Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Target: Carly

In 2012, Freepers fought, but each of the GOP candidates had their champions (except Romney, as those were purged.)

But this time around it's all about Trump or Cruz, and all the other candidates are pretenders.

So Fiorina's recent ascendancy in the polls has lead to Freepers hating her with as much substanceless intensity as they muster for even Democrats.

WENDLE calls her a cow face, and then laments that she worries about sexism:
It is sickening to watch “cow face” Look at that damned face. She is a FEMINIST!! We are AMERICANS, not “women”!! By the way , she is at 7% and falling . She will be OUT by November 15-— NO MONEY TO PAY HER OFF!!Get gone.
WENDLE doubles down on the ugly:
Yes, that is good. I have never seen such a face. She was a business failure and a moslem lover to boot. I give her 90 days to get gone or she can spend all she wants of her own money— Trump will— BIG TIME!!( He is beholding to no man!!)
ifinnegan makes the Hillary connection:
You haven’t seen the iCarly Hillary love video yet, have you.

Nor are you aware of iCarly and her long time association with Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.
I Hired Craig Livingstone also invokes Hillary:
Gnarly FioRINO reminds me very much of Shrillary. Robotic. Lies effortlessly.
I Hired Craig Livingstone also with the face:
Secretariat faced.
LibsRJerks knows what feminism means:
Carly’s a man hater.... She no more resembles a conservative than the man on the moon.
scooby321 has some list of sins:
She was fired by Mc Cain

Who made you sell Printers to Iran?

Who bribed Russians

Who praise the Ottoman Empire at 9-11.

You and Megan Kelly
lewislynn no longer supports even Cruz:
the only Consistent Conservative is Sen Ted Cruz. He didn’t praise hitlery or give money to the clinton foundation.

He's a fraud. He's not worthy of holding any office after his Corker bill vote FOR IRAN AND FOR OBAMA and by extension AGAINST ISRAEL.

All the people who voted for that bill should rot in hell and that includes the faux conservative Ted Cruz.
CodeToad knows only tax cheats get to complain about the government:
RginTN pays the IRS. He gives to the very organization that is destroying our country, the IRS. Pay no attention to RginTN because he pays to destroy our great nation!!!


  1. It is a little early for Freepers to start drinking but as soon as they get a few beers in them they will forget the edict of King RimJob and start bashing the Pope.

    1. "So the Pope casts his vote for world-wide privation and death. How many millions will die because of his action and his partnership with the Marxist Obama?"

  2. On the subject of Donald Trump's children. Good grief.

    "Unless I have missed something, his kids seem to stay out of the limelight, do not get into trouble and do not appear spoiled.

    What a difference between these kids and a family such as the Kardashians!"

  3. "...praise the Ottoman Empire at 9-11."

    Just when I don't think Freetards could get any more idiotic, they prove it can get even worse!