Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hitler had some good ideas...

Before I could even post about Freepers' glee at the death of over a hundred Muslim civilians in a construction accident in Mecca (as noted by NickBush24 among others) they've topped themselves.

I suppose it makes sense that people who go Stormfront on race would move on to religion as well. At this point, Freepers differ from their White Supremacist bretheren only in that they hate Muslims not Jews. That minor change hasn't stopped them from endorsing literal Nazi concentration camps for the Syrian refugees, as they did in this thread AnonymousB uncovered about some refugees being housed in what was once Buchenwald concentration camp:

Irenic knows refugees must look like hell or it doesn't count:
Plenty of nice shoes these poor refugees have. Those two don't look like they've missed many meals, either. They look like greedy, selfish people to me.
boycott also has very high standards for which civilians gets to flee ISIS:
Looks like two able-bodied cowards that could have stayed and fought for their family and homeland. Instead, they left their women, children, and elderly.

Cowards aren’t fit to be welcomed.
null and void reminds us all that every bad guy is related in Freepers' heads:
Appropriate as they would be sleeping the the quarters of their former allies.

I hear that Mein Kampf is a best seller in arab countries these days...
umgud indulges in some strawman telepathy, to better hate:
They’re likely happy to stay where so many Jews died.
W. wishes some Holocaust on these refugees:
I wish the two ragheads in the picture accompanying this article had to live in Buchenwald, 1944.

In January. Like the Jews who did...
New Freeper Lucy Hamilton endorses concentration work camps:
They should be used as slave labour, put them in chaingangs so they can’t break loose and put the “refugees” to work doing ANYTHING.
mass55th takes us to the logical conclusion:
Could sure use some Zyklon B showers about now.
Jesus Christ.


  1. Keep an eye on Lucy. Either a troll or stone cold believer. The way she/he has fit it effortlessly with the noob obsessed Freepers is amazing!

    1. For sure, she has been a prolific poster in her short tenure.
      Lucy appears to be (or claims to be) European.
      I doubt she is a troll, but more likely a plant with an agenda.

  2. Nearly every article I read on Free Republic reminds me of why I steer clear of evangelicals. What a dreary worldview. If this is what faith does to your psyche, I want no part of it.

  3. "Freepers differ from their White Supremacist bretheren only in that they hate Muslims not Jews."

    Well, freepers aren't too keen on Democratic-leaning American Jews, or our Jewish Supreme Court judges ...
    I imagine mass55th would like to see a few American Jews in the ZyklonB showers too.

    Really, how sick can freepers get?

  4. If Freepers had their way they'd call for a holocaust of liberals and anyone that didn't share their beliefs.

    These scumbags honestly deserve to die.

    1. Meh, so long as they're just being awful on the Internet and not doing anything about it, I think mere mockery is enough.
      Well, that and living their life watching themselves become increasingly irrelevant in all but GOP primaries.

    2. It's always funny when they threaten Civil War 2, because I'm pretty sure you could kill most of them by surprising them by clapping your hands behind them when they're staring at the high prices at Wal-Mart.

    3. I dunno, it still discomforts me that such people exist, lol.

      On a brighter note, people are calling out re_nortex here about the 14 year old Texan who got arrested for making a clock and taking it to school:

    4. Interestingly enough, the following is a real product:

      "Nortex Explosive - 74% Polyamide - 26% Lycra Power (210g/m²)"


      This being the case, I'm sure the repellent old racist will be fully supportive of cops dragging him away in handcuffs based on the fact that his screen name appears to reference (re.) bomb making substances.

    5. I thought it was because he was from northern Texas. Checks out too since his profile flag is Texas.

    6. North Texas? It's possible. Same as "just a clock" was possible. However this is a Freeper we're talking about!!! Do YOU want to take the risk ?!?!?! ;)

    7. Odd. I could have sworn nortex is from New York. Seem to recall him saying that a while back, (when we were trying to decide if he's a Poe or just really, really creepy.)

    8. There's no way nortex is anything but a Poe, his posts seem to be calculated to be as ridiculous as possible.

    9. He says on that clock thread that he is 74 years old and retired ... so he could have been from New York earlier, or lived/worked in New York for awhile.

      I thought he was a poe at one time too, but now i just think that he (like Norm Lenhart) are just lonely old men looking for attention.