Thursday, February 4, 2016

DiogenesLamp's amazing retroactively correct predictions

DiogenesLamp is often wrong, but never in doubt.

You cannot fight Obama's blackness:
I predicted back in 1995 that a Black man would get a massive surge of public sentiment that would translate into votes.

I knew he would be invulnerable to criticism because everyone would be terrified that any criticism of him would be considered "racist."

I knew back in 2008 that if Obama got the nomination, he would very likely win. Rush Limbaugh realized this too, and that's why he pushed very hard for "Operation Chaos."

Hillary would have lost in 2008, just as she will lose in 2016, and that's IF she can get the nomination and stay out of prison.
Of course, Operation Chaos involved conservatives to vote FOR Obama to screw up Hillary.

He didn't see 2012 coming, but not because he was wrong...
I've had a pretty good track record up till now. I think Romney (whom I didn't like) only lost because of Vote Fraud. (And because he is a RINO squish.)


  1. Voter fraud is an absolute myth. The following is a GREAT read about a study on voter fraud which held that it was almost nonexistent:

    1. Unless it's from Washington Times, Heritage Foundation or Pajamas Media (What a stupid name), any article on voter fraud is full of Liberal lies. Free Republic is the only real news source on the internet.

      (I almost kept a straight face typing that)