Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hillary conspiraicies

While I wasn't there for the height of Clinton mania, it looked to me like Obama brought out the crazy conspiracies on an unprecedented scale. Certainly, Freepers' eagerness to immediately call everything from terrorism to mass shootings to natural disasters a false flag is new.

So now their old nemesis Hillary is back, and the bar has been raised. So the old BS just seems...old, and tired compared to Benghazi and Huma's Muslim evil and the Clinton Foundation. Still, there is some nostalgia in those old conspiracies, and Trump keeps hinting around them, so Freepers do what they can to keep the old fires burning.

Here's the confused and unfocused attempt to jump on a New Hampshire state representative who told Breitbart she was being threatened after she asked Hillary Clinton about Juanita Broaddrick.

Vic S knows this is totally Clintonian:
This hasn’t happened to any Trump heckler (if it had we would of heard about it) and is consistent with the Clinton’s tactics. In the 90s they would hire hard-a** private detectives like Pagliano to kill cats, harass their children, break into their homes so they knew they were there, etc.
BenLurkin recalls Freep's favorite Clinton story:
I seem to remember one victim of the Clinton crime family finding her cat with its head cutoff.
doug from upland doesn't post so much nowadays, but used to be quite the Clinton conspiracy entrepreneur.
With social media and courageous women, maybe everyone is finally going to know the truth of what both Clintons have done. Thank you, Donald Trump.
Speaking of Freeper entrepreneurs, remember jveritas? Good times.

doug from upland follows up by adding some high quality spy-movie antics to the Willey cat story:
They killed Kathleen Willey’s cat, slashed her tires, and a week before she was to testify in the Paula Jones case, a jogger came up to her showing pictures of her kids. As I recall, he said “Don’t you get it yet?”
UCANSEE2 isn't buying the debunking of the Clinton Cat Conspiracy, having added some unconfirmed and innocuous details:
I was just reading an article today by a liberal lickspittle reporter saying that one of Bill's victims found her cat dead and tried to say that meant the Clintons did it.

That wasn't the case. Sure, she found her cat dead. But what made her SURE it was done on behalf of the Clintons were several incidents where a 'stranger' walked up to her near her home and asked about her CAT and her KIDS and several other incidents that had happened. Then she got a call from someone pretending to be a GAS SERVICE employee who would be coming out to do some work (Wet work, for those who know what I mean). She called the GAS COMPANY and they had no one scheduled to come out.
Twinkie - Bill Clinton was being blackmailed for sure, maybe, we'll never know!
It was NOT only about SEX! Billious put this nation in the
crosshairs of the threat of a foreign power blackmailing
him. . . . furthermore, we do NOT know that he was not
blackmailed and will NEVER know. (There were some odd
and puzzling “tours” by foreign representatives to some
of the top secret facilities around that time.)

He is an UGLY little wanker!
Envisioning knows who to call!
She needs to pass then on to Trump and let him address it publicly or Trump has some of his own heavy hitters. Time to take it to the Clintons.
Resolute Conservative knows it's liberals everywhere can't stop with the death threats:
This has been the history of the Clinton crime family.

Liberals in general.
Arm_Bears must be a liberal:
Be a real shame if something happened to Chelsea’s child.

Or to Chelsea—What with her being in a family way and all.
VerySadAmerican has his own personal Clinton Conspiracy:
I know a man who Clinton had put in prison when he was governor of Arkansas. The man questioned Clinton’s truthfulness at a rally and Clinton turned to an aid and said “I want that m......f...... dead.” Several people heard it. Within a year the man was in prison over some trumped up propane price fixing charge.
And then FOX unceremoniously bumped this lame story, as doug from upland reports:
Maybe she will mention it on Hannity tonight.

Anybody get a chance to watch it? I didn't.

they bumped her to talk about Obama and guns......she was on Hannity radio yesterday instead
Mr Apple pastes this really, really lamely padded Hillary conspiracy laundry list:
...confused mind of conniving hillary verbalizing to her minions:

"Let's start with the questions...just a.. just a.. just..well ah..I'm gonna call on people..I'm wait a minute..I'm..I'm.. I'm not gonna take your question because other people have been are very rude and I'm not gonna ever call on wait a minute..I'm..I'm..Let's start with..what difference does it make..other people have been wai..and I'll try to get as mean scrub it like with a cloth..I'm not gonna ever call on you..ron brown, what..scrub it..yes yes go right wait a minute..just ah.. just ah..other people have are very rude..what difference does it make..bernard schwartz, what..not gonna take your question..scrub it with a cloth..I'm gonna ever call are very wait a minute..I'm not gonna take your question..right wing conspir..scrub it..other people have..what difference does it make...I'm not gonna ever call on you..vince foster, what..yes yes go right wait a minute..just ah..other people have are very rude..what difference does it make..not gonna take your scrub it with a cloth..I'm gonna call are very wait a minute..I'm not gonna take your question..scrub it..other people have..not gonna ever call on you..what difference does it make..scrub it..rude..wait a mini..just ah..gonna call on..go right there..scrub it scrub scrub scrub it what difference does it scrub it scrub it scrub it..
Buckeye McFrog knows Alinsky is bad, and this is bad, so...
The Alinskyization of the Democrat Party is total and complete.
HarleyLady27 keeps things new, with some Benghazi FACTs:
getting threats on her safety and the safety of her children. But she refuses to back down.

This is the Clinton Crime family M.O.

This is what Hillary has done to all the victims that Bill Clinton has raped and abused....and it continues on in today's world right here, right now...

Hillary should be in prison, FACT. Bill Clinton should be in prison, FACT. When you are a sex offender, you go to prison; when you run a drug cartel, you go to prison; when you sell American secrets to another foreign country, it's called ‘treason’ and you go to prison, FACT.

When you help kill 4 Americans on American Soil, you go to prison, FACT. When you ‘aide and abed to cause harm to America, representing America’ it's called ‘treason’ you go to prison, FACT. When you are showing other countries classified information on workings of the American government, you are committing ‘treason’ you go to prison, FACT.

Why aren't they both in Prison????
Travis T. OJustice is sure he knows who threatened this state Rep:
I’ll be it was Teamsters union thugs. they are all-in for threatening kids like this.
Unions aren't the villain for who knows what evil?, it's the feminists!
She is wise to use caution...the radicalized womyn of soviet Red Hampshire are a particularly nasty sort...they make Jezebel look like Mother Theresa. Been there, done that...just put 1000 miles between us and them.
treetopsandroofs is connecting a whole different set of dots:
Anyone notice how school districts are suddenly being shut down lately whenever there’s some anticipated reaction to whatever the Fraud’s gestapo are doing?
Williams is sure no one likes Bill Clinton now that he's old:
Rapes of republicans don’t count. Or anyone raped by a Clinton.

I think Hilary is cooked, because Trump DID go there. Women used to cut old charmer Billie a break, but now he’s a real old charmer and not as endearing. Women will not cut Hilary a break.


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