brain bleach

    1. I am going to bet that envisio lives in a single-wide on the back acre of some old guy's broken down farm in the middle of Nowhere, Nebraska with nary a horse in sight.

      There is a lot of naked shooting though, immediately following the naked whiskey guzzling.

  2. Not Freep, but I thought I'd share a bit of Trump humor from one of my favorite web comics:

    The Matrix Trumpolutions


    2. Yosemite Sam will never be the same.

  3. we lost the culture war guys because 50 years ago, conservatives forgot to buy a TV STATION!!!

    Yeah, it's a shame how few TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers conservatives control.

    NOPE, You CAN'T be AMERICAN, and MUSLIM, Theologically totally impossible...unless you remove logic, reason and common sense.

    Since we're truly a judeo-christian nation, I wonder why we don't enforce the torah via the constitution once and for all, and make islam illegal? There's gotta be a reason -- I would love to hear it.

    ... can’t wait until we figure out who is Aragorn, who is Legolas, who is Borimir, who is Frodo, and who is Sam -

    Oh, butterz...I know you have a messiah / cassandra complex, but trust me. It's not you.