Sunday, February 14, 2016

Freeers hold a tin-foil wake for Justice Scalia.

In what might be a first, I got the news that Scalia died from comments on this blog.

My first emotion was excitement. I then recoiled. Was I becoming a Freeper, taking partisan joy in the deaths of those I disagreed with? Nope; I harbor no ill-will about Scalia - I was merely excited about what Freepers would say.

And they delivered! Because Freepers these days don't bother to react to political news sadness; they react with anger or delusion.

Here we have a pure case. There has been very few facts released about the immediate circumstances surrounding Scalia's death, so Freepers can't do their usual cherry picking stories to find inconsistencies. Thus, we are left with the unfettered supervillainy of "Obama is evil enough to do this, so he probably did this."

Smellin Salt points out that thriller novels say this is possible!
Tom Clancy wrote about a US assassination team that used a tiny injection of a chemical that caused death by what appeared to be a heart attack. It metabolized almost immediately once it did its thing. That was ten or so years ago.

Clancy had a reputation for being dead on with his assumptions about how such things worked.
V K Lee also uses fiction as evidence:
It bears repeating over and over again

‘The Pelican Brief’
DeathBeforeDishonor1 doesn't believe this can be natural because it helps Obama.
People of that age can and do die of heart attacks all the time, even if they seem healthy.

Something just doesnt seem right . Theres always a tragedy that benefits Obama. Always. Too convienient. They were upset with him too. No....these people play for keeps. They are not stupid. They are merciless and playing for real. Its just too high stakes and Scalias death benefits Obama too much. No Im not buying it. NOTHING is coincidence.
Since Freepers think every tragedy benefits Obama, it follows Obama is responsible for all tragedy.

DeathBeforeDishonor1 then makes a prediction:
Ginsberg will forced down. Not killed. She will announce immediate retirement.
Cowgirl of Justice also finds the timing to be convenient. No mention of how any other time in Obama's 7-year tenure would also have been convenient.
Of course it’s a possibility, but we have to admit, 79 year olds die!

But, the timing.

Enough time to shove another judge through.

Remember what VJ said we have judges ready to go.
Guenevere brings up a bunch of issues not before the Supreme Court.
So much at stake....
Second amendment
TalBlack has believed in Obama's evil omnipotence for a long time:
When their Mexico gun running scam was revealed I THEN KNEW this administration were capable of ANYTHING.
Travis McGee points out that the more plausible natural causes seems, the more likely it's assassination!
Obama’s “Fast and Furious” plan led to the deliberate deaths of 100s of Mexicans, in order to discredit the 2nd Amendment in the USA.

Anybody who automatically rules out Scalia being poisoned is naive.

For a “natural death” assassination to work, it has to be plausible. Breitbart was overweight and stressed, so he had a heart attack walking around the block.

A guy who liked fast sports cars would have his new high-tech Mercedes coupe accelerate to 140mph on a city street, hit a grove of trees, and explode in flames.
ronnie raygun - conspiracies are real if you hate the other side enough:
We know who we are dealing with and the degree of despicable acts they are capable of so when someone rails about conspiracy theories it has to be take into consideration.
ArtDodger brings up another Freeper conspiracy, to give this one credence:
odawg also:
Tim Russett. this rate, all heart attacks in the past 7 years will have been Obama assassinations!
How about Clancy? I heard he was working on something important with someone and he died about the same time maybe the same week.
butterdezillion knows if the coroner doesn't check for every single poison ever, it was probably poison:
IOW, what I am saying to you is that traditional medicine gives assassins a free pass. It’s open season as long as you know how to make your poison cocktail so it doesn’t cause immediate suspicion that it’s been used.
butterdezillion is really waxing on these days:
If the Senate confirms any of Obama’s nominees at this point those who voted to confirm need to be hung for treason.
Uh-oh. bert is threatening liberals with fictional secret assassinations!
goose...... gander


  1. Astonishingly (or not) no-one points out that it isn't convenient for Obama at all! Convenient would have been 2013 when Senate obstruction would have been damn near impossible.

  2. I love the pants pooping that occurs on FR whenever his friendship with the notorious RBG is mentioned.

  3. If you just can't get enough here is more,

    CNN Just Reported That No Autopsy Will Be Performed on Scalia

    It's stone cold crazy.

    1. Even better:

      We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled," said Poindexter...
      Poindexter concluded resuscitation would have been futile...

  4. Let them block until after the election so Hillary can appoint Obama.

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