Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Hampshire sniping

The New Hampshire primaries went about as expected. The candidates expected to win by 20 points won by 20 points. The scrum for 2nd place in the GOP primary was won by Kasich, who isn't going to be the nominee.

I suppose the two headlines are that Christie is likely out, having gotten no electoral credit for filleting Rubio, who seems the walking dead at the moment.

So, with nothing changing, Freepers continue the increasingly personal attacks on each other.

LowOiL uses Freepers' spite-based predictions to boost Cruz:
Very happy with a third place finish here. Some here on FR were prediction 5th or worse for Cruz.
GeronL makes with the spin:
Cruz didn’t spend any money in NH and came in third. He beat Jeb Bush who outspent him 62-1!
Speaking of outlandish predictions...freedomjusticeruleoflaw:
Trump will win by 30 in South Carolina.
Is CharleysPride even joking?
Sorry, Rafael can’t round up enough day laborers or bus in enough of his fellow Canadians to help him in this state.
Trump supporter MHT is having a hard time with his party at the moment:
The thought of Cruz as front runner is a real turn-off. If so, I’ll turn off Fox and Rush like I will not listen again to Beck. Guess liking Cruz is a litmus test for how much creepy condescension one can take.
Daniel Ramsey explains that all real candidates are reality TV stars:
The harder Cruz works at getting votes the more we hear and see methods that are on the edge of being legal if not flagrantly over it because of lack of enforcement.

Cruz is simply unlikeable.

Now if he had a tv show, his on airline, or a casino, a hotel, a merchandise line then he can sell his brand image.
Flagrant sexist bigot wardaddy speaks for the South:
Listen up Yankees

Y’all think Trump can’t win in Dixie?

He’s ahead in every poll down here and did you happen to notice the crowds he gets here

Southerners can and will get behind the right Yankee even if Jewish...hell we’re Levins top audience market...and Trumps a easier sell admittedly.....PCA is third largest group here

I lived in Manhattan once many years ago and I think I qualify as very southern
momincombatboots is too bitter to write easy to read prose:
Trump.. a Democrat won nh.. what a shock. They love his socialists ways and esp his single payor government funded healthcare. I would have thought something is wrong if he won nh. Ronald Reagan won 5.3 percent in 1984. Probably had an obamabots or two vote for his cuz Donald.
Washi is pretty happy about Cruz's performance:
Trump won self-identified "very conservative" voters in New Hampshire.

That's like winning self-identified "very cool" kids in the chess club.

Not a very high bar to reach.

While I'm happy as hell that it's looking like Cruz will beat Bush and Rubio and come in 3rd in New Hampshire when he was expected to come in 5th, I'd prefer not to count our conservative chickens before they are hatched.
I SAID Washi is. VERY. HAPPY!!!
Don't be mad bro. Turn that frown upside down!

I actually said I was "happy as hell".

Reading comprehension: it's not just for humans.
VRWC For Truth sets a good tone:
Boohoo, ya lose, again. You sure can pick’em. Bwahahahahahahshhaha!
LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget is also running on pure spite:
Your priggish nature is an insult to Cincinatus. He was unselfish, you on the other hand are complete shellfish.

Every nasty pun intended.
enduserindy is pretty funny:
It’s time to stop the infighting. Cruz will make a great vp.


  1. JimRob comes out fully for Trump against the FR Cruzers ...
    Actually, it really is a rebellion

    1. Fun fun!

      No purge yet, but this makes one inevitable.

      Some Cruz supporters are aching to have their martyr complexes fulfilled.

  2. In other news, harpy wannabe and nut-case extrodinaire (and Cruzer extrordinaire) CatherineofAragon seems to have finally gotten a clue and hasn't posted for quite awhile.
    She knows better than to actually opus out.

  3. So, what JimRob is really saying here is that he thinks Trump is more electable, right. Wowzers, talk about detachment from reality. I mean I expect it when you are the actual dictator of the bubble you live in, but Trump a majority if Republicans even want someone other than Trump.

    Do you guys think he honestly believes that Freeper thought is truly the silent majority in this country? It's like they're on an iceflow, drifting away from the mainland, but believe it's the continent that has drifted away from them.

    1. Freepers used to almost all subscribe to the silent majority theory.

      Since 2012 there's been an upsurge of nihilism and/or saying God will sort it out.

      Then Trump has really returned them to the silent majority bit. Kevin Drum for Mother Jones thinks there's something to it.
      I do not (though I allow Trump is marginally less unelectable than Cruz.)

    2. What is funny is watching life-long homo-hater littlejeremiah bending over backward to promote Trump and excuse all of his social liberal, pro-gay comments.

      She defines most of the pro-Trump support on FR ... "No More Brown People in the White House!"

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