Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The anti-Trump underground.

Jim Robinson seems to have gone all in for Trump, even including a few judicious zots of those who are still skeptical. While this will probably keep Free Republic at least nominally pro-Trump, under the surface I'm seeing some Freeper softening on Trump. A lot of Freepers blame his non-Freepish policy positions, but anyone whose been looking at Freep for any amount of time can tell you that other than anti-Illegal stuff, politics actually nothing to do with their support.

Naw, it's time that's the great killer. Trump's shtick is losing it's novelty; getting tired. And Trump, perhaps realizing this, seems to be transitioning into a somewhat more conventional campaign pattern, with a stump speech and a staff of campaign advisers reigning him in.

So Freepers are waking up. Well, some Freepers. Others are still full on googly-eyes cult of personality, or the calculated silence of living under a regime. It makes for some amusing internal conflict. Which this article from Yahoo News seems tailor made to highlight, noting Trump's positions on gay marriage and the Iran deal don't seem super Freepy...

basil's unrealistic myth making can only hold one myth:
I have never really liked Trump—in fact I don’t think there’s a politician anywhere, since Ronald Reagan, that I thought was worth a D#mn!
PJ-Comix fires up the old retroactive secret strategy machine that once served the Cult of Palin:
No, NOT a letdown. I definitely see Trump’s reasoning here. By claiming that the Kentucky county clerk has to follow the law, Trump can later claim that the MANY sanctuary cities have to obey immigration law. I definitely see this happening.
Jim 0216 is sure God will help out Trump:
Trump needs to learn about how the Constitution and ONLY those laws “IN PURSUANCE” of the Constitution are the Supreme law of the land (Art IV, Cl 2).

Trump is teachable.

Lord, teach him, I pray, in Jesus name.
Maelstorm is disappointed that his new hopes aren't down with advocating lawlessness:
Both GOP front runners Trump and Carson are big disappointments on this. They both opposed the Supreme Court ruling on this previously but seemingly have forgotten. Carson in particular who has been the target of gay hate should know better. If they don’t understand the problem with the lawless Supreme Court then they don’t deserve to be President.

I hope this is just a matter of them not being educated on the issues. You expect submission from Jeb Bush to the powers of darkness which owns him but these guys need to get with it and step up against the lawless abuse of power by the SCOTUS.
I think I'll do Carson later today.

The Ghost of FReepers Past was totally never an actual Trump supporter, guys!
Ok, that is the last I will defend him. I wasn’t voting for him anyway, but now I will stay silent while the attackers attack. He is of no interest to me.
j.argese is secure in his faith that Trump moves in mysterious ways:
There are those who play checkers. There are those who play chess. The checker players among us support her. The chess players are willing to let it play to it’s end before acting.
CA Conservative is amazed at the cult of personality:
It is amazing to read the comments of the Trump supporters. Every one has some idea about what Trump REALLY means, and how he will really turn it around and do something super conservative, and we are all too dense to see how smart Trump really is in all of this...

I am just waiting for the day that Trump suggests that government hospitals should do third-trimester abortions specifically so we can lower the deficit by selling the baby parts. I know that there will be dozens of Trump supporters gushing about how smart and conservative that is, and why didn’t anybody ever think of that before!
mrsmel warns against all the secret trolls trying to undermine your True Conservativism!
Yes, I am seeng some who have been laying low, coming out now and saying that they don't care about the "social" conservative issues, and I'm thinking, here we go again, if you're not a social conservative, you're just not conservative, period. 
You know, I think we "social conservatives" and Biblical Christians are on our own in this country now, and for us Christians, this is a good if difficult lesson in not putting our faith, any of it, in man and man's systems, but completely and only in God. The Christians martyrs in Rome had no one to turn to except God.
nickcarraway knows that true conservatives don't bother to obey laws they really, really don't like:
Typical GOPe logic - conservatism is illegal and we have to grovel before our liberal masters.
Nervous Tick's own blind faith in another insulates him against the Cult of Trump:
Cruz is the genuine conservative ideal, in the way that trump supporters fantasize that trump is.

Cruz has my prayers, my steadfast support and my funding. No other.
dfwgator doesn't care much about the brain:
I wish we could transfer Trump’s charisma into Cruz’s body.
lodi90 explains that Trump is just lying, guys!
Trump has taken this tact on a few issues now. Iran, Putin, social issues, etc. He’s framing the debate for when he is POTUS. By striking a “moderate” pose he diffuses the sure to come moonbat attacks.

Bottom line is everything is gum flapping now in the POTUS race. Nothing a candidate says right now is anything more than posturing.
SE Mom used to support Trump, and now seems to be experiencing some self-reflection.
Trump is beginning to change my mind about Trump. My inclination is to support him because the guy is infuriating all the right people. But I’m starting to get my bearings. Instead of looking at them, I’m beginning to look at him.
Yep, definitely like the cut of  SE Mom's jib in this thread:
For years I’ve been angry and hopeless and despairing about our country. Then Trump comes along. He has an enthusiasm and excitement that rubbed off on me. I began to think, maybe we can be rallied to our senses by real leadership.

But here’s the thing- right away I noticed I was making excuses and rationalizing for him in ways I NEVER would for other politicians. I’ve learned to pay attention when I do that. I notice others doing the same thing. And it’s not just on one or two things. It’s an ongoing thing, every day. He’ll say something outrageous and we bend like pretzels to accomodate him.

We had some pretty strong words for people on the left when they did this for the current president.
Chgogal has this delightfully Freep exchange with Kartographer
Do I really need to school you about all evils that have been done down through history because it was the law? Do I?
And do I have to school you with Gandhi and civil disobedience?

BTW, I have a bamboo switch right next to me. ; )
           Bring it own I have my AK-74 next to me. Just the thing for chopping            bamboo ;-)
Never bring an imaginary switch to an imaginary gun fight about nonviolent resistance!


  1. Free Retardistan in the run up to any election always reminds me of the old Soviet joke:

    Don't think.
    If you think, then don't speak.
    If you think and speak, then don't write.
    If you think, speak and write, then don't sign.
    If you think, speak, write and sign, then don't be surprised.

  2. Watching Free Republic jettison the "true conservative" values they have used to beat everyone else and each other for years in pursuit of a winner has been mystifying. Did they never really believe any of it?

  3. Freepers bend over backward to apologize for Trump ...
    and bending over backward ain't easy for fat old wrinkle bags like them.

    In other news, the jimcompoop is about to fake the grift-a-thon to a close today, following a bitchy vanity from onyx last night about all the freep-loaders.


    1. It was effective ;)

      Last I looked they were about 7 grand from finishing. A day later and it's a grand ....

  4. Today is looks like RimJob's bulwark is collapsing. More and more Freepers are coming out against Trump but don't let that stop you from giving generously to the Beer & Breadsticks Fund. Ignore the millions that the Grifter has taken in over the years. That money is all gone. You have to keep giving whether you like it or not. You are 75 years old, you have no friends, you hate your liberal children and your dog died. You have nothing BUT Free Republic. Give till it hurts. Give until they threaten to turn off your lights. Give! Give! Give!

  5. Then Trump comes along. He has an enthusiasm and excitement that rubbed off on me.

    Oh, ewwwww, I've heard of sick old men doing that kind of thing on the subway, but...