Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ben Carson

aarrgghh found the thread.

Ben Carson is a really interesting political candidate. His views are extreme, but all over the map. Though despite his apostasy (and blackness), I expected him to be a much bigger Freeper candidate. Because his passion seems to be that elected Democrats are evil people. He talks softly and kindly, and uses big words without seeming condescending. And says Hillary Clinton is a Communist Alinskyite, Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery, and America has become like Nazi Germany. Freep gold, and just the paranoid stuff that would make them overlook his unforgivable blackness!

But he never caught fire. And now his non-doctrinaire political views are coming into focus. Specifically, naturally, that he's not anti-illegal enough, for zealous nativism is the black beating heart of Freep. and Freepers are having none of it. And for people who are the last bastion of colorblind equality, his race sure does come up a lot!

gaijin has his 2 issues:
Shaky on guns
shaky on illegals

Too bad, I kinda liked him.
max americana simplifies things quite a bit:
he’s the black version of Jeb
goldstategop compares Carson's black racism to Hillary's:
Illegals, gun confiscation, black racism.

All reasons why I will never vote for Ben Carson.

If I want all of those things, I might as well elect Hillary.
goldstategop knows blacks will never vote for a black Republican because they're racist. No explanation of why they don't seem to be voting for white Republicans either...
Racist Black America will never vote for Carson because he’s the house ni***h. Quite simply, a black Republican is an Uncle Tom.

He will never be President.
RginTN shows how simple-minded nativism can get:
And how does Carson know an illegal alien granted citizenship won’t be a terrorist?

No more squishes.
stevio may be right, though I suspect it's less guilt than envy about a racial vote that does not exist:
Why does he poll so high with republicans? Because he’s black? I have to think so. Damn white guilt, get over it already.
Craigon also hates Carly for being a bit offended by Trump:
Yea, I’m Out. I had Cruz, Trump, Carson on my top 3. Carly dropped off when she showed a little feminist chip on the shoulder during the Kelly brouhaha. I break out in hives at the slightest hint of PC.
panzerkamphwageneinz hates vaccinations:
He’s dead.

Wants mandatory vaccinations.
France is now realizing the dangers of vaccines and is changing their policies based on science and not big Pharm.

Ben, it was nice while it lasted.

buh bye
I Hired Craig Livingstone is also obsessed with Carson's blackness:
No one gets a bigger affirmative action boost than a black Republican candidate. OK, maybe a black Democrat... but still.

I mean, seriously. Herman flippin’ Cain was the front-runner for a while last time around.
nikos1121 knows soft-spoken and crazy just doesn't hold a candle to loud and the primary:
I want a leader of men and women in the white house, who rings clear as a bell.

I’m for Trump...end of story.


  1. I was reminded of this post by hosepipe:

    Most I know woulnd’t vote for another negro..... if Jesus himself came back as one..

    Sad but true.. Ben Carson is a stand up guy...
    Way to early for another brotha in the White House..

    Maybe after things are “FIXED” IF they ever are fixed..
    then a good conservative no matter the race would be good..
    Jindal has the same problem.. good man but nope.. not this time..

    Even, If Sowell or Alan West ran I would demur..
    UNless they were the ONLY Candidates.... them maybe..
    The politically wise ones KNOW it isn’t time for them..

    1. That's the freeper way ...

      If a white conservative says or does something they don't like, they say "Oooohhhh, I don't like that!"

      If a black conservative says or does something they don't like, they say "Oooohhhh, black racist!"

    2. And if a female conservative says something to defend herself that's 100x milder than anything Trump would say if asked the same question, it's labeled "PC."

    3. Or, worse yet (to a freeper) she's a FEMINIST!

    4. My guess is Ben Carson yanks some subliminal Freeper memories because of Bonanza! (TV Series).

      Think about it:

      BEN (Cartwright) - rugged, white individualist\capitalist, never seen unarmed and routinely shooting various sorts of bad guy. Silhouette role model for the "High Plains Grifter" himself.

      CARSON (City) - closest "urban" area where BEN hangs out. All men armed, all the time, no minorities or feminists, death penalty applied liberally (and that's the only thing "Liberal" about the place).

  2. I like Ben Carson as much as I can like someone I've never met and I love Freepers make me sick with the way that have been going after him. Even some insinuating that he's not very smart!! I don't see any of them performing complex brain surgery. Also hate the way anytime a black/woman/ or minority does something they don't agree with then it Is blamed on affirmative action. The place is rotten to the core. Give it up Freepers. The world is moving on and no one wants you around them. Not the Republicans and not even other conservatives. FUFR!

    1. carson may indeed be smart in his field, but he's like an idiot savant. he's stuffed his braincase with neurosurgery and nothing else. he couldn't even fit evolution in there! his expertise is a trade school vocation; he's basically a high-achieving car mechanic.

      and knowing nothing about politics or history, like sarah palin, he's perfect for the gop: a token for a desired demographic who's also an empty willing vessel ready to be filled with all sorts of propaganda, ideology and nonsense.

    2. Smart as he is, he is George W Bush with intelligence, when it comes to policy. He's a hell of nice guy probably, but would use his neocon social agenda to take America back to the 19th century, socially

    3. There's lots of comparisons of free republic to stormfront and other racist hate sites. I would say that free republic has always been just as racist, but it's American racism, never admitting it's racist, even when it's most blatant.

      I don't even know with Carson. The dude is seriously gifted. Not like the Dr. Oz way either. Dr. Oz is still a practicing heart surgeon, and has his wife do Reiki in the OR. That's fucking crazy, but he still performs as a heart surgeon. That is when he's not grifting people on faulty health products.

      Ben Carson straight up seperated conjoined brains. That is amazing. I feel like brain surgery is such a demanding job that it doesn't allow for any outside life or research. So I'm not surprised he's an idiot on most subjects outside of medicine. Evolution though, thats disturbing for a doctor.

    4. As aarrgghh implied: there aren't many aircraft mechanics capable of solving the computational fluid dynamics equations needed to design a fuselage because only the guy designing the plane needs to understand that stuff. Same with evolution. Knowing how and why the brain came to exist isn't necessary to do repair work on one.

      That being said, I wouldn't want anyone with a weakness for superstitious obscurantism getting near my head with a knife.

    5. While it's true you could probably operate on a brain without committing to memory every other kind of vertebrate brain from the course work in zoology and comparative anatomy that one must take in order to go through medical school (indeed, to even get into medical school in the first place), the fact that someone could sit through all those courses (and pass them!), studying zoology, embryology, physiology, taxonomy, tracing the history of vertebrate anatomy from lower orders of living organisms to present day, and then thinking "meh, none of that has anything to do with how life unfolded" is simply, breathtakingly, willfully ignorant.

    6. @anonymousB

      It isn't that difficult to study something you regard as fictional nonsense and pass exams about it. I passed exams regarding the Bible and I've never been a Christian. I also passed exams about the works of Shakespeare without believing that Julius Caesar, Henry IV and Richard III were historically accurate biographies. Lawyers base their entire careers upon rigorously analyzing and arguing positions they don't actually believe in.

      What terrifies me is that (unlike the French, for example) a nuclear power can elect a President who can publicly state he believes in the literal truth of the Bible without being instantly impeached on grounds of mental instability.If you believe you talk to God then you are praying but if you believe God talks to you - you're Schizophrenic (or George Bush - but I repeat myself).

    7. Respectfully, Anon 4:22, all those subjects are not science; they're either fiction, or subjective, or both. Neuroscience is not. All chordates, for example, have a dorsal hollow nerve cord. Vertebrates in the natural world have known characteristics of their nervous system, and a known fossil record. These aren't someone's fancy educated guesses, they're observable and verifiable. How someone can learn about the structure and function of the nervous system and then tell themself "I'm just going to ignore all that other data and pretend it's not there" is mentally ill, if you ask me.