Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

urbanpovertylawcenter joins the unironic endorsement of Nazi tactics:
What the Germans really need to do if they are going to let these cockroaches in is to set up squads of folks.....


rfreedom4u doesn't want women in the Marines. Except for his Marine wife.
My entire time in the Corp was in units with no women. We had very few problems. When I joined the army my first unit was all men (combat engineer). We had few problems. Then someone got the brilliant idea to add women to the mix and we had a whole bunch of issues almost immediately.

I am close to believing that women don’t belong in the Corps at all except my wife was in the Marines also. As for combat, women do not belong in it (my wife agrees). Aside from the incredible physical differences between the sexes there is also the emotional difference.
IDontLikeToPayTaxes just wants women to work women jobs, like they're made for:
The issue that nobody talks about is this: How many women even want to be in combat jobs?

From my experience in the military, not many at all.

I would say there is a very small percentage of women that want to be in the Infantry.

Almost all women in the Army join up to be a medic or a supply clerk, because that's the kind of stuff women like.
laplata relates how he bamboozled some old lady into agreeing with him, but never ceased his contempt:
One of my neighbors is an 81 year old lady who was born in Germany. She wanted to visit Germany one last time but decided against it.

Someone educated her about the Arab Spring and other disastrous POS Obama policies and she was flabbergasted that POS Obama was largely responsible for what’s happening. She said she felt like she was fooled by voting for him. Typical lib idiot.
Uncle Miltie explains in economic terms how we need to kill all the illegals:
The motivation of migrants is virtually infinite. The only way to stop an infinitely motivated illegal gate crasher is to kill them. Sad, but true.

The problem is not Europe’s fault. It is ISLAM’s fault.

Europe should properly put up fences and kill intruders.

Then muslims must address the root cause of their misery: ISLAM.
Sacajaweau simultaneously denigrates Ahmed Mohammed's clockmaking and thinks Obama made this happen somehow:
hardly some brilliant has a damn plug...The kids a dunce...

Why do I think Obama made this happen from the beginning.
Sounds like Psalm 144 is fixing to gin up some Bush conspiracies, using rumors to beget rumors:
Rumor had it that Ross Perot had some business grudge against “Read My Lips” Bush. That says something about the real face of a family if they can repeatedly draw enemies at that level with so much determination. That is not mere rivalry, that is hatred. One has to wonder why.
WENDLE is really not a fan of FiaRINO:
I know you all are up on this but I want to underscore the obvious. This Morning I saw that horrible RINO, that we all hate, Karl Rove — PUSHING THAT FAKER AND FEMINEST FiaRINO!! . Tonight on FAUX , I saw ( and this is beyond comprehension) McAMNESTY pushing FiaRINO. She is their whore!! She is the fix!! She sucks!!
Fiji Hill works really hard to misinterpret Fiorina's answer to a frivolous question:
It’s noteworthy that she said that she wants her Secret Service code name to be Secretariat. A secretariat is an institutional bureaucracy, usually part of international organizations such as the League of Nations—or totalitarian political parties such as the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, Italy’s National Fascist Party, or the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
sten tries to draw a parallel between precautionary searches that apply to everyone and an 8-hour arrest of a Muslim who did nothing:
when the kid shows up at the white house, the secret service won’t check his ‘clock’



after all, that would be racist. the kid MUST be allowed to enter the white house with the box COMPLETELY unsearched.


and he should be able to meet with 0bama while holding the ‘clock’.

Objective Scrutator finds another impure seeming conservative
Ann Coulter is a known s***-stirrer, and someone who is in the pocket of the Left.
HomerBohn has a new Obama nickname guys!
There’s enough Muslims in the White Hut and Annex to do serious damage. What am I saying? They are doing serious damage to America under their leader, Sultan Barackomar Hussein Oblumah.
RitaOK fantasizes about someone smacking the Pope for plotting with Obama to destroy America:
I’m dying to know who it was that told the pope to “SNAP OUT OF IT!”. I wondered if they had to smack his right cheek to get sober thinking, here.

He is being blatantly used as a boob to justify the destruction of our vote and our country, by legalizing the illegals in time for the next election.

He is for all of it, but to start a civil war may be a chew he has decided to delay. His ‘bite’ will come on his own soil, not ours. He will go home and plot from there, with Obama.
HurricaneD finds the America Dream to be highly suspicious:
Secretary to CEO? How unlikely.

Exactly right. Sort of like unknown Muslim from Kenya to President of the U.S.

Epic failure in both cases.
MeganC knows liberals never forgive, and will literally kill you for apologizing:
NEVER apologize to liberals because they are NOT Christians! Christians see a heartfelt apology as an act of contrition and a reason for forgiveness.

Liberals see any apology as a confession of guilt and a justification for the death penalty (which they oppose in cases of murder but approve of when someone is ‘offended’.)
AlaskaErik is sure Ahmed Mohamed is a terrorist:
Ahmed Mohamed was mistreated by imbeciles, and he’ll be famous for it, for 15 Warholian minutes, and then again for a 30-second spot when he graduates in a few years and goes off to MIT or wherever.

And the last we'll hear about him is when one of his "clocks" goes off and kills more Americans.
Crazieman literally changed his opinion just to continue to disagree with Obama:
I initially defended the kid until Dear Leader quickly stuck his fugly face in to the issue.

That sent up my red flags, since he’s wrong on 100% of the issues.


  1. Despite the millions of dollars that Jim has taken in over the years he still needs more! Please give.
    Think of all the good those millions of dollars have done, think of all that Free Republic has accomplished with that money! Well, don't think about that too hard. But give. GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!

    1. A new grift-a-thon starts in a mere 10 days ... hardly any down time for the free-labor stupids anymore between having to shill for their cult leader.

  2. qotd: "Donald Trump is a totally different kind of leader that we haven’t really seen since George Washington."

  3. qotd #2: "Libs LOVE bringing up how horrible America is. They hate America and anything about it. They simply do not want to HONOR anyone with whom they disagree. ... They do not want monuments for those whom they see as scum, understandably. But their view is childish and overwrought."

  4. Viennacon had a wonderful piece of poetry last week:

    "You’re a marxist meandering goon
    You’re wife flings sh*t like a baboon!
    A night out with Reggie
    might give you a wedgie
    when he make you squeal on his bassoon

    You’re a disease-ridden dog vomit liar
    Your supporters belong on a pyre
    Mexicans pouring
    Cross borders they’re touring
    If they come any closer I’ll fire!"

  5. from hero to homo ...

    dsm69: "I’ve wondered if [Trey Gowdy] is a little light in the loafers like his fellow South Carolinian, Prissy Lindsey Graham. Looks like Gowdy supports amnesty as much as prissy Lindsey does. Also, his hair style looks a little faggy."

    1. Ut oh...they turning on Draco Malfoy.

    2. And then, after using 'he is gay' as an insult, wonder why [people who aren't gay, 'defend' themselves against the accusation.