Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

I expect the caucus results to only deepen Freepers' internal strife. But in the meantime...

LeoWindhorse prescribes random killings of refugee-looking people:
time to shoot on sight

after the first few thousand they will stop coming
How the crap did CatDancer go from Eisenhower to Trump and think there was continuity there?!
I was stumping for Ike when I was 12 years old and gave a speech for him in Debate class in Jr. High (yes, they had Debate class back then, 1952) I got applause, which turned me into a life-long political activist. (Applause is nice, but I learned in 1964 that pain isn’t. Didn’t stop me.)

Reason I bring this up is that it dawned on me what else I see in Trump - not only some Reagan, but a lot of Eisenhower. We could not do better.
stevem uses his hilarious American liberal strawman to try to construct an English liberal strawman:
I don't know how it is in England. In the US leftists hate Jews like the devil hates holy water.

Leftists in the US hate the United States. Probably in England they hate the England that England became.

Leftists in the US hate blacks and all minorities and are pro slavery. I s'pect that persuasion also exists in England.

People who think leftists have anything to add to the discussion are retarded...period.
Balding_Eagle is now saying Trump is better than Reagan:
Reagan didn't own the New York Times.

Trump owns The New York Times without the loses, Twitter.

Reagan had to let the NYTs in to his rallies.

Trump bans them.
Conversely, nickcarraway accuses Trump of being loved by Hollywood:
How many left wing actors support Trump? A lot apparently. Not surprising, since he has helped bring “Hollywood morality” to the U.S.
trisham discusses Communist turbans:
Sikh does their turban differently than Islam.

They’re much like communists.
A flight had to divert. Robert A. Cook, PE is already smugly explaining how the police were useless:
If there were terrorists or terror-attacks on board, the people who survived and subdued the terrorists DID IT THEMSELVES. They did not “wait until the police came” ...
riri remembers when Glenn Beck was sane and created massive conspiracies on his chalkboard:
He used to be good. Then he lost his mind.

Yes! He was great during those chalkboard days.
Will I ever tire of Freepers like Mollypitcher1 arguing Trump is a secret devout Christian? I will not.
Frankly, I think Trump is far more of a true Christian than some wish to believe.

Look at his personal habits and his children. No drugs, no alcohol, no smoking. He lives what he preaches and his children are not drowning in scandal as so many other children of celebrities and celebrities themselves are.

His private beliefs are his alone. Presbyterians don’t go around shouting about salvation nor wearing their religion on their sleeve. Some religions do, but Presbyterians pretty closely adhere to living with kindness and dispensing goodness. Trump has been doing that for many many years.

Considering how Cruz uses his Christianity to win votes, I like Trump’s style better...but maybe it’s because I’m a Presbyterian too and so I understand his reticence about parading religion as a campaign factor. He helps people who need help. Who has Cruz helped but himself?
butterdezillion comes in cycles. Lately, she's waxing - this time her detailed confabulation is that Obama is going to EMP the US before the election:
When I look at this, I see what Obama is NOT saying. He is not saying that Trump and Cruz are both so far out of it that Hillary or Bernie will wipe the floor with them.
I suspect that Obama knows that the 2016 election is moot because Iran will do an EMP attack on us before any new President-elect could be inaugurated anyway. Obama’s regime has been working hard these past 7 years to weaken us and make sure that armed, funded, trained terror cells have been given an open door to enter the country and free rein once they’re here, and America’s sworn enemies have the bomb that they’ve been practicing to deliver at EMP altitudes. Everything is ready.
If you crave more of her latest Cassandra act, commenter aarrgghh did a great job surveying her fevered postings.

With a bit of conspiratorial dots-connecting, clamper1797 sees the Clinton connection to the Bundy guys:
It became a VERY serious situation when the connections to Klintoon and Russia and the uranium in the land came to light
miserare totally heard a story about how Obama was super duper high during Benghazi:
"Panetta is clueless as are the majority of the White House operatives in what is fully behind the Jarrett [DO NOT DISTURB] sign for Obama, but the context of what Panetta has encountered was a Birther Obama stoned out of his gourd and literally incapacitated.
The staff fully comprehends they are flying on their own on these DND nights.”

What a disgusting piece of crap the _resident is!
It's amazing how similar historical bigots all sound. I want the USA back could have been speaking in 1920. 1890. 1850...
The millions of savages among us are a time bomb. They are stupid, genetically deficient, and have no idea what civilization means.
impimp does not have a lot of sympathy for countries dealing with the Zika virus:
El Salvador is evil
When it's white Freeper-types, Luircin slips seamlessly into Black Lives Matter like protest rhetoric:
The 1980s are over. This is not the time or the place for dignity as you describe it. We can no longer afford that luxury.

This is closer to the Civil War. As Lincoln once said of a certain boozy, uncouth, nasty general: “I can’t spare this man; he fights.”

Are you going to lose with what you perceive as dignity or fight and win however you can?
danamco just refuses to make the obvious comparison between the patience for these whit guys and when blacks do much less:
You said yourself that he reached towards his waist on two occasions. Police in Cleveland shot a 12 year old boy for less justification than that and that was ruled a justified shooting. This would appear to be the same kind if situation, and probably result in the same type of ruling.

Cannot be compared!!!

WHY was a spying drone there in first place, hmmm ???
Aleya2Fairlie seems to think a month of letting the Oregon armed yahoos damage federal property isn't enough time:
Remember this the next time you see black criminals looting, burning, spitting in law enforcer’s faces and being given “room to destroy.” Where were all the people that “supported” these ranchers?


  1. How many left wing actors support Trump? A lot apparently.

    Name one.

    1. Those may all be celebrities, but none of them is left wing, and very few of them are actors. But I guess you did find one actor -- Charlie Sheen. Ringing endorsement by the left!

    2. But they're left wing by virtue of them being celebrities! /Freeper logic

    3. I'll bet Ted Nugent loves being included among left-wing actors! Ha ha!

  2. I count three actors there, none of them even close to left wing (though one is clearly certifiably insane). Most of the rest constitute exhumations of dead careers to the point they might as well include John Wayne and Charlton Heston.

    1. I guess its all a matter of perspective, but I would consider the support of Ted Nugent, Gary Busey, and Dennis Rodman to really be "anti-endorsements"

    2. Three careers of interest only to historians. One famous for being a violent lunatic, another for method acting psychopaths and the third just another extra from Trump's "pro" wrestling side line. Only surprise is no NASCAR luminaries.

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