Monday, September 14, 2015

The Kardashians have large asses

WHile vapid celebrity culture has probably been with us since writing, it's pretty fashionable to lament the Kardashians' fame. It's also pretty easy to ignore them. Freepers, who love any chance to hate modern society but also love ignoring modern society, try to do both and end up where they often do - performative ignorant rage.

Old Sarge is not a fan, though he knows a lot about them:
Three useless Armenian chicks, one of them a porn star, who are only famous because their daddy was on the OJ Simpson Trial.

‘Nuff said.
TexasCajun had been monitoring the youngest one, but she's dating negroes...
I was holding out hope for Kylie, but she's falling in line with her big-butt sis.

Just turned 18, got a new Ferrari from some rapper.
Gaffer shows he has no idea what a wookie is:
I am in disbelief at the wonder and awe American illiterates persist in fawning to the magic that is “Kardashian.”

I see that big butt girls (I suspect not her own) with collagen lips, plucked eyebrows and fake boobs and a brain like a slug and I think, “But for the grace of money and a conniving mother goes a genetically hairy fur ball of a fat ass.” If she didn’t have any of that, she’d look like a wookie.
I find 5th MEB's professed ignorance to be unconvincing:
The only thing I think about a kardashin is it sounds like a new venereal disease. As far as Bruce Jenner is concerned, wasn't he some sports guy about 30 or 40 years ago?
Aria wonders if Trump caused this reporter to say they were sick of reporting on vapid celebrities:
Just have to wonder if maybe this reporter refusing to take it anymore is part of the Trump effect.
Political Junkie Too dusts of some super old OJ Simpson conspiracy:
Their daddy was only on the OJ defense team to shut him up for being the person who threw out OJ's bloody gym bag at an airport garbage pail.
wardaddy shows up with his always amazingly over-the-top racism/sexism combo:
Their jungle fever appeals to the great unwashed trash belt of our culture

Porn appeals pornies

Tranny sub topic appeals to freaks

Mom is a jungle fever slash cougar

And toss in that they have destroyed the Louis Vuitton ...Hervé Legere.....Chanel....and Christian Louboutain fashion house cachet singlehandedly with their tawdriness and gutter morality

They’re perfect in our dead culture

They would be premium whores on Caligulas barge for the weird stuff
angcat finds something casts a shadow over the Kardashians' relationship choices:
None of the women in that family have ever landed a decent man. The mother is a skank to boot!
Sarah Barracuda kinda goes stream of consciousness:
Send the KarTRASHians to Syria, but I think even ISIS has their standards..good for this news anchor, I mean seriously who the heck cares about that “Family” anymore..their only claim to fame is that the father hid OJ’s murder weapon and clothes and the daughter made a sex tape..but hey Hillary Clinton seems to be a huge fan, I can see why..trash attracts trash
dfwgator solves every little problem with genocide:
Seeing the Kardashians, I start to think, 'Too bad the Turks didn’t finish the job'

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