Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Obama reverse-admits that he loves police deaths

A few cops have been ambushed in what appear to be attacked targeting police officers. This isn't new to Freepers, who have been conditioned by Drudge to believe there's a huge race war in every city.

But this is real, and bad.

And then Obama says 'this is unacceptable.' So Freepers get to work trying to make the obvious indefensible. With bonus multiple fails to note that Eric Holder is no longer the Attorney General.

skeeter wants some swearing or something:

Well, those are hard words.
RJS1950 parses the language...badly:
The use of the term unacceptable means he believes that there are cop murders he considers to be acceptable.
Opinionated Blowhard musta caught an Obama speech I missed:
You know what’s completely unacceptable? When the President and Attorney General tell the mob that they have good reason to go out and kill cops.
Rastus doesn't care what Obama says, he likes golf!!!
The full quote: “This cop killing is unacceptable. Folks are expecting me to address it, and that takes away from my tee time.”
bestintxas knows Obama has no control over some random cop killing. This makes him speaking about it bad somehow.
he has ZERO authority to do anything about it.

He does has the obligation to just shut up.

He is unacceptable
rfreedom4u carps about the delay:
Why did it take several days for the jackass to issue a statement?
uncitizen imagines that behind Obama's good words is something evil:
He’s just going to further federalize the police.
onyx has decided Obama must now speak out about all dead cops or it doesn't count:
Don’t look now Obama.

There’s another DEAD COP and this one is in ILLINOIS!
mass55th knows whenever Obama seems to say something good, it wasn't really him:
It’s what the teleprompter told him to say. He has no original thoughts of his own.
No word on if this applied to Bush or Reagan.

boycott is sure Obama is behind any cop killings:
Hussein poured gas on the fire.

Now he plays innocent. Obama can rot.
catnipman wants some angry black idiots persecuted for their speech:
And yet not a peep from obama’s DoJ regarding the rampant, racist hate speech by these vile groups advocating murdering whites and cops. In other words, no real action by obama, just a few more empty words.

[btw, can you imagine the hell-storm the DoJ would be bringing if these were white groups advocating murdering blacks and black cops?]
1,000,000th% is sure Obama was blackmailed
Finally. The police unions must have threatened to ignore his calls after he leaves the White House.
US_MilitaryRules saw the sign!
Blinking his eye as he said it. mooselimb lying as his religion allows for it.
blackdog posits a taxpayer funded anti-cop force:
Obama / Holder & SJW's at the Whitehut have been throwing gasoline on this issue for years now. There are most likely tens of thousands of community organizer groups who have jumped on board the "Social Justice = Dead cops" bandwagon. They are operational and funded by our tax dollars.

Race riots, white trash against state authority, gun confiscation, martial law, are just a few opportunities waiting for crisis.
At a loss for other racist imagery, mrsmel just gets pissed about that one pic of that yahoo outside a polling station:
So I wonder when he’ll start hammering the Black Panthers with their billy clubs and calls to kill white babies, as hard as he did the Confederate flag.
jimmygrace wants former AG Eric Holder to come out of retirement and give his take on the situation!
Where is Eric Holder’s statement. Is he too much of a coward to discuss race issues?


  1. "Blinking his eye as he said it."

    actually i thought it was the voicing words as he said that was the dead giveaway.

  2. I hope someone at the FBI is keeping an eye on these crazy fucks.

  3. Looks like Jim the Grifter has a little insurrection on his hands.


    1. The USA has never been happy about dealing with Semitic people fleeing war and genocide. Breckinridge Long would have fitted right in on FR in WW2. The only difference was back then the Joooozzzz were the untermenschen. Now it is the Mooselimbs!!

      At least it proves American Exceptionalism is alive and well. The exception in question being that virtually no other developed country has such a politically significant crypto-facist demographic. Trump is neither a Churchill nor a Hitler. More of a Mussolini.

  4. and there you have it. Donald Trump has too much sympathy for them. I like that they seem to think their lives are worse than people fleeing war.

  5. Equating Tracy Morgan with the Freddie Gray settlement.

  6. dogged birther "investigator" butterdezillion is particularly fond of the "reverse-admission", or as she explicitly calls it, the "indirect confirmation" ...

    "I wonder how many of them soiled their armor when they saw Onaka indirectly confirm to AZ SOS Ken Bennett that HI has no legally-valid BC for Obama. lol"

    "The “full faith and credit clause” also means that if Hawaii statute says that an amended and/or late birth certificate is not probative, other states have to abide by that as well. And that is precisely what HRS 338-17 says - which is inconvenient for Obama, because the HDOH has indirectly confirmed that Obama’s BC was amended in 2006. It is not legally valid. BEcause that amendment is not noted on the Factcheck or Fight the Smears COLB’s, those are known to be forgeries. The HDOH has also made other statements which indirectly confirm in 2 other ways that the Factcheck COLB is forged."

    "The best Hawaii has for him doesn’t qualify as prima facie evidence. At this point the best legal evidence we have regarding his birth is the 2 Kenyan birth certificates. Puts him in a bad way because there is no proof of a Hawaii birth that he CAN give us - even if he wanted to. The best he can hope for is that the issue goes away. The media is doing its best to cover for him - in more ways than most people might imagine. So are the folks in Hawaii, but they’ve still managed to indirectly confirm that Factcheck is a forgery and they’ve got nothing that qualifies as prima facie evidence."

    "By contrast, the man who holds the nuclear football has spent a LOT of money making sure he didn’t have to provide documentation, actually provided from the White House what is now confirmed as a forged birth certificate, and has accidentally had the State of Hawaii indirectly confirm that the birth record they have for him is not legally valid - which means that he has no legally-determined birth facts whatsoever, and nobody can legally say when, where, or to whom he was born."

    "He said he was and still is a Muslim who supports the Muslim agenda, and that the Muslim world needed to be patient with him while he shoved Obamacare down our throats here (which, I might add, indirectly establishes a dhimmi tax from which Muslims are exempt) and then he would start on the Muslim agenda."