Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Spotlight: DiogenesLamp

Why isn't this Freeper featured in my blog more?! He came on board in 2011, and is one of those Freepers who has no cause or point of view outside the Freep mainstream, but his passion and ruthless (fantasy) means to reach the ends of a Freeptopia surpass all but the most deranged.

So he doesn't just hate the 19th Amendment that gave women the vote, he hates the 14th as well. He does't just wonder if liberals should be killed, he wants Muslims to start their invasion already to kill them. He doesn't just lament how Christians are oppressed, he thinks the US was set up to oppress all non-Christians. And, of course, we must kill all the liberals because they're Nazis who want to kill all Freepers. My favorite part? His plan to use Muslims to kill all the liberals. That is a special kind of crazy.

His profile has nativist quotes from George Washington and the war of 1812, though he doesn't usually bother with evidence.

And yet he appears in my blog only 16 times somehow. Weird.

But now this gay marriage thing has truly motivated him to a previously unreached manic height of crazy volume and crazy quantity of posts, so I have decided to strike while the iron is hot.

Foregone conclusion!
Thinking About the Unthinkable: An Israel-Iran Nuclear War

Unthinkable? It's a foregone conclusion. Obama will go down in History as the stupidest leader ever. People will curse his name.
When Middle East analogies go off the rails....
We are handing a gun to a fanatic, who intrends to use it against someone in the same room with us, and that intended target is holding a hand grenade with the pin out.

The intended target also has a gun, loaded and aimed at the nutjob, so he might not have to use the hand grenade.

On the other hand, if it gets that far, the idiot handing the gun to the Nut needs to catch some shrapnel.
Likes how this psycho thinks:
They must target cities as well as bomb making centers—They political structure must be aborted—The Holy City and Mullahs evaportated as well as the oil resources and military assets or they will re-build and strike back in one way or another. Iran must be made to realize they have been defeated.

So many lives must be lost that they go beyond revenge to bending to the destruction. One side must win, one side lose. Is is Horrible? Yes. War is horrible. Its that or let hate win and Israel lost forever.

Only by waiding in blood can the Jews win. That or the hope of Israel will be a footnote in history.

Millions must die—Their should be a 2 hour first strike, followed by a more sever 2nd strike, 24 hours later, a 3rd strike 24 hours after that and a forth strike using conventional weapons.

They must blow up the TV crews reporting on the Jewish Terror. Follow with a demand that Iran Surrender—and if they do not—a sixth strike harsher than the first. It will need 35 to 50 nukes. Sorry, but this is how you deal with barbarians.

I like how you think. I too am of the Curtis Le May school of warfare.
1. Did you catch the targeting of foreign reporters?
2. Beyond his psychotic war strategy, LeMay is quite a piece of work. Was segregationist George Wallace's running mate, and without Presidential permission flew nuclear airplanes over USSR cities in the late 1940s in an attempt to provoke Stalin.

Lets get the Muslim genocide started:
ISIS threatens to send 500,000 migrants to Europe as a 'psychological weapon

I hope they do. The Europeans need to be hit in the head with a Baseball bat, and I don't know if that will even wake them the f*** up.

I keep coming back to that article I read which was written by David P. Goldman about the need to kill three million of them.

We might as well let the Europeans get started with that first half million.
Also on the death list: corporations that support the gays.
No, Kim Davis, You Can't Beg for Money on GoFundMe

We need to be keeping score of these left wing companies with a reckoning in mind when the law can no longer protect them from our wrath.

These "Liberal only" organizations need to be smashed, and then prohibited thereafter.
Throw all Democrats into prison:
Both Clintons should have been thrown in prison years ago.

We could also save a lot of time by tossing all Democrats in Prison. They are mostly unconvicted felons anyway.
Civil War hoping, because liberals are Nazis:
Civil war approaches quickly.

Let us only hope so, because the alternative looks more like gas chambers are approaching.

If I have to chose between the frying pan and the fire, i'll take the frying pan.
Liberal Nazis, any day now...
Handing out and processing civil marriage licenses (no one is asking her to perform religious marriages)--or, if she doesn't want to do that, having someone else in her office do it--is not the same as running concentration camps.

The running of concentration camps began as the exclusion of Jews from government positions.

I sh*t you not. If you cannot see where this is going, then I have no hope of enlightening you as to the danger.
Nazis Nazis Nazis!
The Nazis had this term called "Gleichschaltung" which "Among the goals of this policy were to bring about adherence to a specific doctrine and way of thinking and to control as many aspects of life as possible."

The left comes more and more to resemble the Nazis, and they are slowly following in their footsteps. The Nazis were also full of Homosexuals.
He's been studying birtherism since 2008:
What facts show this? I have been studying this topic since 2008, and I know of no facts that show he was born in Hawaii. It is equally probable that he was born in Washington state or Canada based on what i've seen.
The Muslims are coming!
Tell your Leftist sister in law that she is going to lose anyway. The Muslims are coming and Christians are the only thing that can possibly stop them.

They will be murdering gays wholesale once they come to power, which they will, because you cannot defeat them with appeals to reason or secularism. They will not listen and they will take over and impose a far stricter and more onerous set of rules.

She is going to get far worse than a Christian culture, but we won't have to listen to her gripe about it. The Muslims will tell her to shut up and if she doesn't, they will beat her. If she continues, they will stone her.

People are casting away tolerance by undermining the foundation of tolerance in our society. You destroy Christianity, you GET Islam.
He doesn't think the Planned Parenthood arson was a false flag, because he approves:
Blaze that heavily damaged a Planned Parenthood clinic in Washington state WAS arson

The wonder is not that this one burned, but that the rest of them haven't.
Never feed Muslims after midnight:
People did not make the connection. They count that as an act of "terrorism". A fluke. Something done by extremists, and not "ordinary Muslims."

They do not grasp that "ordinary Muslims" are like "Gremlins" and if you feed them after midnight, they turn evil.

"Ordinary Muslims" have a Jekyll/Hyde character, and this needs to be recognized and understood by people who move governmental policy. This dual nature of their character flows directly from their religion. It is simply incompatible with Western ideas of Freedom, Equality and Tolerance.

At this point, "Telling" them won't do any good. They must be shown. The best way to show them is to put them up close and personal to the threat.
But his hatred of liberals makes him root for the Muslims:
We need to accept whatever number is required for them to start killing Liberal people who support their arrival, to the extent necessary to wake the survivors up.

Muslims need to go in mass numbers to San Fransisco, New York and Boston, provided they are the really militant types. We need vicious and violent Wahhabis to confront the populations there.

We are at a point now where we need to speed up Liberal's confrontation with reality while we still have sufficient numbers to repair the damage after the "formerly Liberal" survivors figure it out.
He has a plan to try to false flag Muslims into killing liberals:
I have been saying for a long time that we need to be forcing confrontations between Muslims and Liberals. One idea that I keep suggesting is to make up some anti-Islamic literature, put liberals names on it, and drop it off in Muslim Neighborhoods.

Awhile back, a bunch of atheists printed a comic book featuring a cartoon bible raping a woman. I said at the time, "we need to get our hands on a copy, redo all the pages with Koran's replacing bibles, throw in a bunch of Insults for Mohammad, and then drop that off around various mosques in their area with those Atheists names and home addresses listed on it. "

That Muslims would saw off a few heads of my enemies would not bother me greatly. This is how you fight a war.

If it provokes an Anti-Muslim backlash, well that's okay too. Getting your enemies to fight each other is a very good accomplishment.
He really likes his outsourcing genocide plan:
Don’t stop there, Dr. Adam Kotsko! If Christianity is “White Male Privilege”, what is Islam - especially since the semitic Middle East genomes are roughly classified as a branch of ‘White’? Show how brave you are!

I wish we had a dirty tricks squad that would take all his hateful commentary, substitute words like "Bible, Jesus, and God" with "Koran, Mohamed and Allah", and redistribute it in Muslim areas with his Name, Address and Contact information.

I'm tired of playing footsy with these @$$$holes. They need to get a taste of what will replace Christianity if they are successful in pushing it out.
Don't misread the Constitution, Christians get rights and Muslims do not.
My religion trumps court orders but yours doesn’t?

That is not an unreasonable understanding of the rights guaranteed by a document that ends with "Year of our Lord" and exempts the President from working on the Christian Sabbath.

In a word, Yes. The Christian religion trumps the Muslim one in a Christian Nation.

We have just been lied to about the character of this nation when it was created for many years now. People don't remember or understand that there existed official state religions in 1787 when our governing document was written, and even in 1862, the expressly Christian nature of this nation were well understood by the highest authorities in our nation.
If only the right had a channel devoted to propaganda...
Conservatives should have long ago bought at least one network, and FIRED everyone who was NOT Registered as a Republican and identified themselves as a conservative.

If you think that would not be tolerated, then explain how the opposite is the currently the default existing condition.
Conservatives opinions are the same as 100 years ago, so you know they're good:
we have not changed our opinions. They are the same as they were a hundred years ago, and this notion that fundamental truths must give way to whatever happens to be popular nowadays is very foolish advice. No, there is nothing wrong with our opinions, what is wrong is that society has been made stupider by government run school systems, and it has been misinformed by Liberal run News and Entertainment systems.
Anyone who likes Lincoln now, will probably like the gays in 2115:
In a hundred years (probably less) there will be other childish little big mouths like you arguing that Homosexuals were being mistreated and the federal government needed to step in and protect them because the status quo was immoral, so therefore the FedGov was justified in taking action.

Fed Zilla started with Lincoln and the Civil War. It is but one more ugly truth that you refuse to face.
Education just misleads you:
Between the opinion of a New Jersey Judge and any random bum on the street, I will probably grant the opinion of the bum more credibility than that of the Judge.

Judges are TRAINED to get it wrong.
We need to destroy higher education:
And this is why we need to bankrupt Colleges and Universities and put their classes on the Internet where people can take them for free.
Google is Skynet, terminators work for the government:
Do not doubt for a moment that google is part of the deliberate Liberal propaganda apparatus. It's ran out of California and i'll wager it employees 90% Liberal Democrats. For a company who's motto is "do no evil", I regard them as probably the most evil corporation which has ever existed.

Google will become the "Skynet" network from which the Government "Terminators" will get much of their information.
Obama's so evil law no longer matters:
We are so deep in the twilight zone now that "legal" is proof of nothing. Ever hear of Obamacare? And here we all thought slavery had been made illegal.
Cruz isn't natural born, but fuck it:
I’ll vote for Cruz if he runs

So will I. Screw the Democrats. If rules don't apply to them, they don't apply to us either.
Loyalty is inherited. Better hope your parents don't have any foreign taint!
It has long been my understanding that citizenship is a characteristic of nature, not of the location you happen to be when you are born. Just as an unborn child is a person even before it emerges, so is an unborn citizen still a citizen before it is born.

That characteristic which makes a child both a person and a citizen is that which is acquired from it's mother and father.

John McCain was born to citizen parents in the service of our nation, and he himself fought and suffered on our behalf. I do not regard him as having any taint of foreign influence about him, and that is after all, the salient point behind article II anyway.
The Confederacy woulda been awesome!
You Union Supporters own abortion, homosexual marriage, anchor babies, Wickard v Fillburn, the banning of prayer in schools and even the election of this current @$$hole in chief who does not posses "natural born citizenship" but is instead only a citizen as a consequence of the 14th amendment.

You guys own that 14th amendment disaster.
The 1st Amendment needs to cut out disgusting things.
It is my belief that the first amendment was primarily designed to protect political speech. It was a rejection of "Lese Majeste" for which people had been prosecuted for criticizing Governors and such before we became a country.

It was never intended to apply to such things as "Porn" or the right to disgust people. If it doesn't have an obvious political component, it really doesn't come under the first amendment protection in my opinion.
Also hates women voting, naturally:
August 26, 1920: The 19th Amendment Goes Into Effect, Granting Women the Vote (OMG!)

It appears to have been a major mistake. I've read that all Democrat Presidents since elected were a consequence of Women Voters.

This isn't the worst constitutional amendment, but it certainly seems to be in the "bad" category.
His historian friend hates Lincoln
My History Major friend appears to have been right about Lincoln deliberately starting the war while making it look like the Confederates did it.
Vote Democrat to stick it to that GOPe:
I constantly urged everyone in Kentucky and Mississippi to vote for the Democrat in order to send a message to the GOPe. Because they did not, the message received in Washington D.C. is that you can stab conservatives in the back, and they will meekly vote for you anyway.

The price of Two extra Democrat Senators would have been worth it to disabuse the Washington DC establishment of that notion.
Obama's a nigger:
Lazy, Ignorant, Stupid, yet full of Arrogance? Obama is the sort of man for which the "N-word" was created.


  1. The Nazis had this term called "Gleichschaltung" which "Among the goals of this policy were to bring about adherence to a specific doctrine and way of thinking and to control as many aspects of life as possible."

    Otherwise, the Nazis "zotted" them.

    I usually steer clear of Nazi comparisons because it's so lame, but seriously, think about it. Wouldn't most of the Freepers be happier if everyone spoke and thought and behaved just like they do, so they wouldn't have to be inconvenienced and challenged by different people and "diversity"?

    1. "New Soviet Man" would fit just as well if it was limited to authoritarian conformism, but when you add the racism, nationalism, fetishised militarism, longing for a strong, unapologetic Leader and genocidal fantasies against a Semitic people then I'm afraid "Nazi" is what you've got. The existence of Godwins Law has never precluded the actual existence of genuine neo-Nazis.

  2. This was also the guy who was the tip of the anti Mormon spear all thouse years ago. You could count on a daily post of hate followed by 2 pages of Elsie posts.

  3. I'm the Romney campaign guy.

    He's my favorite Freeper!!!

    He sees everything in black and white and isn't afraid of making some really broad assumptions in the fewest amount of words possible.

    1. Instead of posting as anonymous, you should post as "Romney campaign guy".

  4. "I don’t hire disabled, blacks or LGBT. All three categories has produced numerous civil and court actions ending in a handful of 10’s of thousands of dollars in settlements with no wrong doing on my part. With the exception of one, every black who ever quit or was fired, caused drama. I settled for $50K with one IT (He?She?) and never found out ITs true gender.

    8 posted on 9/25/2015, 12:05:55 PM by umgud"

    1. I hope his company goes bankrupt due to a hiring practices lawsuit with this post as evidence.

    2. Right?

      >I don’t hire disabled, blacks or LGBT
      >I settled for $50K with one IT (He?She?) and never found out ITs true gender.
      >no wrong doing on my part

      This guy can't be reasoned with.

      He doesn't even know what he's done wrong!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. "...we need to get our hands on a copy, redo all the pages with Koran's replacing bibles, throw in a bunch of Insults for Mohammad, and then drop that off around various mosques in their area with those Atheists names and home addresses listed on it."

    Because Muslims are retarded and just assume the guy whose name is on it is the one who MUST have created the comic.

    Also, if someone throws a pie at! The pie will sail right past you and hit the angry dowager with opera glasses standing next to you!

  6. classic diogenesRump #1 ...

    Harlan1196: When that “utter crap of no legal value” [obama's birth certificate] is repeatedly upheld in courts across the country, will you perhaps entertain the notion that you are wrong? Or do you really feel you understand the issue better than all those judges?

    DiogenesLamp: I absolutely understand this issue better than most Judges. I defy a one of them to demonstrate the working knowledge which I have accumulated regarding this issue. All THEY know how to do is tell me what they think some other judge thought about something the founders meant. Third hand opinion is all they are good for.

  7. classic diogenesRump #2 ...

    DiogenesLamp: "Let me make this very clear for you. I do not give a D@MN what a Court says about this issue, ESPECIALLY one that has not looked at the evidence. *YOU* may need a minder to tell you what to think, but the rest of us are intelligent enough to research this ourselves and find out what the founders meant."

  8. classic diogenesRump #3 ...

    DiogenesLamp: It is my personal opinion that the entire Judiciary is filled with people who do not actually understand the meaning, the purpose, and the intent of Article II. They have all been taught wrong, going back centuries.

  9. classic diogenesRump #4 ...

    DiogenesLamp: From MY reading, Hawaii was only given State status as a Trade to the Democrats for agreeing to allow Republican Alaska into the Union. Were it on it's own merits, it likely wouldn't have been a state at all, but would have instead been "a remote multicultural, migratory island hub way out in the Pacific ocean" classified as a "territory."

    Ha Ha Thats Very Logical: Wait, is this the new birther line of attack? That Hawaii somehow wasn't a "real" state but some kind of semi-state that hadn't really earned its statehood yet? People have been joking for years that birthers would eventually start demanding Hawaii's statehood certificate--has that day come? But seriously: do you guys accept that Hawaii qualified as one of the United States for Article II purposes, or not? If so, why even bring up its remoteness or its multiculturalness--isn't that irrelevant?

    DiogenesLamp: I cannot speak for faucetman, but my point was that Hawaii was just BARELY a state, and had the Republicans not tried to make a deal with the Democrats, it is possible that it wouldn't have been a state at all. It would still have been a territory though, so the jurisdiction argument would still apply. Apart from that, I believe faucetman is pointing out that a territory newly transformed into a state might not have been so picky about the veracity of their records. ... What this means is that unlike all the other states(as far as I know) Hawaii is the ONLY state that you cannot trust on the question of whether or not a child was really born there.

    Ha Ha Thats Very Logical: I think that for the purposes of this discussion, "barely a state" is like "a little bit pregnant." Can we agree that birth in Hawaii counts as birth in the United States, and skip the "remote, multicultural, migratory island hub" nonsense?

    DiogenesLamp: Oh absolutely. I count birth in Hawaii as birth *IN* the United States. I was not trying to suggest otherwise, I was merely pointing out that Hawaii was an "accidental" state ...

    1. Has it escaped their attention that they hate almost all candidates who come from any of the 13 original colonies, too? Where their precious founders came from? Maybe they'd just like to change the rules so we can only vote for guys from Texas, Idaho, and Alaska.

  10. as you can probably conclude, i've had my eye on this fuckwit for some time now, especially as a birther-watcher.

  11. ‘I believe in the Bible’: Trump courts Christian right

    ‎9‎/‎26‎/‎2015‎ ‎1‎:‎29‎:‎58‎ ‎PM · 72 of 72
    hoosiermama to Guenevere

    Some great day the Trump will sound for us all. Coincidence ?

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  12. The running of concentration camps began as the exclusion of Jews from government positions.

    Said the guys who want to exclude Muslims from government positions, which is TOTALLY DIFFERENT because reasons.