Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Katrina Laments

Hurricane Katrina, and Bush's handling therof, seem to be a particularly sore spot on the right, if their frenzied continued attempts to find Obama's Katrina are any indication. Maybe it's how it fed into the Democratic narrative that hostility towards government makes for crappy governance.

Whatever it is, they're still bitter 10 years later. And for Freepers bitterness leads to conspiracies...!

libbylu knows the Federal government tried, but was powerless before state and local failures!
I blame the mayor and governor. Joe Bastardi predicted Friday night prior exactly what would happen. Bush had to call the governor and the mayor who is now in jail? They both have freaking no brains and allowed all those people to be killed.
Dilbert San Diego is amazed liberals blamed Bush for what was clearly a disaster of merely local proportions:
I am still stunned years later, that the liberals and the media politicized a hurricane.

Even though state and local officials are supposed to take the lead on dealing with disasters, and even though the governor and mayor were both Democrats, Bush and Republicans were blamed for everything which went wrong in New Orleans.
headstamp 2 repeats the Freeper wisdom that Bush never cared about public relations:
This is what I absolutely could not stand about the Bush administration. They would let the media paint them badly at every turn with no pushback whatsoever. On and on for years.

No “war room”, narrative control, spokespeople who were worth a damn, nothing.
Cowboy Bob knows who would be awesome during a disaster:
If Bush stood up for himself the way Trump is, the history of Katrina would be far different.
CIB-173RDABN goes for a hypothetical double-standard:
If all things being equal except a Democrat was President the narrative would have been different. Instead of painting a picture of incompetence and failure on the part of the Federal Government, there would have been praise for the heroic action and calm leadership provided by the White House.
Fred Hayek explains what really happened was red tape stopping Bush's awesome efforts:
Blanco and Nagin are both criminally negligent. Bush had assets ready to roll, but needed the approval of both state and city governments. Both characters did not want to be seen taking aid from Bush, and then turned around saying Bush did nothing. For that I also throw in obstruction. Slander as well.
If anyone cares, Amendment10 is still tilting at tiny government windmills the Founders would have scoffed at:
As a side note to this thread, please consider the following. The states have never delegated to the feds, expressly via the Constitution, the specific power to tax and spend for vote-winning federal relief funding.
dfwgator is sure Democrats ordered many deaths to make Bush look bad:
The DNC gave Blanco and Nagin their marching orders, it was one of those “Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste” things.
IMR 4350 can always be counted on for the best conspiracies:
I’ve got a cousin that lives in Covington, LA.

Apparently it’s common knowledge in LA Blanco got a call from top dems not to act because the dems were trying to set Bush up with an impeachment trap.


  1. You got it backwards. Democrats didn't order deaths to make Bush look bad. They delayed responding for too long while worrying about making Bush look good.

    1. Such telepathy would be amazing, if it weren't so partisan.

    2. I live here in NOLA. The problem was poverty, pure and simple.

      Nearly half of New Orleanian don't have access to vehicles. Most of those who remained didn't really have much of a choice. Typically these are the same that receive some form of governmental assistance. And look when the hurricane hit...towards the end of the month. Not exactly a time of the month when they would have the money to evacuate either!

    3. I'm a bit off the main subject but I I remember a bunch of the RWNJ's here in Oklahoma taking about how stupid and foolish the people who stayed in New Orleans were. Change it to some good 'ole boy in rural Florida making a stand against a hurricane in "the house I was born in." Then suddenly it's a noble deed of honor. Conversely those same Okie RWNJ's take offensive when a coarse outsider asks why people keep living in the tornado hotspot of Moore,OK.

    4. Good lord, I made a lot of typos.

  2. Not telepathy.

    ABC News: http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/HurricaneKatrina/blame-delayed-response-katrina/story?id=1102467

    NBC News: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/9613133/ns/nbc_nightly_news_with_brian_williams-nbc_news_investigates/t/how-much-blame-does-gov-blanco-deserve/#.VeZwSxoo7MI

    Bill O'Reilly Talking Points Memo: http://www.foxnews.com/story/2005/09/07/what-really-happened-in-wake-hurricane-katrina.html

    Old Dominion University Ph.D Lessons Learned Review: http://ww2.odu.edu/ao/instadv/quest/DisasterLessons.html

    1. First, good on ya for supplying sources. And not bloviating propaganda either!
      Maybe all my years of freeping has jaded me, but it's refreshing to see facts brought to an argument.

      But those articles are not super strong.

      The ABC news one does the usual truth is in the middle BS with dueling experts blaming the Feds and state/city officials, but says nothing about any political motives.

      The NBC article argues Gov. Blanco should have called the national guard sooner. Arguable, but nothing about partisan hesitation.

      Even Bill'O notes that the Feds have their share of the blame. And again, no speculation about any bad faith.

      And the academic article focuses on how sub optimal institutional structures and relationships exacerbated the disaster. Again, nothing about worrying about making Bush look good.

      So you've posted stuff arguing that the blame should be spread around. Fair enough, but that hardly means Bush is blameless.

      And nothing you posted sad ANYTHING about your Democratic partisan hesitation theory.