Friday, September 18, 2015

Spotlight Friday: HarleyLady27

I know Freepers tend towards cultish behavior more than most, but this 2005 Freeper takes it to the next level. Trump has made her a lot more active lately. She's fastened onto him with a joyfully explicit abandonment of facts and logic. But there were others in the past.

HarleyLady27 is a Catholic in Utah who enjoys cooking and crocheting, when not calling Michelle Obama 'Moosebutt' on the Internet.

Also into Bible analysis that finds that this is the end times, of course.

it doesn't matter what he says or does...
There is one thing about Trump:
You either ‘love’ him or ‘hate’ him....

I love him! He is a breath of fresh air on a Spring Morning, he isn't ‘owned’ by anyone but himself, he says what he thinks, if you attack him, he's a viper and he'll bite back hard and fast, he's strong, he has his own style, and he doesn't care either way what you think, unless your a candidate...

I can't get enough of him, and it doesn't matter what he says or does, I am behind him 100%...I liked him even before he announced his running...
More on that 'doesn't matter' theme:
I am a Trump Supporter 100%...doesn’t matter what he says, how he says it, who he bites back at or how hard, doesn’t matter what he has done..

It’s what he is doing now...showing how phony these other so called conservative candidates aren’t and showing us what the GOPee, MSM, RINOs base, RATS, talking heads, super pacs are doing to this country...pulling the other candidates puppet strings and telling them what to say and do and when...
More Trump love:
That’s because he is a Rock Star....a REAL rock star...

He’s funny, bright, kind, interesting, focused, can be mean spirited if you stike him, as some are finding out, very smart, likable, stable, and very sure of himself...

If there was a way I could do anymore than what I am doing for him to win POTUS, I would...
And before Trump, it was Rush Limbaugh:
He IS the leader of the Conservative Party....we will follow him anywhere!!!
Trumps fantasy cabinet:
President Trump’s Cabinet
Jefferson Sessions as Vice President

Department of State, (return INS.) – John Bolton
Department of Justice - Trey Gowdy (Suggested by The Donald)
Department of Treasury, (includes former Homeland Security, (Customs) – Carl Icahn (Offered and Accepted)
Department of War, (change the name back, include VA function.) – Gen. James Mattis
Department of Interior, (includes legitimate functions only of former Transportation, Homeland Security (Border Patrol,) and Energy Departments) – Gov. Palin

Department of Labor and Commerce – ELIMINATE
Department of Health and Human Services - ELIMINATE
Department of Homeland Security – ELIMINATE
Department of Education - ELIMINATE
Department of Energy – ELIMINATE
Department of Housing and Urban Development – ELIMINATE
Department of Veterans Affairs - ELIMINATE
Department of Agriculture – ELIMINATE
Department of Transportation - ELIMINATE

This proposed model has the President directly managing six subordinates which is optimal.

In non-cabinet level jobs

Sheriff Clarke should be FBI Director
Doctor Benjamin Carson as Surgeon General
Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson would be great as President Trumps Co-Press Secretaries.
She spends a lot of time denigrating non-Trump candidates. Jeb:
Whose going to be listening to Jebby? He puts everyone to sleep...and he doesn't know how to speak, he's a has been....

Poor, poor Jebby, his mommy should come and take him back home and tell him it's going to be ok in a few centuries....
Scott Walker's recent polling woes:
...the GOPe, media, talking heads, faux news, Karl Rove, George Will...are all on suicide
Carson, and political ignorance:
Sorry guys but I don’t want Carson as POTUS or V.P.

Can Trump pick anyone he wants, or does he have to go with whoever is second?
Fiorina does not fare well:
She’s an ugly idiot that should be kissing shillary’s you know what!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even Romney:
OMGOSH, I hope Romney comes out and opens his mouth against Trump....

(I just bought stock in Popcorn and pepsi)

That would put a total end to Mitty and the rest of the GOPe....

They really think Mitty could stand toe to toe with Trump? Trump would take one wipe, like a gnat buzzing around his head, and Mitty would run like hell hath no fury back to his hole....

ROFLMAO....that’s the best laugh I have had all morning!!!
More OMGOSH, about TPP for some reason?
OMGOSH....This is TRUMP'S arena!!!

Oh yeah, the GOPe, media, talking heads, spineless sissies, washington cartel, ‘sewer city’ they are going to be going crazy!!!

Better get Rove and George Will life support...they are going to need it...

I can see what Trump is going to do, come out on one of his rallies and tell it like it should be and show us what stupid people we have in our government....

I can't wait for this to happen....!!!
She had a brief phase calling Obama 'slob boy' for some reason.
What’s the ‘slob boy’ you can’t hear the truth about you and everything your ‘muslim brotherhood’ stands for?

I’m not saying that FNC is what it used to be, but they are getting to the ‘slob boy’ and whatever they are doing, they should keep it up to unravel the POS!!!
The usual martial law paranoia:
Little bit of martial law trial balloon conditioning? Hmmm, timing ' s interesting considering this is a top of the fold Yahoo story, and September is a Shemitah month...

Something that the muslim in chief has been biting the reins to do to stop the elections in 2016.... If Jeb doesn't go in as POTUS or shillary, all of the muslim in chief's legacy will be wiped out and he knows this...

So he riles up the ‘black lives matter’ group, he get Farrakhan to make his ridiculous statements, he gave Iran the nuke on the eve of 9/11, his healthcare plan is going down the tubes, (people can't afford it)...

So we are putting this out to get us ‘used’ to seeing it so when the muslim in chief does this it won't matter???
Of course, martial law means Civil War 2!
If he plans on martial law before the elections, yeah he does...but what he is forgetting is how many there are of us who won’t turn over and let him do it...

America is a nation of fighters, and our Military isn’t going to go up against this the muslim in chief has to have his own army, but watch out....there’s more than just OUR military backing us, there are the people who are America that will take the mussie down!!!
Also the standard Freeper half-baked Bible paranoia:
This is what I think the Bible has predicted:

This comes from Revelations...and I do take Bible Study every Wednesday...

First Trumpet= WW 1

Second Trumpet= WW 2

Third Trumpet= Chernoble

Fourth Trumpet= Moving to a New World Order

Fifth Trumpet= Gulf War 1991

Sixth Trumpet= World War 3

Seventh Trumpet= Anti-Christ

And this is what scares me to death....we are looking at Sept 13th tomorrow, but the Stock Market is closed, so Monday the 14th???? and the last of the blood moons on Sept 28th....

I am prepared as far as food, etc....and my belief is very strong in I have to put this in His hands....
The Bible doesn't mention the Palestinians, so they do not exist.
There are no Palatines, there never have been...

In the Bible, it warns of the Philistines....they were a waring group and people were warned to be careful of them...

Where this ‘palatine’ thing comes from is from man, not God...

If this pope: “Peter the Roman” wants to go down that road, then he'll answer to a much greater power....
Just asking questions in 2015 about whether Osama Bin Laden is really dead:
I have often wondered if the killing of OBL was real or made up...

You know when you have that feeling of ‘huhhhh’ yeah, that’s what I mean...

So if we didn’t kill him, where is OBL? Did the Pakistan people kill him, did they hide him, is he still alive????

These questions we need answers to, don’t you think?

If we find out that ZerO lied, can we impeach him and try him for treason and everyone in our government that went along with this?
And passionate birtherism:
Obama was born in Hawaii and is a Christian.

Lie number ONE!!! He's a Sunni Muslim and belongs to the muslim brotherhood!!!

Lie number TWO!!! His family friend, the only one killed in the plane crash, after issuing the fake birth certificate said he was born in a Kenyan Father....

A 1991 promotional literary pamphlet featured a short biographical sketch of Obama, and claimed he was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

What is his actual name? The only publicly available school record for Obama lists him as an Indonesian citizen named Barry Soetoro.

CNN can twist the facts any way they want, but we the American People have the TRUTH!!!


  1. So, in her fantasy cabinet, all we need are people to wage war, drill for oil, expel Mexicans, and handle money. We don't need any domestic services whatsoever. Try to picture that kind of country.

    It seems her Trumpets skipped right over Iraq/Afghanistan 2002-preset?

    1. 2002-preseNt, I meant.

  2. Every freeper woman seems to go all "Ann Archy" after awhile. It's fair to assume Harley Lady is divorced or never married, which causes her fantasies about Donald Trump being her secret lover.

    As for her "end time" delusions, meh.
    Psychologists have determined the desire for the world to end with them are common as weeds among the conservative narcissistic old wrinkle bag types.

  3. To many Freepers, Fox News isn't conservative enough. An example given by them is how Fox treats Trump.

    Trump isn't really conservative , an example is practically everything he's said in the past.

    Ergo, Fox isn't conservative because they treat a RINO poorly.

    Someone help me wrap my head around this one.

  4. "Third Trumpet= Chernoble"

    Besides the misspelling, was is this supposed to mean?

    That Chernobyl was a sign from God that the end-of-times is coming?

    That third trumpet was a little weak. I don't think God took a deep breath on that one.

  5. HarleyLady27 is a Catholic in Utah who enjoys cooking and crocheting, when not calling Michelle Obama 'Moosebutt' on the Internet. I the only one that hummed the Dating Game theme whilst reading that?

    1. time to break out my herb alpert collection!

  6. "The only publicly available school record for Obama lists him as an Indonesian citizen named Barry Soetoro."

    i'm always amused when birthers cite obama's indonesian grade school record as evidence of his non-us-citizenship. it's the perfect example of in-your-face cherry-picking, because the same document lists his birthplace as honolulu.

    but that line's fake of course.

  7. Freepers hate Muzzies.

    Freeper favorite, Donald Trump, responds favorably to an anti-Muzzy question.

    Freepers are anti-Muzzy, but think the guy asking the question is a Democrat plant to make Trump look bad by saying the exact same things Freepers would say anyway.

    One of my favorites of all-time!