Sunday, February 14, 2016

How to use Scalia's death to screw Obama.

Freepers manage to put down the tin foil momentarily to discuss policy. Not that they need to - Majority Leader McConnell took like half an hour to declare knee-jerk opposition to whomever Obama nominates (I found the lack of even a fig leaf to be a depressing commentary on modern politics.)

But Freepers can always to be counted on to add some drama to the proceedings, even when in agreement with their hated establishment.

HomerBohn brings it all, from superlative hating of Obama to unthinking obstructionism to conspiracy.
By far Barry is the worst excuse for a president in American history and is no doubt the worst leader of any nation in history!

This phony American already has Congress eating out of his hand and now he will have the highest court in the land voting for whatever he wants. It's a no lose situation for Barry and we can be certain he will use it to his advantage.

It's time for Congress to begin thinking about patriotism and block every damned thing this cretin tosses at them for the rubber stamp.

What America doesn't need is another lesbian on the court, or another America-hating clone.

Who accompanied the Justice on this hunting trip? We need all the facts.
Flintlock is sure this will be the trigger for Civil War 2, this time for sure!
If O puts one in, I guess it’s war.
canuck_conservative has a plan I'm sure no one will see through:
Stall for just a few months ... by summer everyone can say it’s too close to the election

Stall and do nothing. Obama only gets to nominate.
NOVACPA posts something he heard on the Internet, neglecting Justice Kennedy.
Of course the media will scream for return to full complement ASAP.

Nevermind the fact that SCOTUS vacancies have never been filled in a lame duck year, dating back to John Quincy Adams.
Fresh off comparing Muslims to orksTravis McGee seems to be getting more and more racist these days:
FourtySeven is really active on every thread, urging unity of purpose:
He’s going to use every tactic in the book to ram through another nominee. We must not even have a HINT of complacency about this. Obama has shown time and time again that he is more than willing to ignore history, the Constitution, the rule of law, everything to ram through his radical leftism.
Gaffer is why I pity Senatorial interns.
It is up to each of us to threaten their respective Senators with the Holy Hell of Voter Wrath if they do confirm ANY nominee the Muslim Obama submits.

The Senate at large does not have to give a reason why they won’t confirm; it need only to not do so. Screw the Democrats. I also submit - how long has Hillary and the State Department “stalled” on Benghazi and her email server? Democrats will always complain unless you do exactly what they want. It is up to all of us to stop that.
GrandJediMasterYoda explains that, as expected, Obama is going to do all the bad things now!
Barry is going into overdrive his last year, knock off the judge now he will go after the 2nd amendment. No surprise there, we all expected this. Next he will be raining Islamo Nazis down upon us in the disguise of “refugees”, then mass rapes with inability to defend because the guns are gone.
In a well thought out plan, txrefugee wants to kick out every Justice appointed before 1996.
When the Constitution was written, life expectancy was 50. With today’s life expectancy being 80, appointments to the SCOTUS should be limited to no more than 20 years on the bench. That would limit the amount of damage that a president like Obama can do in appointing someone in their 40s to carry out an agenda for 40 years after that president is gone.
Proving no tactic can be hated enough for Freepers to not envy, ZULU loves him some Court packing.
If the Republicans gain the White House and control both houses of Congress and that Bastard in the Oval Office sneaks in a recess appointment in early January 2017, they can and should “pack” SCOTUS with more than 9 justices to control the Court. Nothing in the Constitution about the number of justices in the Court.


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  2. This is so much fun for Free Republic. They love nothing more than making shit up. And being victims. They love that too.

  3. "This phony American already has Congress eating out of his hand"

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