Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Spotlight: coon2000

He joined in 2004. Some sort of manager-type with hiring power but enough time to go on Freep a couple of times a week. He spends most of his time assuring Freepers that there are no moderate Muslims, as if this is controversial.

Though he revels in any report where a Muslim is killed, he stops short of calling for all Muslims to be killed, instead going for a more complicated plan: first deport all the Muslims, then bomb the countries they're deported to to kill them. But when it comes to individual liberals? Death penalty for harassing conservatives! And yet he somehow doesn't think Obama's an evil Muslim, only a dim negro.

Anyone who thinks there is such a thing as a moderate mooslim is in extreme denial. Expel every last mooslim now! Give every mosque in America to anyone for free as long as it is converted into a bar b q restaurant.
cult of mo ham mad!
Israel is looking out for their best interests which mainly are survival in an extremely dangerous part of the world. This administration has made it abundantly clear that they will throw Israel under the bus in favor of the inbred pedophile cult of mo ham mad.
Nuance about Muslims is to be ridiculed:
Anyone who differentiates muslims into multiple groups needs to be openly and strongly denounced and ridiculed. There are no moderate muslims, period.

There are civilian muslims and fighting muslims (terrorists) but they are all the same. muslims are cancer, they all, every one of them, need to be rounded up and put in a mideast country and kept there. There is absolutely nothing gained from our bringing this sick filth into our country.
Shockingly, he profiles Muslims.
My racial profiling is in high gear. I consider any follower of islam as an existential threat. I plan on pushing my elected officials on why we allow this dangerous garbage into our country. These mideasterners and their mosques need to be physically removed from our country.
Someone maimed a cat? He knows who did it!
how sad. muslim behavior.
"Hey, could you shoot a Muslim for me? I'll help afterwards!"
Shoot a Muslim, make sure it is front of me so I can help you come up with an alibi.
Some Freeper calls him out on something (the comment got deleted, alas!)
You are sick.

I am well thank you. You are a Muslim sympathizer? Nice to know.
Well, at least he stops short of the Final Solution to the Muslim Problem:
There is no moderate islam. There are no peaceful muslims. Every muslim mosque should be leveled in this country, these scumbags should be hounded out of our country now!
Though he walks right up to that line...
Agreed, Saudi Arabia is not a friend. I would give them one more chance to get their s*** together. When they allow more crap to occur, completely annihilate their ability to pump one drop of oil out of the ground. Put craters in every one of their runways. Ban them from our country. Let them go back to living in tents and getting around by camel.

And I don’t give a damn about those widows and orphans. Those widows are cock roaches breeding the garbage that is killing innocents. Those orphans are future breeders and killers. I care about my family, not the sewage that is muslims.
Wait, I thought Sherman was a bad guy?
Time to go Sherman on the muslim garbage.
He's pro-ISIS when they only act against Muslims:
ISIL, said to fear uprising, executes 300 by firing squad in Mosul

Less muslims
Wait, now it's Final Solution time:
Muslims and the pedophile goat humping Muhammad following homo sexuals have nothing to do with the creation of the United States other than the creation of the Marines who killed the inbred retarded idiots.

Wipe them out, all of them. Muslims are a disease. They are a disease on all humanity.
How things changed from November 2015 to February 2016...

Some guy stalks and threatens the Palins? DEATH!
I just saw where this nutbag was arrested 50 miles from the Palin’s home last month. Too bad he wasn’t issued a permanent restraining order, written in lead of course.
Though he allows that Obama's not evil, just dumb.
He is just a lazy stupid idiot. He is in the position he is because he is clean and articulate (with a prepared speech) and is easily manipulated. The man has less than a 90 IQ.
Ready shut the fags down.
The fags are pressing hard. They have to be furious and in your face to make inroads. This should backfire on them. I for one am sick of the fag agenda. I am ready shut the fags down.

Go into a room with 100 people, one of those is a fag. Pretend it is a cockroach.
Oil rig disaster? Time for a MILITARY COUP!
If this cannot be proven 100% to be an accident, then I think the time has come for the military to defend the Constitution.
What a tough guy:
Remember, shoot, shovel, shut up.
Some Prof speaks out in favor of ISIS, so it's serial killer time!
He does and it could be easily done. The question is does he vanish like Hoffa who was probably turned into hot dogs or is it an in your face statement? Which is better? Probably just start off by hot dogging the first round of these idiots and then reevaluate.
legit empathy for the plight of immigrants:
You are correct. I hired my first H1-b in approximately 1996. We followed the rules. We only hired this person because they had an extremely unique software skill set and we could not find the person we needed at the prevailing rate which was probably $250/hour. It was costly and time consuming to do it the legal way.

Today, it is for people with very common skills at less than $25/hour. Theses companies like TATA and others bring in Indian workers, pay the $10/hour and room them at like 8 to 10 people in a low rent three bedroom apartment.

This is slavery pure and simple. The worker puts up with it because they want their green card. If you leave the plantation you are deported. The slave master will not transfer your H1-b as that removes their power. Stay and work for $10 or be deported, period. So you have an Indian slave and an unemployed American and a CEO with a sick bonus. When the worker eventually gets his H1-b, he is the meanest, nastiest person to deal with because for 5 years he has been raped and he is not happy about it.

The program is bad, very, very bad. It is causing our demise to accelerate exponentially as it is causing high paid professional jobs to be brought down to the level of minimum wage jobs.
Another Trump supporter, folks!
I am still going to vote for Trump. If the republicans and these fake conservatives had put this much effort into defeating that jack ass in the white house, Hussein Obama would have never been elected.


  1. Swap "Muslims" for "Jews" and this guy is straight out of the 1930's.

  2. If there aren't any moderate Muslims, then how are we still alive? Nearly 1/3rd of the population is Muslim. If they all wanted to kill us, we would have been dead a long time ago.


    Maybe it's because Freeping gun owners are protecting us from this vast conspiracy to take over America?

    1. ^^^ This. It is also the reason Obama hasn't seized perpetual power. The tanks and APCs are worthless in the face of Freeper handguns and deer rifles ...errr ...wait...

    2. Most Freepers lost their guns in tragic boating accidents, or so they say....

  3. I've got to say that tiny bit of compassion caught me off guard.

  4. Off topic ... but freepers are showing quite a bit of support fudge-packin' butt-pirate Tim Cook over Donald Trump over the iPhone 5C security issue ...