Tuesday, September 15, 2015

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Pro-Trump Cultish Reasoning Edition:
A lot of people just can't figure out why Trump is so popular with the voters....I am one of them and guess what, it doesn't matter what he does, what he says, who he says it to, we love him...

This isn't your ‘life time politics’ here, we are turning this country around on everyone so we get to vote for who WE want to vote for, and our guy is a flamboyance, off the cuff, say it like it is, and if you don't like what he says, or how he does stuff, that's your problem, not ours, he's OUR guy....and he's going to win...

I don't care how many dead people they dig up to vote, I don't care how many people they import to vote against him, he is going to win because WE are voting for him, he's OUR guy....

We range from 18=20 to 50-80 year old people, we older kids have been around politics and seen the lies, the underhanded deals, the b.s. pc. crap that everyone else trys to live to...nope, we want OUR guy Trump....and he's going to walk all over the media, talking heads, washington cartel, to get to the White House because he's OUR guy and we are his SUPPORTERS!!!
"it doesn't matter what he does" logic brought to you by HarleyLady27 ("Go TRUMP 2016!!! All the Way to the White House!!!)


  1. i'm another one who's kinda hopin' trump makes to the general.

    all so i can bathe in sweet sweet post-election-loss wingnut tears as they crucify everyone but themselves for foisting upon them yet another fake conservative ...

  2. They vote for fake conservatives because they are fake conservatives.

    They revere Ayn Rand who was an Atheist who despised Reagan and was Pro-Choice.

    The paragon conservative, Barry Goldwater, didn't like the religious right because they wouldn't compromise. He was also pro-choice. Apparently small government doesn't involve the government telling people what to do.

    They don't care about small government. They don't care about government spending. They want social security and medicare and they want the other to not have these things.

    They claim christian values but damn near everything they espouse goes in direct conflict with christian teachings.

    They don't want to return to the fifties, they want a return to woman and minorities not questioning their authority. When that was the greatest generation who beat Hitler, the Japanese sneak attackers, and built the greatest economy in history. They want a return to a fantasy United States where they were the greatest the world had scene and fuck everyone else.

  3. To current Conservatives, small government means keep govt hands off of guns, god [the white protestant one], and corporations.

    What this has given us is more guns per capita than most all of the other nations combined, shit like intelligent design being taught to our kids and massive outsourcing and movement of manufacturing to other countries, with no penalty to the corporate raiders who reap the profits of cheap foreign labor.