Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Schrodinger's Hillary

The right is really going hard on the "Hillary's victory in Iowa was close; thus she's doomed." Even Limbaugh has depowered the Clinton Crime Family, "I have to tell you, whether she knows it or not, it's over for Hillary Clinton."

Freepers do not give up a nemesis so easily, however. As they lift up their maws from feasting on their own, they cry out that Hillary will inevitably become President, and also that she cannot win the Presidency. Regardless, there's no reason to hold an election once the primary is over. Also Bill Clinton is going to die, like, tomorrow.

Poor Williams tries to parse what Limbaugh is saying.
Rush says it’s over for her, but that doesn’t mean she won’t win the nomination, or even the general election? Is that what he said?
Dude, Limbaugh left coherency about when he got busted for pain killers.

Trapped Behind Enemy Lines heard a false story about how many coin flips went Hillary's way, and decides Hillary somehow cheated on the coin tosses, despite them being on video:
Funny how she “won” each and every coin flip.

alpo explains that Hillary is only running to avoid the FBI:
The long knives will be out for her if she quits.
No protection from the FBI if she is no longer running.
The clinton fabricated $ millions will disappear.

The whole bunch has no shame.
Ted Grant is pretty pessimistic:
It’s over for her? She’s probably going to be the next President.
Hot Tabasco disagrees - all his Democratic friends hate Hillary!
If she gets the nomination, she will win the general.

Never happen! Many of the die hard democraps I know are sick of the clintons and Obama and will never vote for hillary......
Also note the no caps on Clintons, Hillary, or Democraps. Burn!

Buckeye McFrog thinks student loan forgiveness is the ticket:
If she gets the nomination, she will win the general.

The Democrats have set the table perfectly to buy ONE election with promises to forgive student loans, raise Social Security benefits, punish banks for gotcha behavior, etc. etc.

She will become our Least Competent POTUS ever.
laplata is looking forward to an avalanche of stale 1990s scandals and Benghazi:
she has a lot to deal with before the nomination and if she gets the nomination she will have a lot more to deal with. She is in for some ugly surprises.

Swiftboating will look tame compared what she will face.
ColdOne is also pessimistic, invoking the dread mythic Clinton Power:
she will get the nomination. after all it is the clinton machine.
DiogenesLamp goes the other rout:
Any Republican candidate will beat her. It doesn't even matter which one is picked, Hillary will lose.

She doesn't have the slightest prayer of winning.
DL touts his amazing predictive power throughout the thread. They deserve their own post. Tomorrow, I think.

Nervous Tick really drives home how Freepers think of Trump:
I would love to see Trump go after her.

...with a chainsaw in one hand, and a 12 gauge sawed-off shotgun in the other.

I want to see nothing but hamburger remaining.

politically speaking. of course. ;-)
"Who cares about your policies - you'll be really vicious with people I don't know but still hate!"

Cletus.D.Yokel thinks Bill was drugged:
Hillary said, “Bill, you have to keep yourself contained tonight; keep the tone down.
“That’s why my doctor here will give you a double dose of Prozac 15 minutes before we hit the stage.”
kiltie65 thinks the Clintons are both calculating masterminds and terrified/doomed.
I don’t like the calculating looks on Bill and Hillary’s faces. And they’re running scared. It’s laughable that an old coot like Bernie Sanders is getting the votes...just think how the vote tally would have been if it were someone decent running against Hillary in the election.
oldvirginian is pretty down on how old Bill looks:
Dang! Bill looks terrible in that picture!

I have seen men close to their 100th birthday looking better than Slick.

I guess that is the wages of a lifetime of lying, cheating and stealing.
oldvirginian continues to dwell on Bill's upcoming death:
I wonder if they’ll fess up to what it is after the autopsy, which shouldn’t be long from now judging by the pictures.
oldvirginian may have a problem.
If I was Slick, I would die at the worst time for Hillary, politically speaking.
Just to get back at her for all those years of a lifeless, loveless, soulless marriage.

Of course Hillary will outlive Slick just to pee on what’s left of his “parade”.
Billthedrill is rolling hyperbolic, but he really shows how some Freepers cannot abide by the idea of Hillary ever leaving them:
When I see Hillary's disembodied head on a spike it will still be mouthing "I didn't send any information marked classified" at the horrified crowd. Bury her at a crossroad at midnight with a holly stake pounded through her heart and at daybreak you'll STILL hear her hideous cackle. It isn't over. It will never be over.


  1. Freepers need the Clintons in the same way that Catholics need Satan.

  2. Daily FReeper racisim thread:

    1. ...and for once the racism starts with the article, not just the Freepers.

  3. The funny part is that Hillary Clinton will be the "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher type president they always dreamed of having in a woman president.

  4. who's petulant?

    Lazamataz: "It is 352 days, 1 hour, 50 minutes, 53 seconds until the malevolent anti-American socialist petulant malignant narcissist illegal communist gay crack-smoking Kenyan crypto-muslim dictator President "Stompy-Foot" Obama leaves office."