Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Lots of fodder this week, because there were long debate threads that were mostly infighting we've already seen that were unworthy of a post, but still deserve a taste.

The Iceman Cometh suddenly hates Iowa:
Any state that has coin flips to determine election results should immediately moved to the back of the bus in primary season. Friggin' Iowa. Hundred thousand or so ethanol loving evangelicals dictating to the rest of the country the type of candidates we get to vote for down the road. Piss off...
Balding_Eagle mixes faith in Trump with preemptive I told you so, and a bit of spite:
Two years from now, when they see Trumps promises being kept, most of the anti-Trump posters will be grudgingly admitting to themselves that he’s doing OK.

Three years from now, after his second year, they will be openly supporting him.

There will be a few, of course, who will be either silent, or booted.
Mollypitcher1 is really building up some quality Cruz conspiracies:
Cruz uses the ignorance of the average American about the Constitution they say they love so well to further his own ambitions. He is bought and paid for by the NWO gang but he has snowed his supporters with his brilliance in the supreme court. 5 Wins to 4 Losses. Pretty mediocre performance for such “brilliance.”
Mollypitcher1 makes a promise
I cannot and will note vote vote for an unqualified, non NBC Canadian for President.
.................................... Thank you, neither will I.
This is why whatever happens in the GOP primary, we win.

dp0622 wants a lot less integrity from his party:
funny how trumpsters want people to run like b....s from cruz because of this nonsense, but dems will vote for someone who could be indicted while running.

they have had the stronger stomach for a while now, which is



Wildbill22 is worried that no one is acting on his already forming fantasies of 2016 election fraud:
KNOWING that we will again see at least the attempt by the democrats to steal an election through vote fraud, is there even an attempt by anyone to stop it?????

Or are we going to be ‘surprised’ again??????

What is being done and if nothing, why??????
coon2000 is working on whether to kill a radical professor publicly or secretly:
This bum needs a blanket party.

He does and it could be easily done. The question is does he vanish like Hoffa who was probably turned into hot dogs or is it an in your face statement? Which is better? Probably just start off by hot dogging the first round of these idiots and then reevaluate.
HiTech RedNeck continues to apologize for Trump's nonChristian behavior:
Not being a womanizer, I can’t directly relate to Donald there.

He’s shown in other contexts, however, that he can and will respect women in serious pursuits and will even choose them intelligently rather than as empty figurines for eye candy.

This appears to show that his little head isn’t such a boss over his big one that this becomes impossible.
builder thinks Bill Clinton is a zombie:
Slightly different topic : Did anyone else notice how Bill standing behind - her seemed in a catatonic state?

He looked AWFUL. I swear, I thought he was going to drop over dead on the stage behind her.

At a minimum, I had the feeling he had little idea where he was, who he was, and why he was up there.
Mixing up his bigotry, Secret Agent Man calls Islam 'uppity.'
These are the tactics of upity islam. Just using the justice system to play the kaffir, get money from them any way they can, without any risk to themselves.
What the hell website is freedomjusticeruleoflaw reading?!
Freepers are only pro-gun if they are stored away never to be used outside of a gun range.
lentulusgracchus is trying to argue that regulating Wall Street is a conservative issue:
Rush, quit claiming he [Rubio] is conservative, dammit!!!

Well, he is, kinda-sorta. More conservative than Bob Dole or Dick Nixon, maybe.

Problem is, some of the issues we face now fuzz up the picture -- like, say, executive compensation and marginal tax rates, which strict conservatives would ordinarily leave alone. Then the banksters helped themselves to a Trillion dollars of TARP money and paid out hundreds of millions of that -- our money -- in executive-suite bonuses, which were already fat enough with the spoils of "rightsizing" and offshoring and H-1B'ing and CMO-bundling fee income, pre-Crash.

Now it's our issue, and a conservative one: Wall Street Rot and Plunder, aka "crony/access capitalism". Time to call the ghost of Ayn Rand and start driving stakes through hearts.
LongWayHome does not like where Rush is going these days:
The fact that Rush is being a coat-holder for Rubio is interesting considering the fact that Rubio was sent out by Chuck Schumer to run a con-job on Levin & Rush about the gang of 8 bill....and then he laughed about how they sent out Rubio to cripple the right-wing talk show hosts & humiliate them.
As Freepers move to the Rush 2.0's of the world, poor RushIsMyTeddyBear has a problem:
I’m about done with him. How do I change my screen name?
TTFlyer is ashamed of an America where some people vote for Democrats:
There is no greater measure of the decline of America then that Mrs. Clinton and Bernie Sanders are regarded as serious candidates for the Presidency.

“It’s all over for Mrs. Clinton?” Maybe. Or maybe it’s just all over for America.
Dr. Bogus Pachysandra can't stop thinking about Hillary:
‘Hillary is no Bill, but that cow has claws.-

I was at the butcher’s yesterday. He had a display of huge pig’s feet. I immediately though of cloven-hooved hillary!
What's that they always say about living rent free in people's heads?

DiogenesLamp and another Freeper get pretty excited about suing the AP for all the things:
The AP was found guilty of violating Sherman back in 1945, and it should be sued into oblivion now that its mission - the economical transmission of news over extremely expensive bandwidth - is obsolete. The Internet could not exist if bandwidth were as expensive now as it was in 1945

This is exactly along the lines that I have contemplated. We should have been using lawsuits to put the scare in them, and then keep them scared.

Not just anti-trust, but RICO, FEC, and Discrimination lawsuits.

The existing media needs to be stomped into dog meat, then safeguards need to be put into place to keep it more objective.

But first thing we must do is convince the rightosphere that Liberal control of news and entertainment is the most dire threat the nation faces.
240B lays out what working for the government is like:
I have never in my life dealt we people so arrogant as those who work in gubbermint.
They believe they are untouchable, unassailable, and miles above the stupid little people who pay them.

There is no such thing anymore as a “public servant”.

Today, you will never hear anyone say, “I'm just a lowly civil servant. I don't make much money.” as you may in an old black and white movie.

Today, getting a job with the gubbermint is like winning the lottery. Pensions, Unions, Vacations, Conferences and travel expenses, Cars, Gas Cards, the best Health Insurance in the country, the best Dental in the country, free Tuition, and a salary that has been documented to be up 30% higher than a non-government worker doing the same job.
Neoliberalnot has a reliable source that Hillary is a smelly old bitch:
My cousin did a stint as a white house military guard—whatever the title. Anyway, he said, after he got out of the service, that hillary was an overripe smelly old bitch. They all detested her nasty demeanor. She is an elitist tyrant with a viscereal hatred for underlings, especially in the military and law enforcement.
Zakeet's exercise in Hillary strawmanning is notable mostly because of the BS scandals he chooses are the ones that are the most personally hurtful, not politically damaging.
I'm not aloof ... it's just that it's hard to remain humble when you're the world's smartest woman ... and idiots like you radical right wing nuts fail to recognize this ... and pay me the proper respect that I'm due ... like bowing before your master ... and groveling ... and granting me the power I so richly deserve ... and challenging my rightful claim to the presidency ... and the supreme court ... and the papacy ... and ignoring a few minor transgressions like Whitewatergate and Fostergate ... and granting me time alone with Huma that I so richly deserve ... and reminding me that Chelsea is Web Hubbell's love child ...
WENDLE has a rather drastic plan to deal wit North Korea planning to launch a satelite:
Shoot it down and kill them by the millions and then have a beer.
Everyone come to naturalized's theocracy!
Denying the Resurrection should be labeled hate speech.
Humbly taking nationalism one step further, MayflowerMadam may b the first Superbirther:
I think a candidate should have 100% American-soil/born ancestry for three generations in order to be qualified. (American soil would include overseas military bases.)

You mention “divided loyalties”, and that’s huge. The “old country” in their minds and hearts would dilute their patriotism to America.

Of course, that would disqualify all of the top three candidates.

Probably a million things wrong with my idea, but FWIW...


  1. Cruz uses the ignorance of the average American about the Constitution they say they love so well to further his own ambitions
    Well that's fair I-
    He is bought and paid for by the NWO gang

    1. Yet, prior to Trump being crapped out into the American political toilet, Ted Cruz was the prodigal son. "Cruz or Lose" "Cruz Control"and photoshoots of him as a Jedi or Hispanic gang member were all over Freak Rethuglic

  2. "I think a candidate should have 100% American-soil/born ancestry for three generations"

    something tells me indigenous americans need not apply ...

    1. Nope. They're not white enough, silly. Oh, and Trump would be ineligible under her masterplan

  3. "he has snowed his supporters with his brilliance in the supreme court. 5 Wins to 4 Losses. Pretty mediocre performance for such 'brilliance.'"

    What determines whether a case wins or loses in the Supreme Court is solely how smart the lawyers are, not what the merits of the case are or what the goddamned law is

    I suppose this is a natural continuation of all foreign and domestic political conflicts being determined by Resolve and Will and shit

    1. What happens if a person with Smart opposes a person with Will, or vice versa? Are the properties commensurable?

      Perhaps they both reduce to a more basic property like Phlogiston, or The Phallus

    2. "She then specified the size of the other candidates' testicles."

  4. But first thing we must do is convince the rightosphere that Liberal control of news and entertainment is the most dire threat the nation faces.

    After 20 years in your smelly echo chamber, you think you haven't convinced them??

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