Tuesday, February 23, 2016

And Now This Word from Outer Space

If the South Won the Civil War Utopianism edition:
There are many things that WOULD be different and perhaps better had the South cessation succeeded, especially if it had done so without a fight.

Had Lincoln allowed the South to split, we would have had two countries for awhile, maybe forever, but we would have remained closely tied. The “United States are...” would have remained the rule of the republic, and states rights would have prevailed.

The heinous practice of slavery would have continued in the South for perhaps another 20 years, but then it would have had to come to an end. The United States and the Confederation would have likely stayed out of WWI and after the termination of slavery, the two would likely have come back together before WWI.

Germany would have likely terminated WWI on far more favorable terms, meaning Bolshevik Russia and NAZI fascism might have never existed.

What we do know is that after the Union victory, state’s rights because non-existent and Southern blacks continued to live as less than equal citizens for 100 years.
Wishful slavery apologia brought to you by SampleMan (Feral Humans are the refuse of socialism.)


  1. So, segregation and Jim Crow were created by Abraham Lincoln's ghost?

    1. And Nazis and the Holocaust, I guess. Damn, Lincoln really screwed the world up.

  2. The heinous practice of slavery would have continued in the South for perhaps another 20 years, but then it would have had to come to an end.

    I for one am very interested in hearing how he thought it would have had to come to an end. All by itself.

    What is it that would have made them come to their senses?

    I was going to ask a lot more questions, but I'll just leave it there.

    1. In that guy's crazy mind, there would have been some internal realization that it's inherently wrong...unlike when Southerners used the Holy Bible to justify segregation even up until the 1960s!

      BUUUUUT, they would have seen the error of their ways without the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people.

  3. I'm sorry to harp on it, but I cannot get enough of this thread!

    Great interview. I love to listen to successful articulate Americans... but when they’re from a minority and they rise above me....in many respects... I love it.


    "when they rise above me..."

  4. These are the same people that would say something like "he's a credit to his race" and be completely stupefied as to why that comment would be so offensive, like Archie Bunker.

  5. looks like wingnuts were right all along about voter fraud ...

    "No Ids being checked in Nevada. People voting twice."

    "The Nevada caucus is currently underway as voters pull for their GOP candidate of choice, but it appears things are looking a little sketchy.

    Almost Democrat levels of sketch."


    1. Of course!! Trump IS a democrat!!! Why can you see .... [cont. p94]

      I'm actually a bit of a Trump fan myself. He is unelectable of course, but the "amuse-bouch" he is serving by humiliating the insufferable bible thumping obscurantist at every turn is a delicious appetizer for the main course of Freeper FAIL!! in November.

    2. There's also a photo going around Twitter of guys wearing Trump shirts and hats counting the Nevada ballots. It's like something out of a cartoon banana republic.

  6. "Nevada" ... "banana republic" ... but I repeat myself (apologies M Twain)

  7. "Rush the Rino, GOPe, Rubio loving elitist, with his 'I got mine’ attitude, can go Elton John himself."


  8. Speaking of words from outer space - holy cow!

    The question was:
    "Help me understand: Why do YOU support Donald Trump?"

    Because Pinochet isn’t on the ballot.

    Aside from the holocaust and invading all of those countries and starting WWII, Hitler was pretty good at straightening Germany and their inept post WWI government out.

    We need some straightening out. I personally think Trump wont have a problem doing WHATEVER it takes to make things happen.



    1. I'd guessed it was LeoWindhorse.

    2. No sentence that starts out with "Aside from the holocaust..." ever ends well, does it!