Friday, September 4, 2015

Spotlight Friday: blueunicorn6

Here's a dude that likes his conspiracies. But nothing too spicy - he mostly keeps to the Freeper standards (Vince Foster, Benghazi, Democratic perfidity). Though he loves to come up with some detailed variations.

His pattern is always the same. Note some Democrat isn't doing what he deems optimal. Ask why. In a later post, ask the question again and briefly answer it. In a third post detail this theory, which he then posts all over Free Republic so all can see his genius.

His most notable postulate is that liberalism doesn't really exist, it's all lies created by greedy elites. Now THAT'S some impressive close-mindedness - anyone who disagrees with you secretly knows you're right and is trying to cheat you!

As one might imagine such a hothouse flower, his dedication is obsessive. He's not only still talking about Benghazi, he's hijacking every thread about Hillary he can to go on about it. His obsession has gone beyond the usual Freeper, who has moved on to whatever Limbaugh is yelling about today.

Lives with four dogs. No mention of a woman, but lots of mention of his now dead Democratic Dad, and one mention of a son.

First assume everyone spends every cent they earn on necessities, then start to REALLY simplify:
The thief does not just take your money and property, he steals your freedom.

Let’s say a thief steals your cell phone. The cell phone cost you $200 and you make $20 an hour at your job. You now have to work ten hours to replace the phone that the thief stole.

The thief isn’t working ten hours for a are.

That is ten hours that you could have used to buy a vacuum cleaner. But you lost the freedom to choose how to spend your money when the thief stole your cell phone. The thief stole your freedom.

It works the same for stealing from a store. The prices go up and then you have to spend more of your freedom (by working) to receive the same level of product from the store.

The thief has again stolen your freedom.

It is the same with the thief stealing from the government. You must spend more of your freedom (by working) to receive the same level of service from the government. This is why printing so much money is such a destructive idea. This causes inflation which then robs you of your freedom as you must spend more of your freedom (by working) to buy anything.

The victim is the slave of the thief. The victim involuntarily gives up his freedom (by working) to provide for the thief. The victim is the slave to the tyrannical thief.
Which means Democrats are tyrannical slaveholders over YOU!
The Democrats want to dictate to you. Paying taxes can be mutually beneficial. Say for building roads or defending the country.

Paying taxes so that a Democrat politician can hand that money out to people not because they work for the government, but because they vote for the Democrat politician, is not mutually beneficial. The person paying the taxes receives no benefit in this transaction.

The Democrat politicians have thus become tyrants.....dictators. Taxes, taxation, is not a mutually beneficial exchange. It is a requirement to support tyrants.

It is slavery.

And the tyrants always fear the slaves.....especially armed slaves.

No, the tyrants need to be afraid of the taxpayers.
His Democratic Dad:
I grew up in a Democrat family. My Dad taught me that the Democrat Party was for the working man.

As I grew up, I saw that the Republican Party liked to see people making lots of money. The Democrat Party liked to see their leaders making lots of money.

The Republicans like to see people making lots of money. The Democrat leaders like to see themselves making lots of money.

That makes the Democrat leaders a bunch of liars.

At least the Republicans are honest about their motives.
Using his dad's death to hate the VA for supporting the gays:
They couldn’t get my Dad’s tests to him for years and he died of leukemia, but they have the time to put up the homosexual flag twice?
A quality prediction about Obama in 2013:
Obama is going to resign. This is just part of the preparation. Obama has outlived his usefulness to the Democrat party. Obama isn’t important. Black people aren’t important. The Democrat party is what’s important. They are setting the stage so that Obama can resign and blame the Republicans.

“I really wanted to stay and fight for the American middle class, but the racist Republicans were using these little problems to block our agenda. So, I’m going to resign so that Joe can carry on our fight for America.”

The sad part is that the Americans who are black won’t see this as a kick in their teeth by the Democrat party. The Democrats s**t all over the Americans who are black, and the Americans who are black thank them for the ice cream.
I'll bet Obama violated puff-puff-pass all the time!!!
Even when he was a teenager, Barack Obama displayed his thinking. He liked to participate in the illegal activity of smoking marijuana with a group of other young men.

Even in this group of lawbreakers, there were norms of fairness. You passed the choom around one way in the circle. Everybody got their fair hit of choom. Except for Barac. He would cut in any time he felt like it and grab the choom. It looked to me like he was hanging with a group of white boys, so they probably felt that stopping him from violating the norm might be seen as a racist act. Obama was exploiting his skin color.

A white kid grabbing the choom out of order would probably have been slapped. So, we’re supposed to just laugh off Obama’s behavior. He’s exploiting his skin color. I don’t care if he is darker than me, he’s a grifter.....a con man.....a pickpocket. There’s no honor amongst crooks.
When has cutting the military ever helped anyone?
So, just sitting here, going off the top of my head, I don’t see where cutting the military budget does much good.

We got a Peace Dividend once. Where is it? Has unemployment gone down? Has the number of poor gone down? It looks to me like Bill Clinton pissed away our Peace Dividend.

It looks to me like times were better when we had a bigger military. And ask yourself if you want more people standing in line at the arms room or in the unemployment line. And seriously, who produces better citizens....the military or welfare? And I haven’t even started on the importance of a strong national defense and the consequences of a weak national defense.

Is there some fat that could be cut? Sure. But I’d do it after we do some cutting to these government programs that give people just enough to survive on but rob them of their ambition and pride.
Damn Democrats want to win at any price, probably for sinister reasons.
Makes you wonder about Democrats. Politics used to be about getting the best person for the job and that was the person who would get the most effective and efficient use out of the hard-earned taxpayer dollars. Now, for the Democrats, it’s win at any price. Wonder why that is.
Freepers need to stop being so nice to liberals, who aren't really liberals anyway:
The first thing conservatives have to do is to quit trying to fight by the Marquis of Queensbury Rules in these political streetfights. My Dad told me, “When I was young, I used to fight like a Boy Scout. I’d help the kid back up after I knocked him down. I lost every fight. I got tired of getting beat up. I started fighting to win. I never lost anymore fights.” Quit getting wrapped around the ideological arguments of the Democrats. They don’t believe in socialism, either. They just use it to get votes from the young and stupid. They use politics to get money for themselves. When we knock them down, quit giving them a hand up so they can hit us again. Knock them down, and then kick their teeth in if they don’t give up. We can be Boy Scouts when they start getting 3% of the vote.
'Hillary's campaign isn't what I think it should be. This is very sinister!'
Hillary Clinton is in deep trouble.

She should be spending thirty million dollars on advertising showing her hugging kittens, but she’s not.

Why not?
The answer!
If she was actually serious, she would be running thirty million dollars worth of ads to prop up her sagging image.

She’s not.

Her campaign is part of her defense plan to keep herself out of jail for as long as possible.
The embellishment!
She can’t drop out.

She has committed criminal acts.

Now, she can call all investigations “political”.

If she drops out of the race, then she can’t use the “This is all political” defense.

If she was serious about winning, she would be spending thirty million dollars on advertising to brace up her image.

She is really helping out the Democrat Party.

Keep stringing this out Hillary!
But be careful Hillary, the Democratic Party ubergrifters are far more powerful than the Clintons and Obamas:
The purpose of the Democrat Party is to place thieves into office where they can loot the public treasury.

If Hillary and Obama threaten to upset this operation, they will be destroyed by the Democrat Party.

Threaten the existence of the Democrat Party, and Obama and the Clintons go away.
Hillary is mean because liberalism is a lie:
Every liberal idea that Hillary held dear has turned out to be wrong. That’s why she’s so mean. True believers turn nasty when they realize they were duped. Now, she just wants wealth and revenge. The problem is that she isn’t smart enough to take revenge on the organization that lied to her.....the Democrat Party.
The press will soon expose Hillary, lest she destroy them:
If the Democrats are fighting so hard publicly, imagine what they are threatening in private conversations.

“Yeah, she’s guilty, but we’ll.......”

Once the press figures out that Hillary is an awful human being who will destroy them if they support her criminal behavior, then the game is up.

I suspect the game is already up. They’re just negotiating Hillary’s future.
What Americans want is a President they can pity, like Obama:
The Democrats won the last two Presidential elections by running a candidate that people felt sorry for. Nobody feels sorry for Hillary.
The Clintons are so calculating when you make up what they say and do!
Man, you have to admire the Clintons. Everything is about politics. The wife of our “first black President” is going to have a black grandchild. Hillary’s campaign slogan will be “I’m a black granny!”
You know whose a drinker? Nancy Pelosi!
I saw Nancy at the Oxnard Community Theater’s production of Mary Poppins. She had the lead.

“Just a spoonful of vermouth helps the gin all go down, The gin all go down, the gin all go down.”

Oh, she could fly that night all right.
Democrats do not march in lockstep. This proves they are all grifters:
Let us take a look at the commonalities of the leaders of the Democrat Party. Commonalities are what cause people to join together in groups.

They are all feminists. Yeah, like Bill Clinton.
They are all socialists. Yeah, like John Heinz Kerry.
They are all environmentalists. Yeah, like John Edwards.
They are all pacifists. Yeah, like Hillary Clinton.
They are all homosexuals. Yeah, like Harry Reid.
They are all intellectuals. Yeah, like Joe Biden.
They are all Moslems. Yeah, like Nancy Pelosi.

No commonalities there.

They all want lots of money for themselves and their families.

I'll bet Democrats don't even really support the gays!
The cruelest irony is that the Democrats could care less about homosexuals. They support homosexuality because it is a means of population control.

Dear homosexuals: we conservatives want you to enjoy the fullness and richness of life that marriage to someone of the opposite sex brings. The Democrats don’t want you to reproduce. Which side cares more about you?
Denny Hastert would have gotten away with child molestation if he were a Democrat!
If it’s homosexual behavior with a Republican, it’s “abuse”?

If it’s homosexual behavior with a Democrat, it’s “just about love”?
Hey I'll bet those popular liberal shows are secretly unpopular!
If Democrats are willing to cheat to win elections, why haven’t the advertisers figured out that the ratings could be manipulated? I think advertisers should probably be paying 25% of what they’re paying for commercials on the broadcast networks.
Young people will only vote for young people, and Elizabeth Warren is too old!
Paleface Lizzy is 65. She’s the youthful face of the Democrat Party.

Come on college students! Vote for wrinkles!
Failed Army recruit spotted:
The leaders of the Army are simple people. They have to have a simple way of evaluating people. Twice a year, Soldiers are evaluated by a stopwatch as they run a two mile course. A stopwatch is easy for the leaders of the Army to understand. Lower numbers = good. Higher numbers = bad. Promote the people with lower numbers. It’s easy.

Teamwork? They don’t understand that. How can they measure that? We have an Army that is led by good cross country runners who can’t win wars.
re: Hillary's e-mails:
Ambassador Stevens cries out from his grave,

“Bring Hillary to justice!”
Breitbart publishes an EXCLUSIVE Benghazi conspiracy theory:
Ambassador Stevens cries out from the grave,

Washington Post has a pro-Hillary editorial:
Ambassador Stevens can’t read The Washington Post because of Hillary Clinton.

Thank you, Washington Post, for sticking-up for the thief and killer Hillary Clinton.
Hillary gives a speech in Mississippi:
Ambassador Stevens couldn’t be in Minneapolis to cheer for Hillary.
Hillary defends planned parenthood:
Ambassador Stevens would like to comment, but, unfortunately, he was murdered by real terrorists in Benghazi who probably knew where he was because Hillary was more worried about her political future than his, and three other Americans, security.

Hillary is a dirty, thieving, lying shirtbird who has people murdered.
Another article about Hillary's e-mails:
Ambassador Stevens thinks that perhaps Hillary should have been more careful about communications security.
Hillary doesn't take many questions:
Ambassador Stevens would like to ask Hillary a question.
More e-mail discussion:
Ambassador Stevens would like to disagree with her.
Hillary's platform:
Ambassador Stevens would like to talk to Hillary about her platform.
Hillary says she did nothing criminal:
Ambassador Stevens begs to differ.
Not a fan of Hillary supporters:
After all the information put out on Hillary, anyone who still supports her is an idiot or a traitor and probably both.
Some neat telepathy:
Democrat voters.....

“Yes, I know Hillary is a liar and a thief, but I’m hoping that she’ll lie and steal for me, too.”
Well, Obama and Hillary paid the ransom in BENGHAZI.
In years past, it was Obama's Benghazi:
Obama is in trouble. He’s been caught doing some bad things. This is an attempt to gain sympathy for him. I don’t care if they put up a photo of him eating Wheaties, he left 40 Americans to die in Benghazi while he went nighty night.
A new conspiracy!
This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our girl Hillary did some bad things concerning Libya and Qadaffi.

Some very bad things.
The mature Libya conspiracy:
I think Hillary and Obama were stealing Qadaffi’s fortune in Libya. That is why Hillary needed an off-the-record intelligence operation. She needed to find Qadaffi’s fortune.

The Libyans figured it out and hit us at Benghazi for hostages to trade for Qadaffi’s fortune. They got an Ambassador and 40 CIA employees.

So, how do Hillary and Obama pay off billions in blackmail? They won’t use their money. Soros won’t pay. They have to find sneaky ways to pay the blackmail.

This is why six billion dollars are missing from the State Department.

They are smart enough to know that if they get caught paying blackmail for their thievery, they’ll go to jail. So they have to have a cover story.

“Yeah, we paid our enemies, but it was to get our hero Bergdahl back.”

Sneaky con men and thieves.

That is what they are afraid Gowdy will find out.
He now hates everything, because Democrats ruined it all!
Remember when sports used to be enjoyable.....before the Democrats started using it as a place to preach. Remember when music used to be enjoyable......before the Democrats used it as a place to preach.
Remember when television used to be enjoyable.....before the Democrats started using it as a place to preach.
Remember when movies used to be enjoyable.....before Democrats started using them as places to preach.
Remember when church used to be enjoyable......until the Democrats started using them as a place to preach.
Remember when school used to be enjoyable.....OK school was never enjoyable but the Democrats have made it worse with their preaching.

The Democrats intentionally screwup everything they touch.


  1. Ambassador Stevens got his position through patronage in the Democrat Party.

    They only because concerned with his life when he was killed by people they hate more than Democrats.

    1. Not to mention, they can blame it on Obama/Clinton. That's the only reason Benghazi became a thing on the right.

  2. here's a prediction from way back in the early confident and hopeful stages of ods:

    "My humble prediction is that once Zer0’s daily approval poll (Rasmussen) reaches negative territory and stays there for a couple weeks, interest in [birther] cases will increase dramatically. Lately I’ve been hearing from people who “just want to get rid of him” by whatever legal means possible; he’s just “too dangerous” to the republic to stay where he is for 4 years.

    How about the rest of you FReepers? Anybody else picking up similar vibrations?"

    posted on 3/16/2009, 11:54:49 AM by Scanian

    1. nowadays ods sufferers are reduced to inchoate despair:


      posted on 7/18/2015, 12:54:26 PM by knarf (I say things that are true, I have no proof ... but they're true.)

    2. i wish i could reproduce knarf's anguished plea in his bolded 100pt type for the full effect. i recommend visiting the original post for yourselves. to see it is to imbibe deeply the sweet ambrosia of wingnut tears.

    3. I have a dream.....a dream where Trump, Cruz and Walker have their inevitable implosion and drop into the dust bin of failed Presidential candidates [like former half term governor Palin]. A dream where President Hillary Clinton, at her second inaugural address, mentions the sad mass suicide of the couple hundred remaining freepers...and giggles.

    4. I have a prediction, that the 2016 autopsy for the Republican party will be along the lines of, "No seriously, guys, we have to appeal to Hispanics!" Followed by even more anti-immigration fervor in 2020. The cycle will repeat, and a Republican will not be elected president until 2040 when the old racists start dying off in appreciable enough numbers to allow the Republicans to once again start to appeal to sane Americans.

      See, right now they can write off Obama's presidency as a fluke. A two-term Hillary presidency would make them wonder if maybe they're doing something wrong, but write that off as well because Hillary is such a cut-throat politician. They would have to lose to a Dukakis or a Kerry after putting up a Trump or a Cruz before they admit they have to change their ways.

    5. i almost forgot we've got an anniversary coming up on the 13th, with home movies!

      "Orly Taitz Claims She Can Have President Obama 'Out Of Office In 30 Days'"

    6. The FReeper 2016 necropsy will be along the lines of:

      "We must adhere more rigorously to the Sunnah of the Prophets (The Framers - pbut) and the literal interpretation of the Holy Scriptures (Constitution)!! Only then will Allah (is this right ??? ed.) return us to the Promised Land (1950's)!!".

      Dead, prophetic role models from several centuries ago? Constitutional texts elevated to holy writ? Hmmm ...this rings a bell ...something about the Middle East.....