Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Potpourri pt. I

TexasRepublic has the usually hateful take on Europe's refugee crisis:
If those muslims die, it will be the only decent thing they have ever done for us.
Catsrus is positing a revisionist history of the picture of that dead child on a Turkish beach:
You are the one who is misinformed. That little boy didn’t die from them fleeing Turkey. The dad wanted to go to Europe to get new teeth - they were living fairly well and safely - he pretend to be a refugee and took his wife and 2 little kids with him - they all died except him.
Right or wrong, MinuteGal lover her some Trump:
Good grief! Europe is experiencing another D-Day invasion!

Trump is SO right.

Even when he's wrong he's right.
BigEdLB has a wistful song about nuking Iran:
Sung to "Blackbird" by the Beatles

Magic mullahs glowing in the dead of night
in their black robes got hit by the Jews
Tehrans flat
So are all the places where they do the centrifuge
Mullahs glow
Mullahs glow
Bibi hit them square in the dead of night..
WENDLE has no connection to reality:
This woman is a national hero. Schools will be named after her. No one wants queer “marriage” and it is going to be stopped. She is the Rosa Parks of the Godly.
caww has been posting every neo-nazi article in Europe he can, but takes a break to let us know about Muslim women:
...DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE MUSLIM WOMAN'S ANGER...OFTEN WORSE THEN THE MEN...there's a reason why they leave them home...
Property rights fall before WTFOVR's hatred of illegals:
End welfare - ALL welfare ... Boot out the illegals at the muzzle of a rifle or the point of a bayonet ... Then tell the welfare queens,and their impregnators, to “go work in the fields, or go stave - we really don’t give a FK either way.”

If any farmer or rancher hires an illegal - fine him his entire worth, confiscate his property and auction it off to help pay for “THE WALL” - then strip him of his citizenship and throw him out of the country.

No mercy, no quarter. That is how you stop this crap.
The Toll predicts a coming race war:
Some day minority corpses will simply not be worth the effort for their protectors to investigate. Thus making it open season on minorities for anyone with a grievance. Now there couldn’t possibly be a reason for civilized people to have a grievance with the minority could there?
The Toll also explains how the Crusaders are American heros:
Why denounce Cruisaders? They are heroes to Americans. You should denounce your jugular veins.
RoosterRedux lays down the Freeper conventional wisdom:
John Brennan is a muslim convert. Everyone knows this...he barely hides it.
Chgogal knows who to blame for Europe's refugee crisis:
Unfortunately, Putin is right. It IS Obama’s fault.
PIF on the woes of a married commercial fisherman.
Wife: (about midway in the dialogue): “Don’t you know that if you become a commercial fisherman, you will be hated by everyone? You will be called a rapist and an over-fisher, destroying a valuable resource for you own personal gain? We will no longer be invited to fashionable parties, did you realize that? All my friends will no longer speak to me. If you persist in this insane idea. I will divorce you, taking the house and kids. I’ll find some other guy with a real job. So go ahead Mr. Smarty Pants.”
cuban leaf seems to consider the mere existence of laws to be fascist:
When I say we are fascist, I’m talking about economically.

Examples of fascism:
Minimum wage
limited capacity toilets
limited flow shower heads
Ban on incandescent bulbs
Seat belt laws
Permit required to collect rain water
Permit required to remove brush from your property
Permit required to cut your trees down
Licensing for activities
Food labels


All of them are government micromanaging the population.
jsanders2001 joins many on Free Republic that sense gayness in the judge that jailed Kim Davis for contempt:
My gaydar just pegged.

Its the dead reptilian eyes and the McConnell mouth isn’t it? They have that broken in O shape that comes from years of use sort of like a used baseball glove.
Wiz-Nerd explains how he uncovered the Nation of Islam's race war plot:
The other month when Houston was flooding I watched the local news that morning on my iPad. They interviewed a black woman that rescued several people from stranded vehicles near her house.

At the end of the interview that highlighted her truly humane effort (many slept over at her house due to the high water) she took control of the interview and stated that she wanted to thank the NOI for providing her the militant training that taught her to take possession of and control everything within her eyesight.

I froze. The hair stood up on every part of my body. Militant training? Take possession of and control? Not her personal property, but everything within her eyesight.

I waited for them to go into the next half-hour news segment hoping it would play again so I could fact-check myself :-)

They did play it again and I heard what I heard. Went to the local station website to capture the video. It was nowhere to be found. I looked for 3 days. Still no video. So I went to NOI website.

Sure enough they provide militant training and especially to women.

Folks, we are not ready for the firestorm that is coming.

Pay attention and watch these folks carefully. Like termites, you will not see them until the damage is done.
WTFOVR sees the Civil War Train acommin'
I predict there will be a lot of dead Americans very, very soon. The Civil war train has left the station, and there is no power on Earth that can now stop it from reaching its destination.
EvilCapitalist does not seem up on what democratic means:
This is off topic, but I sometimes run into young skulls full of mush who say they would vote for Bernie Sanders. I tell them that he’s a Democratic Socialist, the same as Joseph Stalin.
tet68 wants Freepers to get a single Hillary hate-narrative together already:
What is Clinton’s symbol?

It used to be cattle futures.
Then it was Whitewater.
then travelgate,
then a blue dress.
Now it’s a dead ambassador
and a dead computer server.

Really this should be a good challenge for freepers.
Norm Lenhart on the America-destroying evil that is pragmatism:
America ended the day the majority of the right chose pragmatism over conservative/constitutional governance by principled men. A ‘Pragmatic conservative is pretty much the unicorn a liberal constitutionalists is. No such animal possible. The DNA won’t form.

Just as the founders predicted, we destroyed ourselves. The bigger issue is that many are intent on going even further down the ‘pragmatic’ path that liberalized the GOP and killed us, while claiming the conservative mantle to do it.
Regulator thinks nativism is the silver bullet that could turn America into the virtuous, Christian country it never was:
Hard line opposition to illegal immigration really is social conservatism.

Invasion is a social evil, not an economic one.

The GOPe has devolved to marketing low taxes for corporations and continued borrowing to prop up the economy as their only platform. Social conservatism they run from as fast as they can.

If he sticks hard to this one core element, a major victory for the United States and western civilization can be won, and something resembling national sovereignty can be resurrected.

Absent that, all the rest of it will die too. Abortion and baby dismemberment will remain as a sacrament of the Rat party, welfare statism will devolve to a bad version of Euro Socialism, and queer "marriage" will be supplanted by state sanctioned pedophilia.

We gotta win the big one first. This guy is willing to make the deal, in a way the sponges of the RINO front are not.
Windflier is a black Freeper who hates black people:
Blacks (by and large) began their participation in American politics as Republicans. Party of Lincoln and all that. All of my grandparents were lifelong Republicans, as were all of my great-grandparents. My parents' generation split about 50/50 on party lines. In my generation, the capture and herding of blacks onto the Democrat plantation was pretty much complete.

It's a long road back to political independence for most black people. I made my own escape during the Clinton years, but then I've always been the type who seeks my own way. I suppose those with the herd mentality just have to be let down and abused for decades before they clearly see they've been had.

Perhaps now is that time.


  1. Sounds like the NOI is just doing survival and prep training. What's wrong with that? Hahah...
    Also I can never get a feel for WF racewise. Another one I wonder about is South40. I thought I saw a post where he said he was black or at least biracial. I don't see how they can hang around FR anymore. Brwnsuga and TrueBlackman hardly post anymore.


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    Interesting that the most violent blacks are usually the “high yellows”.
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    Gee..maybe it's the white genes. I can't wait to see the replies to that post.