Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Potpourri pt. I

ilovesarah2012 has appointed himself the anti-Jeb, and has been posting BS about him every day:
I am not a fan of Jeb, but exactly why are you posting an article that is 16 years old, and what in the world does it have to do with anything today? If you are just doing it to fling mud at Jeb, that’s pretty low. There are enough legitimate policy reasons to oppose him - this is just petty.

I’m flinging mud.
oldvirginian is gonna have his own NATO, and it will be so much cooler and less tolerant than the old NATO!!
let Berlin and Paris form their own alliance.

We could save millions of dollars when we close our remaining bases in Germany. Let the Germans pay 100% of their own defence costs along with feeding their welfare state.

Then the US, GB, Canada and like minded countries can form our own alliance. Poland might be interested, hopefully Finland would like in with us.
BenLurkin knows all liberals are pro-pedophilia:
Biden, Kerry, Obama, Mrs. Clinton, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc — have no problem at all with pedophilia becoming the next “civil rights cause of our time”
umgud would like to announce to everyone that he's breaking Federal (and probably state) nondiscrimination law:
I don’t hire disabled, blacks or LGBT. All three categories has produced numerous civil and court actions ending in a handful of 10’s of thousands of dollars in settlements with no wrong doing on my part. With the exception of one, every black who ever quit or was fired, caused drama. I settled for $50K with one IT (He?She?) and never found out ITs true gender.
CodeToad will only listen to Freepers who cheat on their taxes:
RginTN pays the IRS. He gives to the very organization that is destroying our country, the IRS. Pay no attention to RginTN because he pays to destroy our great nation!!!
DungeonMaster on Obama's faith:
People who call him a Christian really piss me off, though he may just be an atheist or a witch or an evolutionist and not a Muslim.
DiogenesLamp knows the law better than some stupid judge:
It is unconstitutional to legally bar Muslims from office. It is totally constitutional to not be suicidal enough to elect them to office.

I do not know that this is true. I know that liberal judges would have us believe this is true, because that is the meaning which they wish to twist from the words, but I argue that this does not meet the intent or spirit of the law.

This interpretation is just sophistry.
demshateGod lays out the hard truth:
I know it's hard to take, but we have realize this country we loved is gone. What this country is now is every bit as evil as Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. Happy-talk and nostalgia is not going to change the reality.
Brad from Tennessee is too clever to worry about making sense:
Most politicians are whores. Obama is a crack whore.
entropy12 makes the usual charge against a successful woman:
Rumors are rampant Carly slept her way through promotions. But that does not bother me as much as the lies she spouts without breaking a sweat. She is Brian Williams on steroids.
txhurl asks for proof Obama likes dogs, other than owning and playing with them:
How many times have you seen zero playing with his dogs that wasn’t forced? Islamos HATE dogs.
DainBramage is pretty sure the guy who asked Trump about how to deal with the Muslim problem was a plant, due to his angry manner:
I asked that a week ago and heard nothing. He was way too loud an obnoxious to not be a plant. And the media hasn’t checked him out is another sign.
SubMareener knows Trump is better than even Ronald Reagan:
Did Ronald Reagan fund his own campaign? Had Ronald Reagan ever put an organization into Bankruptcy? Donald Trump is a totally different kind of leader that we haven’t really seen since George Washington.
It only takes a few made up facts for Vigilanteman to lay bare the abortion industry:
It is pretty simple. The most marketable baby parts are at five months of gestation or more and this would really, really p*$$ off Planned Parenthood. They give the DNC a pretty sizable cut of the profits.
Responsibility2nd is so anti terrorist he's pro terror:
Perhaps our best option is that one of these (terrorist) refugees blows up and kills a bunch of liberals in some liberal loony enclave of mental disorders like Wash. DC.
Nervous Tick is still hating on Megan Kelly:
[Me Gyn] is the absolute definition of smug

It’s tough to refute that claim.
Raycpa is sure Trump calling Fiorina ugly was a clever tactic:
Trump’s strategy worked. He has changed the subject from her abilities to her looks. She fell for it.
MARKUSPRIME on Carly's ugliness:
She is a Pro-Amnesty RINO. She also had tons of plastic surgery and is still a woofer. You cant fix ugly. She’s going for the vote for me because I have a VJ dumbass low information crowd, unfortunately they are alot of women that follow this idiotic logic.
wardaddy knows who hates women the most:
I’ll let you in on a wee secret

Biggest women haters in the world are faggots

They either want them to look like skinny teen boys or they want to be them

They are jealous and resentful of women

Real men at least of my generation love women for all the most obvious reasons yet were are most likely to be called misogynist
After his Benghazi probe has revealed nothing, dsm69 senses gayness in Trey Gowdy:
I’ve wondered if he is a little light in the loafers like his fellow South Carolinian, Prissy Lindsey Graham. Looks like Gowdy supports amnesty as much as prissy Lindsey does.

Also, his hair style looks a little faggy.
blueunicorn6 is never letting go!
Why, it’s almost like all the people that hate the U.S. Are blackmailing Obama.

What could they possibly have on him?

Only Sacajaweau has the humility to to criticize this Pope on God's behalf.
If he doesn’t PUBLICALLY denounce abortion and gay marriage AT THE WHITHOUSE, he’s not the leader God intended.


  1. Sometimes I'm amazed that these people can say all this stuff, presumably with a straight face.

  2. This is strictly on the QT but if you have not given to Free Republic this month be sure to give and give generously. Jim is looking at a milestone in his personal bank account. I am not saying what it is but he wants to change the first number from a 1 to a 2. OK, I'll tell, there are 6 zeros behind it! Go Jim go! Over the years you have been very generous to Free Republic but please consider an additional gift to help Jim reach his personal goal. Thank you so much and God Bless!

  3. I love how these stupid bigots keep arguing Obama's not a christian when they pretty much go to the exact opposite on christian virtues every time.

    Also with the Russia-Ukraine shit, France, Germany and Poland are looking at forming a military defense agreement. It's amazing what you can learn when you don't just go by the macho euro-fag day dreams you have.

  4. ...The most marketable baby parts are at five months of gestation or more

    Where's this hot market for 20-week old fetal parts? I need a new arm: Get me an intact fetus, stat. Spare no expense! And make sure to give the DNC a taste of the profits.

  5. And yet, Salon was actually promoting pedophilia. Salon is a left wing internet site.

    1. Salon is not in the Democratic leadership.

      And the Salon artice advocated for setting up a voluntary treatment program for people with sick impulses who don't want to act on them. That's hardly decri!inalization. Or didn't you read it, preceding to just rail against the liberal witch?

    2. So you approve of giving pedophiles a platform. No surprise I guess. Harry Hay and Allen Ginsburg marched with NAMBLA after all (look that up)

    3. What exactly is your point? If you're trying to say that BenLurkin is right and that all liberals/Democrats are pro-pedophilia, you're going to have to provide better evidence than the weaksauce, vague guilt by association you've been trying to peddle here.

  6. Haha, quite the reach.

    I'd never hears of Hay before. Interesting wiki article.

    1. I love how these guys pull out obscure, vaguely leftist things, and then assume that every "liberal" they meet must believe the same thing.

      Even funnier when the liberal they're talkinh about is hard core right winger, like GWB, that liberal left winger