Monday, September 14, 2015

A very Nazi Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Cowboy Bob adds a little extra rage to the usually ragefull Freeper call for vigilante justice against judges they don't like:
A photo of U.S. District Judge David Bunning should be posted all over the internet. We should investigate his private life and his family. He needs to be destroyed, and everyone near and dear to him need to be destroyed. This is the only way liberals learn.
Kicking it eugenics-style, driftless2 agrees with another Freeper about the merits of sterilizing the "black underclass."
"Payouts to incentivize voluntary sterilizations?"

That would be well worth the cost...even if the cost was in the trillions. The net cost of crime, welfare, and general malfunction from The Black Underclass costs us about one trillion annually anyway.
I am in love with rawcatslyentist's logic that Obama's secretly foreign because he hasn't legalized weed:
There is a huge difference between cannabis and booze! Cannabis doesn't cause nearly the problems that ethanol does! People don't get murderously violent from cannabis unlike booze. Ask any cop which one they'd rather have to deal with.

Proof Hussein is NOT an American citizen, and not black. Cannabis prohibition was created as a new way to enslave colored people. PERIOD. If Hussein was really a black American, legalization would have been day 1.
Norm Lenhart's wishing for Nazi policies meets Jim Noble thinking the Germans are secretly still Nazis:
Not to worry, the Germans are good with trains.

Where they go and what happens when they get there? Up for grabs.

I do not believe the German trains will be going to MerkelWorld for too much longer.

These are muslims. The trains will take them to luxury money and power. If it were Jews they would hit all the traditional destinations.
WTFOVR takes the Iran deal fearmongering to it's logical conclusion:
Since he has already given Iran the green light to build nukes, I opt that Obama further gives them our best ICBM technology, and also MRV warhead miniaturization technology - followed by the grid coordinates of the White House.
Wait, I take it back. Iron Munro manages to go one further:
Iran has discovered an unexpectedly high reserve of uranium


It's in the cargo ships full of ore that Obama is sending to them.
ROCKLOBSTER is hoping for some Naziness:
Germany knows what to do...this time they would be right.

Jawohl Mein Commandant!
lbryce has a Der Stürmer-level rant, except about Muslims, but explains that it's Obama's secret love of them that makes him really mad:
these people have nothing in which they can compete with the world on any level. The UN has done studies of the world's geographical locations and for the past four years have achieved the status of nothing.

A 2% literacy rate, no technological base, scientific institutions of any import, if you subtract the value of the oil industry, a group with a population of 250 million produce a GNP that is less than Holland.

Still, all of this would vaporize into my subconscious and not occupy too much of my pain, angst and regret except for one small not unimportant detail.

The joy and jubilation the happiness and schandenfreude, the overall sense of fraudulent acomplishment coupled with that of giving them a reason to live, all and every emotion being enjoyed by the whole of the entire Islamic world is one shared with the same degree of intensity and self-satisfaction by our very own Commander--in-Chief

May he rot in hell.
verga explains how Iran will destroy America with science fiction:
They don’t need suitcase nukes. Getting a nuclear weapon to a seaboard city is easy peasy. New York City may have five years left at best.

I am more worried about 5-6 EMP bombs being set off about 30,000 feet. If they space it correctly it would take out 90-95% of the grid.
CivilWarBrewing has the only solution:
BOMB Iran and orchestrate a MILITARY COUP on the corrupt and traitorous Muslim insurgents in our government (Obama, Jarrett, Kerry, John Brennan, etc.)

2banana calls for mass beatings of Syrian refugees:
The Hungarians should have a national day of baseball.

Bring a baseball bat to the border...GAME ON!
Riley with a telling story he heard about a reporter looking to report on war being violent:
Bet CNN loathes the military ala Bill Clinton.

During the first Gulf War, I heard an anecdote about that. A CNN camera crew showed up at a forward position, and asking if there were any dead bodies lying around that they could film. They were reportedly disappointed when they turned out not to be dead Americans.

I was just out of the Marine Corps when that went down. That strongly affected how I saw CNN thereafter.
With no evidence other than racism, Gaffer has decided that the Indian family that runs a store near him is all on welfare:
I used to go by a quick stop store for many years and got to know the people leasing the site from the owner.

They brought over so many relatives from Bangladesh it wasn’t funny. They’d cycle each of the older ones through the store as employees to get them enough quarters to qualify for SS and then move on to the next one. After they qualified, they could work at the store under the table. Most of the ones with families there on the payroll qualified for SNAP or its equivalent. It’s a damned racket and they all know how to work it.
.45 Long Colt sets up the false dichotomy between faith and science that went out of fashion around Galileo's time:
These people are insane. They would rather believe grandpa was an ape than bow before the Lord. Regardless of what they believe, say, or do, the day is coming when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
CodeToad seems to not have heard about all the times the right enjoyed bullshitting about Obama saying "I" in a speech.
Only a shallow thinking idiot counts the number of times a word is said, without taking into context the use of the word, and proclaims a conclusion.
Jane Long argues that bringing babies without brains to term is worth it because HUMAN:
Don’t the majority of babies with anencephaly not even survive birth? And, those that do, most don’t survive a year? So, are you saying the costs associated with these births are not worth it?

Not sure if I’m understanding where you’re coming from saying “that ain’t human”.

They are, IN FACT, human. Parents of these children may beg to differ with your statement.
Jan_Sobieski has the logic of the conquistadors:
God sends A to colonize the land shared by B.

B is fighting genocidal wars with B

A helps B against other B that are really bad

A brings God to the B

Some B receive God and become like A

Some B hate and want to kill A which only hurts B

Race baiters get B to join their political!
verga knows liberals are all proto-Muslims:
Every time I see one of these "coexist" bumper sticker on a vehicle, I know it is a liberal and potential convert to the "religion of pieces"
Glad2bnuts has a metaphor for us!
Think of the movie Aliens. The Saudis are the Queen laying the eggs, the Mosques are the nest, and the People of the West are the hosts wherein the parasite grows to the age of killing.
jacob allen is sure that if we were more bigoted, less bad things would happen to us:
What was the real cause of 9/11? Muslims living here, if we had had zero tolerance of them living here there would have been no 9/11.
Arthur McGowan explains how Civil Rights in the 1960s has destroyed America:
That horse has already left the barn—when the Civil Rights movement went beyond getting rid of Jim Crow laws, which mandated discrimination and segregation, and insisted on prohibiting freedom of association on private property.
Lucy Hamilton is really unhappy that the German race is doomed:
this entire thread has made me so terribly upset, almost feel like I’ve lost a limb.

All is not lost, for the Germanic tribes, IF we can protect Switzerland - three-quarters of Swiss are basically German let’s face it, bloodline language etc and IF we can protect most of Austria....German’s will live for future generations.

OMG if they thinking of forcing Muslim hordes on most of Switzerland, gosh I might have to go myself and help protect the Swiss!
MUDDOG has an odd version of events when Colbert was at the WH Correspondents Dinner:
Colbert is smart.

His most famous appearance was at the 2006 WH Correspondents Dinner. Wikipedia has a long account of it.

The MSM audience hated it, but according to the article, Judge Scalia (who was there) laughed heartily.
wardaddy sounds like he was a huuuge dick in school:
Colbert is such a sissy bitch

Growing up must have been terrifying
IncPen jumps on the preemptive Obama pardon hate-train:
Bush should have pardoned Libby.

Wait til you see what Obama does with his pardon pen...
RaceBannon doesn't understand it, so paleontology is a fraud:
Another bone fragment of a jaw that looks like an ape, and they call it a left handed bisexual hominid that ate berries and chutes and made crude tools...

And they can tell all that from a bone FRAGment...


  1. rawcatslyentist is one of my favorite Freepers. He's your standard insane Freeper on most issues, but on cannabis he comes off as a religiously devout stoner.

    The somethingawful forums did a dramatic reading of one of his posts, and it is absolutely glorious.

    1. That was hilarious!!

    2. Thank you so much for posting that. It was wonderful.

  2. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but Freepers are trying to reach a new low:

    1. That thread is indeed horrifying, but I'm already planning to spend Wed. talking about Freepers going full Nazi on the refugees, I'm not sure I have room for all their recent unbelievably broad and deep Muslim hate.
      Some Monday material, for sure.

    2. If you do, please try find their rationale for why they think the actions of ISIS are monstrous while not caring whether the refugees are able to escape ISIS (or worse, fantasizing about doing some of the same things to the refugees that ISIS will).

  3. Norm Lenhart ... not quite a Poe, but I do believe he is a bit of a shit-disturber just for the lolz he gets out of it.

  4. @Ozy

    "With no evidence other than racism, Gaffer has decided that the Indian family that runs a store near him is all on welfare:"

    Gaffer then goes on to say that they were from Bangladesh. If you're going to call that "Indian" on the basis of geography then that's exactly the same thing as calling Canadians and Mexicans "Americans". Alternatively, if you are doing it on the basis of approximate phenotype then you need to start calling most US citizens "Europeans".

    "Desi" is the generally accepted term if you want to bundle Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka (and immigrant descendants thereof) into a single unit. It means "us" (approximately) and crops up in terms like "ABCD" (American Born Confused Desi).

    1. Good to know. And with a neat linguistic fact to boot!

  5. Hahah...Lucy Hamilton just joined FR about a week ago and he/she is already being quoted on Freeper Madness.

  6. A 2% literacy rate, no technological base, scientific institutions of any import, if you subtract the value of the oil industry, a group with a population of 250 million produce a GNP that is less than Holland...The joy and jubilation the happiness and schandenfreude, the overall sense of fraudulent acomplishment coupled with that of giving them a reason to live,

    So, on a Christian, pro-life, pro-God forum, he asserts that people don't have much of a reason to live if your population has low literacy and a low GDP. And they have the nerve to say Muslims think life is cheap.

    1. Especially since I think he just described Arkansas

    2. Arkansas does not need literacy or high GDP. What do you not get about exceptionalism?!

  7. Oh conservatives. What a collection of violent, moronic assholes.