Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Adding a religious war to the race war

I'm not sure Freepers can top their endorsement of Holocaust tactics against the Muslims, but their paranoia about the Syrian refugees that America is taking in has reached hair-trigger levels of eagerness to kill them. It's funny how ISIS's inhuman tactics have triggered in Freepers a hunger to meet ISIS's evil with evil of their own. It's fine to dehumanize all Muslims, because 9-11 dehumanized first, you see.

And if there is no ISIS around, refugees will do. Sure, they haven't arrived in the US, but when has that ever stopped Freepers from their vigilante slaughter fantasies?

sport just re-purposes his already existing fear and loathing of illegal immigrants:
It will be more like several million when they are through, but they will all be in place and ready for the 2016 election day. Should Obama decide to allow one. Should he decide to have an election, their votes for Democrats plus their elimination of the opposing by separating them from their heads will give the Democrats the edge they need. But it is what the American public voted for.
Gritty may want to check the mass killing statistics again...
Obama and the Liberals are importing our newest group of mass murderers. I guess MS-13 and Mara Salvatrucha gangs weren’t enough.
Speaking of mass killing, ObozoMustGo2012 endorses massacre via sabotage:
It would be a shame if whatever boat is carrying these animals was to have a mishap in the middle of the Atlantic....
Someone hold JimRed back, he's totally itching for a fight!
When do we get to play Cowboys and Muslims?
ThunderSleeps keeps our gun industry in business:
Buy more ammo, we are going to need it to protect ourselves when our elected “leaders” will not.
After this generation dies, what will happen with their giant ammo stockpiles?

lostboy61 is eager to start killing Muslims, and then be oppressed like a martyr:
Can’t wait tell the first head choppin happens at a mall near you. Than patriots will go rag head hunting followed by president oreo wanting our guns. It’s a plan folks! Plus the Gov. needs someone that has no problem killing Christians. These people are already trained.
HomerBohn's delusional paranoia is really rare form:
The entire refugee mess was contrived by the imams to spread Muslim terror throughout Europe and North America. This is what the foreign aid student in the White Hut wants.

If we had a Conservative Congress this would never happen here; however, there are only a very few that meet the ACUs requirements and reach 100%.
HomerBohn is now just telling knowing lies:
That photo of the drowned boy is a plant. It was never part of the invasion. The boy isn't even a Muslim. He was a victim of a boating accident.


  1. These Keyboard Commandos shit themselves and run every time the Arabic looking guy at a local business asks if they need anything. Cowboys and Muslims?

  2. So they love children so long as they're not Muslim and they're still in the womb. If they're out of that womb, they're fucked! Freepers don't give a shit about them!

    1. I'm drunk so I spent a few seconds looking for an upvote button.

      Add "black" and "gay" to "Muslim" and you'll be just as accurate. Or really, anything that's not conservative and Christian. Because these bastards would put liberals in concentration camps if they had the power.

    2. You forgot "Mexican".

  3. Look up the old George Carlin routine about 'prolife' douchebags.... Do a search for Carlin + Military Age