Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

The negative campaigning is taking a toll on Din Maker's craziness:
Hate to say it, but Rubio or Kasich is GOP's best bet now to defeat Hillary. Trump is a "Pelosi / Planned Parenthood loving" Liberal. Cruz is a lying, sleazy, scumbag hypocrite. Carson is too nice of a guy to go against Hillary. Bush is a dyed-in-the-wool Establishment RINO. We are in a helluva mess. DAMN IT!
Is Daniel Ramsey trying to compliment Trump?
At times Trump reminds me of Mel Gibson.

And history will definitely remember President Donald Trump.
austinaero explains that the real crazy posts come from the anti-Trump Freepers:
What many here call “unhinged”, I call passionate. Unhinged seems to be a very popular term right now.

I say Trump is passionate about his run for President.

Examples of unhinged can be found in some, (that’s SOME for the unhinged) Trump-bashing posts here. Some of those contain language indicative of unhinged behavior. Those very same posts that criticize Trump for being unhinged.
ETL sees it in the eyes:
Trump is clearly out of his mind. You can see it in his eyes.
ghosthost's hate is good speech:
We live in a merchant society. You can't "hate," because you can be pissing off your fans/clients/customers.

I for one, have nothing to sell. I hate Islam, I hate illegal immigration, I hate our filthy political class, I hate George Soros and all the other "elites" who push policies like illegal immigration/communism against the will of the people. I hate the direction our country is going. All sorts of things to hate. Hate is good. For the record, I also hate lava, bats and the sound of two pieces of Styrofoam being rubbed together.
rrrod actually admits he prefers tribalism to principles:
So shipping jobs overseas is OK so long as the ones being cut are Democrats or union members?

dp0622 recommends Trump talk sense to the older blacks, not the feral Obama sons.
Trump needs to jar their mindset by shock reality.

“you have no jobs, no houses, no vacations, no cars, your kids grow up without a dad, thank the dems for 50 years of that.”

“meet me half way and you will achieve the American dream”

of course the young obama sons are too full of hate, and the women too.

but middle aged black women and some men, that could help
FlingWingFlyer thinks NASA was used as a Muslim rehab center:
Obama tried this by using NASA as a rehab center. The Muzzies didn’t buy it. They don’t want to be civilized. They prefer to kill, rape, pillage and maim.
Always A Marine explains that zombies represent people on welfare when welfare ends:
I find it amazing that so many ordinary people still don't realize who/what the fictional "zombies" actually represent. In a widespread absence of plentiful food and other "free shit," a significant segment of our population will wander in mindless packs, seeking whatever it may devour or simply destroy. New Orleans after Katrina was a real world foretaste of the total collapse portrayed in The Walking Dead.
Albion Wilde really gets of on a video of an angry woman running over a Muslim:
Here is a vid of a jihadist being run down by an ex girl-friend who was apparently pissed that she looked just like his ex-wife [LINK]:

Hilarious! Watched it four times. BAM! And she wasn’t even wearing her hijab!
combat_boots lays out the case for Scalia being murdered by Obama:




Circumstantial evidence


NO investigation at all

Magic Bullet Theory, 2016.

Who stands to benefit directly from Scalia’s death? Hmmmmm?

He who shall not be named.
Aleya2Fairlie is even suspicious of her suspicions:
Who can blame the public for suspecting foul play? But given the absolute malicious games that are being played with our government; perhaps public suspicion is the goal. Who knows anymore? The chess players behind the scenes are the stuff nightmares are made of. I hope they aren’t as real as they seem.
Old Yeller on the ever increasing skills of government assassins:
Government killers have become so good, would what they did even show up in an autopsy?
Bitsy discusses what's wrong with liberals:
loud mouthed, overbearing liberal.

The reason for their condition is that they are to dumb to think for themselves and they don’t want opinions so they shout over everyone with their useless drivel. Liberals are also insensitive to anything or anyone outside their belief group and lastly, they have no moral compass or scruples.
insensitive to anything or anyone outside their belief group!!!

Patton@Bastogne thinks Trump is a miracle from God:
P.S. Today is the South Carolina Presidential Primary.

Whatever his great/puzzling positions and excessive twitter tweets at 2 am ...

I staunchly believe that Donald Trump's entrance into the 2016 GOP Presidential campaign ...

is frankly a "divine miracle from God Almighty".

And I say that as a very loyal Ted Cruz supporter.

Donald Trump is THE REASON why JEB! is expected to cancel his 2016 Presidential campaign TONIGHT.

Donald Trump is THE REASON why the GOPe has had its @ss politically kicked from here to eternity.

Whatever happens in South Carolina today ...

EVERY Evangelical Christian Conservative needs to thank God for Donald Trump (even if they vote for Ted Cruz) ...
Patton@Bastogne is also disaffected by the Cruz-Trump war on Free Republic.
Free Republic has gone to $hiite over the last two months with the "lunatic" antics of a few Ted Cruz and Donald Trump supporters.

My posting activity is one-tenth of what it used to be because of the "deranged" comments and photos that are posted.

Free Republic is becoming the "Conservative Tea Party" version of Jerry Springer Show ... on steroids.
Analyzing the complicated Apple-FBI conflict is easy for Glad2bnuts, because he's crazy!
The FBI could care less if this phone is decrypted, they want to get rid of privacy from all phones. Anyone that is still paying attention cannot think that the US government cares a whit about protecting and serving the public good. WE are the fascist government our ancestors warned us about.
CivilWarBrewing's hatred of women is growing. If Hillary's elected, I can only imagine...
The vagina vote KILLED America in 2008. They just DON’T learn, do they.. Females destroyed America and I stand by that belief. A feminist-communist and a transgender cross-dressing nanny raised 0dunga!


  1. I've noticed Jim is handing out more 1 and 3 day suspensions to donors.

    1. I'm going to fall over laughing when JimRob has to declare FR "Rubio Country!"

  2. Who stands to benefit directly from Scalia’s death? Hmmmmm?

    He who shall not be named.