Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I’m surprised he didn’t rename it Mt. Obama.

I didn't know this, but it seems that of those who care, very few people like the name of Mount McKinley. Most prefer it's original name Mt. Denali, and most in Alaska just call it Denali.

But then the Obama administration went ahead and changed the name. Obama did thing. Thing must be bad!

The small stakes seem to only encourage them. Also, new thing sounds a bit ethnic...Muslim?

MeshugeMikey knows Obama's real motives are antiAmerican, as always:
honer....... my rear end

anything to transform anything and everything American into anything and everything Unrecognizable.
Theodore R. has his priorities right!
The people of Alaska refer to the mountain as Denali. They have been trying to get it renamed for decades. This is not being forced down their throat, it’s one of the few things Obama’s done that they would probably approve. Even if it was likely accidental.

I have more respect for McKinley than for the wishes of AK people.
SoFloFreeper knows even if Alaskans support this, Obama is still being evil:
Naw, it is crap. He might do it by accident, sure, but his desire is to destroy American historical achievements.

If Hussein cared about what the people of Alaska thought, he would ask Valerie for permission to open up the northern slope for drilling. Alaskans want that, too.
SoFloFreeper has a rather convenient idea of what parts of American history is important:
Someone who respects the history of the last century can name it back as soon as the power is there.


Valerie’s little charge is arrogant; he thinks his actions are going to last forever.

They won’t.
Ditter actually thought Obama was naming it after himself:
I’m surprised he didn’t rename it Mt. Obama.

When I heard he had renamed a mountain that is what I feared.

Mt Obozo if I had my way.

Denali is a good name, I'm OK with that.
MeshugeMikey knows every time is good to make a strained Obama is gay joke!
or Mount honor of Bareback Mountain

[my most sincere apologies to the more tasteful amongst us]
faithhopecharity channels Obama's spiteful, angry feelings, before ending up at least as spiteful herself:
why should O care about McKinley? just another dead white European-American male.... and a Republican too!!!! (and a dirty rotten imperialist for ‘winning’ the Spanish-American war?)

maybe we should submit a few suggested name changes of our own to the One in our WH....

anything named after communists or Kenyans or Islamics ?
or even... MLK, JFK, ?
IwaCornDogs just hates that Obama is President:
It just pisses me off that when he wakes up in the morning he can say "I think I'll rename a Mountain today"
Paladin2 makes a Muslim joke:
Why not call it Glorious Jihad?
Wait, Paladin2 seems to be serious?!
Islam could easily be involved. Pakistan is close. Jihadis are everywhere.
IronJack's not super good at semantics or logic:
The name of the mountain is McKinley.

PC be damned.

Q: How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg?

A: Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it one.
dfwgator, though, has a separate cult of personality telling him to go with Obama:
Even Palin calls it ‘Denali’, that’s good enough for me.
jonrick46 doesn't want to be overdramatic but...
This is the work of a tyrant. Newspeak is their word for it.
DoughtyOne thinks all renaming is surrender!
If we're going to surrender on McKinely, we'll never stop surrendering. Every place in the United States will revert to the Native American name.
DoughtyOne does not support naming American things Native American names!
Many things in nature have been renamed around the world.

Evidently you are going to line up with those who wish to remove Western civilization’s names from those objects.

I’m not signing on board.

Who ever and when ever someone replaces us on this land, they will rename things, as is their right.


  1. The only alternate names FRetards could possibly rally around would be Mt. Palin or Mt. Ray-Gun.

    1. I'd have liked Mt. Barack. It's got a nice ring to it. Mt. Barack.

    2. No, Freepers would use it as the president moving to get some kind of angle.

  2. Ben Shapiro of Breitbart News tweeted, "Perhaps we should just be grateful Obama didn't decide to rename Mt. McKinley Mt. Trayvon."

    1. I must admit that's kinda funny. Stupid, but funny.


    A football kicked by a kid on his street hit Everlast's car and the father- likely a normal guy who probably had enough of Everlast's shit- got upset and bitched at him/her.

    Now it's society's fault.

    Funny shit!

    1. "Did it do any damage?!?" he yelled. "No, not really," I replied. He screamed at me more, "Then what's the problem!?! Call the police!!!" This will never be resolved because no kid today ever does anything wrong.


    2. I guess what the kid wrong was not apologize enough for accidentally hitting Everlast's car.

      Something told me the kid probably either did apologize or didn't see anyone around to apologize to, but that won't stop Everlast from assuming the sky is falling because some parent didn't apologize for something his kid did (or in this case didn't) do to his car!

  4. I don’t have any trouble with the name change back to the original, it’s the pandering and race agitating I object to.

    4 posted on 8/30/2015, 8:08:40 PM by JimSEA
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    ...says the idiot that fucking brings race into it in the first place.