Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lady engineers?!

The resentful sexism is strong in a short thread about remedies for women being underrepresented in STEM fields. Back in my physics days, literally every single women I met had a story about being actively discouraged from continuing by a teacher. And this was in California. But many Freepers are male engineers, and will blame any change on evil utopian libs, including the painfully gradual shift towards tapping the potential of the other half of our species.

G Larry thinks women are like aliens or something:
They’re taking over in aerospace!
G Larry explains how he's ruled over by unqualified 'thems':
I didn’t say “hired”, they’re promoted from within, to management positions, irrespective of whether they’re qualified to manage.
Jim from C-Town goes full Biotruths:
Women, for the most part, do not have the natural skill sets to be in technical field.

Men and women are different. They have different innate talents and different innate desires. AND there is nothing wrong with that!

Stop trying to guilt women into thinking they should be men and men into thinking they are somehow being mean to the girls because ‘math is hard’.
Jim from C-Town also indulges in the 'homemaking is so much more important' BS days gone by:
Not too many people have a job that is anywhere near as important as raising quality human beings. Writing new code for the next Super Mario Brothers game is hardly a substitute for being home with your children and making sure they con’t end up gang members and drug addicts.
Jim from C-Town then manages to top his previous sexist resentment with just yelling about whores:
Women have been feminized stupid.

Somehow they have been convinced that the only things that are truly important in life are really a hassle and a burden. Fewer and fewer women are worth the effort of men and that is why so many go wanting for men.

They have turned themselves into unpaid whores in the bedroom and and whores in the board room.
neefer is a woman who worked in computers because she hates women:
I’m a women who worked in the IT field for a number of years. I liked it because it was full of men and only a few women. Men never stood around at my desk talking about their weekend, kids, etc. The manager of the web services department was a women. She was extremely domineering and management knew not to make her anyone’s direct supervisor. I finally left the company because of her. She wouldn’t allow me to talk directly to people I was writing code for and was always trying to turn me into a non-technical paper shuffler like her.
Dilbert San Diego laments that some women don't care about their family. Nothing about men, though!
Some women squeeze in their children and family around their careers, rather than squeeze in their job around their family responsibilities.
When ConservativeInPA was a kid, girls loved dolls, which proves women will never be happy doing math:
They have different innate talents and different innate desires.

True. Those innate desires and talents are cultivated when little boys and girls play. At least when I was a kid, boys would build things with Lego's, Lincoln log and erector sets. Girls would play with dolls. That's where it begins developmentally. That doesn't mean that girls cannot go to school and do well in STEM programs. Whether they will be happy working in technology is another story.
Buckeye McFrog brings it back down to racism:
Silicon Valley is going to end up hiring a bunch of blacks to sit around and do basically nothing. Mark my words.


  1. This is great stuff. Think I might have mentioned that my dad might be a freeper? Haven't found definitive evidence yet. He is, of course, a mechanical engineer. Hilariously, I don't think he's technically savvy enough to know it is out there, based on watching him try to operate a computer.

    Thanks ozy. Good work

    1. Unscientifically, it seems private sector Freepers are disproportionately Mech E, EE, and dentists.

    2. I don't know if I could dig anything up, but these are the fields that tend right wing, along with quite a bit of IT and data analysis. I have seen some stuff that was more than just anecdotal.

      for people that are constantly blabbing on about STEM as the only viable and supportable career, they sure do focus on a very narrow subset.

    3. I come from a physics background, and interestingly the research sciences lean left.

    4. Makes sense to me.

      Generally speaking, research is pushing the boundaries and testing established ideas in favor of the new. If you are attracted to that in your working life, it is likely to spill over into the rest of your life too.

  2. i'm reminded of an old eddie murphy bit on snl playing then newly-exposed wife-beater ike turner plugging his new autobiography: "wimmens be thinkin' too much."

    1. Totally off topic, but this reminded me of the time in college when my roommates girlfriend thought I was reading "the confessions of Ike Turner"